Saturday, September 5, 2020

Alabama football Coach Nick Saban may be the only person who can persuade America to reopen safely, pronto

The other day I tried to find a spare wheel rim for my car, so I can have a standard-size spare tire instead of a donut. The local car dealer quoted $450 for a titanium rim and suggested a rural salvage car parts company, which I called and the fellow who answered said he had six steel rims that would fit my make and model and he could let me have one for $65. I drove there yesterday morning and was waited on by the owner. After paying him, I asked if he was an Alabama or Auburn fan? He got quiet. I waited. Finally, he said he had been a Crimson Tide fan for many years, but they did things recently that he didn't like. I figured he meant:
Alabama football coach Nick Saban leads hundreds of athletes in Black Lives Matter march

I thought about saying Coach Saban likes to recruit 5-star athletes and keep his players happy and win football games. I thought that as far as I know, President Trump had not poked Nick Saban for leading his team and other University of Alabama athletes in a peaceful black lives matter march. I thought President Trump might think poking Nick Saban might cost him Alabama's electoral votes in November. But I was out in the middle of white red state nowhere and  thanked the owner for the rim and headed for a local tire shop he had recommended over another local tire shop, because he liked the first tire shop's balancing machine. 

The tire shop was run by a Hispanic woman and her daughter and son, who put tires on rims and he and the mother mounted tires on customers's cars, while the daughter interpreted for the gringo customers, two more of which had pulled in behind me. I was second in line.

The daughter said her mother said she would make sure the steel wheel rim fit my car and there would be a $10 charge for that, but if the rim fit and I bought a tire and they mounted it, there would be no charge for checking the rim. I said, Okay. 

The mother, wearing knee pads, jacked up the front left wheel and, using a power lug wrench, took off the tire and titanium rim and put the steel rim on and tightened it and said it fit the car. So, her son mounted a new tire on the steel rim and balanced it on a machine. The bill was $53 dollars. I was there about 20 minutes.

I supposed the new tire was not high quality, but it is a heap better as a spare than the donut if I have a flat and call AAA to come change the tire for me, as I no longer have the body strength to break the lug nuts loose with the measly hand wrench that comes with cars today.

This morning, I got into a discussion with a sports fan about college football maybe or maybe not happening this fall. I said, You know, if President Trump had seen to it that hydroxychloroquine was freely available, Alabama and other SEC teams could have had a regular season and stadiums packed full of fans. Even now, they can safely have an abbreviated season with stadiums full of fans, if President Trump sees to it that hydroxychloroquine is freely available.

I described Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's 5-day early-stage-infection cure: 200 mg hydroxychlorquine twice a day; 220 mg zinc sulphate once a day; 200 mg. azithromycin once a day; that hydroxychloroqine transports zinc into body cells, where zinc defeats Covid-19 replication, and azithromycin defeats any secondary infections. Fast, cheap, safe, if used when shortness of breath, sore throat, fever, indigestion first appear. Not so effective later, when ICU M*A*S*H looms. 

I said other doctors learned of Dr. Zelenko's cure and started giving it to their patents. Alas, I said, the Democrats went haywire when President Trump and Sean Hannity promoted Zelenko's cure late last March, and then the medical-indurstrial complex came out against using hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19, and the then FDA took HDC off its approved list for treating hydroxychloroquine. 

Why?, asked the sports fan. 

The Democrats, because they hate Trump and Hannity. Pure and simple, it's a religion for the Democrats. The medical-industrial complex, because hydroxychlorquine did not go through the clinical trials for treating Covid-19, state medial boards have to reckoned with by doctors, and there is little money to made off hydroxychloroquine by the medical industrial complex. Another religion, I said.

Still makes no sense, the sports fans said.

It's a religion, I said. The Democrats have their version, the doctors have their version, the medical-industrial complex has its version. And, the medical-industrial complex soon will promote vaccines that have not had the trials hydroxychloroquine did not have for Covid-19.

Where's your proof about the Democrats?, the sports fan asked. 

Facebook, I said. For months on Facebook I have tried to persuade Democrats to consider Dr. Zelenlko's cure, and they tell me no way, Trump and Hannity recommended it. I found on Facebook that Republicans are at least open to considering Dr. Zelenko's cure.

The sports fan said, if the cure works, then President Trump would be pushing hard for it hodroxychloroquine to be freely available, save lives, get him lots of votes. No, I said. Trump wants more than anything to be reelected, and if he pushes hydroxuychloroquine, it will cost him votes. Votes are more important to him than anything.

That's nuts, the sports fan said.

No it's not, I said. Trump has fired everyone he didn't like, but he did not fire his FDA director, who took hydroxychloroquine off the approved list for treating Covid-19. Trump appointed that FDA director. Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, then he fired Sessions, who recused himself after he became a target in the Mueller investigation. Trump hired William Barr, who has been doing all he can to keep Trump and his friends and family out of jail. Yet, Trump not fire his FDA director.

The sports fan said he will talk with a relative who is a retired epidemiologist.

I said to be sure and talk about zinc being the key ingredient. If the relative epidemiologist does not talk about zinc, that conversation is a waste of time.

I said again that Zelenko's cure could allow safe football games and packed stands this fall. But the college presidents will have to back it. Why wouldn't they?, asked the sports fan. Because  they are like Trump, they want to keep their jobs, I said.

The cure for that is Coach Saban and other college football coaches lobby for Dr. Zelenko's cure to be freely available, pronto, so they can pack stadiums and have at it on Saturdays. 

if you don't live Alabama, or in other South Eastern Conference states, you cannot imagine the importance of college football to white and blacks, reds and blues. It's a COMMON RELIGION!!! that trumps everything else during the fall.

What might President Turmp do if Nick Saban starts poking President Trump to get off his ass and make Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast cure available pronto, so Alabama, Auburn and other SEC schools can pack stadiums on Saturdays?

Perhaps that clamor infects the ACC and Big Twelve, who still hope to have football seasons this year. Perhaps that clamor causes the Big Ten and the PAC 12 to reconsider having football this year.

Imagine the power of that VOTING BLOCK!!! Perhaps even the Democrats might be forced to clamor for Dr. Zelenko's cure to be freely available. But not the medical-industrial complex. It will never surrender.

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