Friday, September 4, 2020

confederacy of dunces (bioterrorists): Covid Amerixa

When the shut down occurred early this year, I was as ignorant as everyone I knew about the coronavirus. I then saw a few people actually try to sift through the oceans of news articles, theories, propaganda, spins, etc., and get to what they hoped was the meat of the coconut. I saw the masses splinter into different herds with their own theories that hardened into dogma and became their religions. The liberal herds in America rejected Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage cure and joined hands with the medical deep $tate (medical indu$trial complex) and the conservative herds that refuse to wear masks in crowds, and that confederacy of dunces (bioterrorists) have nearly destroyed America. I see a few people still trying to save themselves and people they care about, who perhaps have given up on the herds getting over themselves and trying to save America.

From a member of the Key West Resistance yesterday:

Are you kidding?  Did gmail censor your discussion of the dreaded hydrochloriquine? 

By the way, your pro-Trump contributors should recognize that not only you, but I, a radical centrist who could be called a part-liberal, advocate not only the zinc/hydroq treatment, but salute and admire Trump for advocating its use, while thinking Trump is a self-obsessed flaming danger to Democracy in many ways.

Re: Walmart combo pills--Right after I got my supply of Quercetin and, separately, a bottle of zinc sulfate in the mail.  I have another antibiotic I will use instead of azithromycin and have every hope your steady advocacy might save my or Cynthia's life if we take it at the first sign of the dreaded illness.

Sloan, isn't it amazing that we old codgers with other problems are still alive while so many others in our boat have died and continue to die?  Why are we so blessed?  Maybe for you it's your Angels, and for us, just because we live in Key West and don't go downtown to mingle with the tourists maskless on Duval.

What's your read on Sturgis?  How many are actually dying or major sick?  I personally believe in their right to mingle as they wish, like the George Floyd protesters. Neither group harms me, just risking themselves and their loved ones when they go home.


Hi, Rick - Facebook censored a few of my posts.

I nod to Trump trying to get word out about hydroxychloroquine, but he screwed the pooch and America when he slacked up, instead of doubling down.

A friend who belongs to a real biker club  told me a while back that Hell's Angels, Outlaws, his club, etc. would boycott Sturgis this year, because of the pandemic. Don't know how that actually played out with real biker clubs, as opposed to weekend wannabe real bikers.

Obviously, the bikers at Sturgis didn't care if they caught C-19 and then went home and gave it to their families and also to their friends and neighbors and co-workers and church members, etc. It's a tad bigger problem than just giving it to their families. (Ditto maskless tourists on Duval Street.)

Now if those infected bikers and people they infected all started taking quercetin, zinc and vitamin c at first show of symptoms, and if everyone they knew was locked and loaded to do same, well, I might be able to give them a pass, but for I didn't see any of them saying anything about that approach while or since they were at Sturgis. 

I think most of the bikers did not wear masks, which I view as bioterrorism. All ;photos I saw of the BLM gatherings, the participants wore masks. While masks do reduce transmission of the virus, masks are not bullet proof, and I suppose there  comes a time when "liberals" are willing to put their cause ahead of safety of their entire  herd and otherherds.

Imagine if KW Mayor Teri Johnston touts quercetin, zinc and vitamin c as a way the city can reopen safely and says, "We one human family, so let's all go for it and get our city back on its feet, and maybe the county commission will follow suit, and, we all know and often say, 'This ain't the mainland,' and we let the mainland look out for itself."

I read online this morning of the devastation in elder care homes, facilities, not only awful lonely deaths, but elders being forced to stay in their rooms without social interaction. All could have been avoided by using Dr. Zelenko's hydrixychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin cure. Or by using quercetin, zinc and vitamin c. 


Also from Key West:
Bar Stools Are Back. Now We Need Our Restaurant/Bar Hours Back Call Commisioner David Rice @ 305 289 6000 Today He Will Be The Deciding Vote In The Upcoming County Commision Meeting Operation #OutVoteHeather
  • Kat Antolick We need our bars open!!!!
    • Louie C Rock Kat Antolick Have you called yet ?
    • Kat Antolick Louie C Rock No reason to call. It’s up to the governor to open us back up. My bar does not sell food. I have been out of work for over 6 months now.
    • Louie C Rock Kat Antolick we have to work together there is No I in Team. For Example when the Governor opens you back up which will be soon you will only be able to open till Midnight if we don't get David Rice to Vote in our Favor. Furthermore stories like yours must be heard doing nothing will accomplish nothing

      Louie C The MaYor

      For The People
  • Sloan Bashinsky Now that Mayor Teri Johnston landslid-ed her stay in KW City Hall, and since the County Commission has no jurisdiction over KW bars and restaurants (as far as I know), I can imagine every bar and restaurant on the county side of Stock Island and above is pulling hard for the career psychologist David Rice, who spent a long time running the Guidance and Care Clinics, most of whose clients were alchies and druggies, to vote to resuscitate those two favorite Florida Keys pastimes in the public venue.
  • Albert Mayen The governor of Florida sucks, I wish we had Texas governor Abbott instead
  • Sloan Bashinsky Louie, ever looming, regardless of different spins, is the coronavirus. There is a simple, fast, cheap non-prescription cure - if it used early. Waiting can lead to M*A*S*H medicine. Not using the cure has led to Key West, the Florida Keys, America and the world being where they are today. Believe it or not, Walmart carries the cure. I have seen it also at Amazon, and elsewhere online. I wrote about that in my blog post today, and how much of the different ingredients to take once symptoms onset, 225 mg zinc, 1000 mg quercetin, 1000 mg vitamin c, which is when you want to begin treatment, because coronavirus loves its hosts waiting a while before seeking help. This cure would let Key West and the Florida Keys reopen safely, regardless of what is going on in Florida and America.
    Walmart sells non-prescription early stage cure of coronavirus
    Walmart sells non-prescription early stage cure of coronavirus

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