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USA: Operation Warped Speed


On the warped side of the fence:

Sloan Bashinsky
September 18, 2020

Joe Biden was not at the helm when Communist China turned the world upside down. Trump was at the helm, and he could have used his clout to make hydroxychloroquine and zinc freely available and make it safe for America to reopen and he didn't do that, he bailed out of that war which damaged America exponentially more than 9/11 and the two bad wars that ensued and still wage, and Trump, the draft-dodger, let them still wage, A President has to do what's best for his country, not what's best for his reelection chances or poll numbers, and Trump went AWOL in the coronovirus war.

  • Bill Clements Your 77, so I assume you registered to vote in 1965 by successfully passing the Alabama literacy test and paying your poll tax ? Thoughts ?
  • Sloan Bashinsky Relevance to Trump going AWOL?
  • Jim Sullivan Time warp or just like the post?😁
    • Sloan Bashinsky Heh, spot on. As you know, things been getting increasingly warped for some time. Trump was the most recent entry into what looks like an algorithm named warp speed - exponential warping. Had Trump believed in warp speed, he would have made hydroxychloroquine and zinc freely available in April, and America would have safely reopened and these kind of warped discussions never would have happened :-)
    • Jim Sullivan If the world could only work that way. The press n Fauci, who stands to make a lot of $$$$$$$$$$ of a vaccine also have a hand in this. Anytime T was critical of F the press Dems hammered him as he wasn't "following science". Yes its a chitshow in an election year....
    • Sloan Bashinsky You need to meet my online friend Sancho Panza, a retired agnostic Lucent Technologies scientist, over 140 IQ, he told me the other day, when he ass-u-me-d I was in that stratosphere. Fluent in half dozen languages, including Latin, he is who educated me on all of this. He voted for Obama twice, became so disillusioned that he voted for Trump and says he will vote for him this year. He think's Fauci and the deep medical state (private and government) work for the Devil. Where Sancho and I keep diverging in coronavirus discussion is he keeps defending Trump for not manning up and making hydroxychloroquine freely available. Trump is the only American who could have done that. That's why God introduce Trump to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who introduced Trump to hydroxychlooquine and zinc, and then the Democratic, most of the media and the deep medical state witch hunts began against Trump, Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine, which would totally wreck the zillion$ hoped to be made by the likes of Fauci, Big Pharma, AMA, hospitals, etc.
    • Jim Sullivan Fully agree.
    • Warren B. Cain Sloan Bashinsky guess you forgot Trump did Laud the benefits of Hydroxyclorid
    • Sloan Bashinsky Warren B. Cain Guess you don't read what I write, Warren. I gave Trump full credit for alerting America to hudroxychloroquine, for sending Sean Hannity Dr. Zeleknko's letter, which Hannity read on his show to skeptical Mike Pence, then Hannity interviewed Zelenko. I also gave Trump full credit for not seeing to it that hydoxychloroquine became freely available in America to treat coronavirus in early infection stage, to save people from having to go to hospitals and even worse. The problem with most people, Warren, is they pick a side and defend it as if it is the whole pie, when at most is maybe one-third of the the pie, but they cannot see that, because their one-third of the pie has become their die-and-go-to-heaven religion. That's the problem with America and I don't see any solution after watching America splinter into shards against a common enemy, the coronavirus. The left and its media, aligned with the medical deep state, blasted Trump, Zelenko and hyydorxycholorquine. The right, in the main, did not come to Trump, Zelenko and hyrdoxychloriquine's aid. Trump lacked the spine to be truly great and make hydroxychloroqine freely available in America to treat coronavirus in early stage of infection. I ask you to to ask God about what you just read, Warren, instead of firing something back. If you hear back from God in plain English, as in, "Warren, this is God, about what Sloan wrote to you ...", then please post that here. If God does not speak to you directly, please post nothing further in this Facebook thread.
    • Warren B. Cain Sloan Bashinsky
      Oh my Word Bash ! Please don’t preach to me Ever !!!
      I’ll respond to whom ever I want and say whatever I want ......just as you do!
      Get over yourself!!!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky When someone asks me to stop posting on their FB, I comply. You and a friend of ours did not comply, either, I defriended her. She kept doing posting in that thread. I thought that was really strange. That kind of thing usually happens with Trump supporters.
    • Cliff Nichols Mann Sloan Bashinsky That’s a definitely a different view. Yes Trump could have made it available, but the Democrats demonized it immediately saying it caused Heart problems and there was some study that was later debunked that was circulating in the MSM at that time declaring Hydrox dangerous. I think if he would have taken that bold step, and I agree, we’d be better off if he had, the MSM and Democratic Party would have called him a killer and a Hitler and it would have been political suicide without a doubt
    • Sloan Bashinsky Cliff Nichols Mann Instead, Trump gave America national suicide. His duty was to Americans, not to the witch hunters and trying to get reelected.
    • Cliff Nichols Mann Sloan Bashinsky I wished he had. Let people make their own choice.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Based on what I read ongoing on Facebook, very few people are capable of critical thinking and sifting out chaff.

In same Facebook thread, posted by dear old friend, a Republican 100-percent pro-Trump:

  • Mark Koenig Since you are the expert on Hydroxy / Zinc cocktail (Covid version of Epipen) what should we keep in the house as a prophylactic treatment Sloan?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Hi old friend, am not expert, but have read lots of stuff written by experts about hydroxychloroquine and zinc stopping cronavirus in its tracks, IF taken as soon as symptoms appear. Longer you wait, more chance you end up on ICU ward starring in M*A*S*H 2020, when much more intense treatment needed to try to save your life, and you end up with lung, heart, etc. damage if you survive. According to those experts, hydroxychloroquine transports zinc into body cells, where zinc defeats corona replication. If you cannot get a doctor to prescribe you and your family hydroxychloroquine to have on hand just in case you start showing symptoms, experts say quercetin, which, like zinc does not require a prescription - yet! - transports zinc into body cells. The therapeutic dose is 220 mg zinc sulfate and 1000 mg quercetin a day, for 5-10 days, symptoms leave. The prophylactic dose is 25 mg zinc a day and 500 mg quercetin every 3 or so days, but you might wish to begin with the full therapeutic dose for several days, to transport lots of zinc into your cells to form corona reception committee :-). Also start taking 500 mg vitamin C a day, and if symptoms appear, increase to 2000 mg a day. Also, get Breathe from Eu Natural, which is a natural ventilator. Take Breathe if you start having trouble breathing. I was told in a dream this above is sufficient, that's a different kind of expert.
    • Sloan Bashinsky You can get all of that online. Walmart sells a zinc-quercetin combo made by someone else, to demonstrate this combo is not something brand new. You don't want to take a too much zinc over long period of time, as zinc depletes copper in body. Some zinc supplements contain copper. This might amuse you. People who like to trip on mind-bending drugs learned about quercetin and took it because they knew it boosted their highs quite a bit. Since quercetin thus can penetrate the blood brain barrier and allow into the brain any infection in the body, you do not want take quercetin in large doses for very long, and only take it as a regular supplement every 3 days or so.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Quercetin is a plant flavonol from the flavonoid group of polyphenols. It is found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, and grains; red onions and kale are common foods containing appreciable amounts of quercetin. Wikipedia
    • Mark Koenig Sloan Bashinsky thx for the info... Not that I feel at risk, but information is good...
    • Sloan Bashinsky If you catch C-19, you might be at risk, you might give it to your wife and her and your children and to other people, so you might want to stock up on the above remedies, because once you catch the red devil, it can leap fast into something you really do not want to experience.

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