Friday, September 18, 2020

A President has to do what's best for his country, not what's best for his reelection chances or poll numbers, and Trump went AWOL in the coronovirus war.

    Sloan Bashinsky
    September 17, 2020

    There is an early stage cure for coronavirus, which could have allowed America to reopen in April. President Trump knows of this cure. He used it after some of his staff tested positive for coronavirus. He said during the RNC that he liked hydroxychloroquine and ziinc to treat coronavirus. Yet, he did not see to it that hydrozychloroquine and zinc were freely available to treat coronavirus before it got to the hospital (M*A*S*H) stage, and America was greatly damaged. Trump could have been a hero, but then, he was a draft dodger.

    • Bill Clements Where did you serve militarily? What sort of deferral did you have for law school ? KA Order ?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Your question dodged entirely Trump went A.W.O.L. in the coronavirus war. However, since you asked, I did not serve in the U.S. Military. Here's how it went for me and the Vietnam war. In 1964, I got married. The war was not "official.". In fact, there were some special forces and CIA folks over there. One of my fraternity brothers joined Army Special Forces so he could go over there. He said he would die over there, he got his affairs in order before he left. He died over there, before it was even a war. I graduated from Vanderbilt and entered law school at Alabama. The war became "official". Students were not being drafted. Married men were not being drafted. Fathers were not being drafted. As law school progressed, the draft changed. Students could complete their course of study by filing for a deferment, which ensured they would be drafted after they graduated. Married men still were not drafted. Nor were father's. My wife got pregnant. They started drafting married men. When our son was 7 weeks old, he died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I was exposed to the war draft. I was so fucked up by our son dying,that I nearly joined the Marines. Finally, I drove from Tuscaloosa to my Draft Board office in Birmingham, where I applied for a student deferment so I could finish my last semester in law school. Maybe 2 weeks later, my wife learned she was pregnant. I drove back to the draft board hoping for miracle. I told the story to the same older lady clerk who had helped me elect the student deferment. She said she was so sorry, but the deferment was irrevocable. She went to a green file cabinet and pulled out my file and brought it to the counter to show me the form I had signed. Then she said there has been some mistake. What mistake?, I asked. You signed the wrong form, she said. You will have to reapply for a student deferment. I laughed, said I will go with the father deferment, and walked out of there knowing God was behind it. Many years later, a woman reading what I was writing at my blog about my younger brother's death read that same story you just read. She said she was Gusty Yearout's wife or maybe his daughter or his niece. I don't recall now. She said Gusty's mother had worked at that draft board, and she had heard many similar stories of young men registered at that draft board who were spared going to Vietnam. Again, though, that has zero to do with Trump going A.W.O.L. in the coronavirus war, or with his many draft deferments due to his feet, which walk just fine on golf courses. [Gusty Yearout was an All-American linebacker at Auburn who went to law school and a became a lawyer in Birmingham, which was when I came to know him.]
      • Cliff Nichols Mann Sloan Bashinsky did Biden miss Vietnam or was it WWII? Lol, joking 🙃
      • Charles P. Senna Sloan Bashinsky a lot of athletes were deferred, Mickey Mantle. Joe Namath, etc. They could also play golf.
      • Charles P. Senna Sloan Bashinsky Trump is now COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the military. No dodging.
      • Sloan Bashinsky Trump went AWOL in coronavirus war.
      • Sloan Bashinsky Charles P. Senna I'm not a Biden fan, wish the Dems had nominated Tulsi Gabbard, who actually knows something about military, war, etc.
      • Warren B. Cain Sloan Bashinsky sorry Bash but Trump did all he could do at the first on Covid 19 !
        Look up his actions while Pelosi was saying...Chinatown is fine come on down!!!
        If you think Biden has enough since to do anything at all...then vote for him but .... he’s got early onset dementia and will not be in charge of anything!
        Trump has accomplished good things for the USA ...despite having to put up with all the crap Of Russia Gate...and Trump will continue to do good things for The USA ...if given 4 more years!

        If Biden /Harris win America will not Survive ! Socialism will destroy us all !
        Trump maybe a blowhard Yankee but HE LOVES America and wants Her to stay AMERICA!
      • Sloan Bashinsky Warren, I'm not a Biden fan, have not voted for a Republican or a Democrat candidate is a very long time, I think both parties way up where the sun never shines.
    • Bill Clements Sorry for your loss !

    • Michael Fliegel As I recall DT said it might work or it might not but that all potential treatments should be available. Big Pharma and the Democrats screamed bloody murder and the Press ran with it......
    • Jim Sullivan Biden received 5 deferments for school than 4F for childhood asthma.... after playing college sports. If T is bonespur than B is asthma man. Google it.
      • Sloan Bashinsky I heard some of that already, and like I wrote above, I'm not a Biden fan. I voted for Jill Stein in 2016. Biden was not at the helm when Communist China turned the world upside down. Trump was at the helm, and he could have used his clout to make hydroxychloroquine and zinc freely available and make it safe for America to reopen and he didn't do that, he bailed out of that war which damaged America exponentially more than 9/11 and the two bad warts that ensued and still wage, and Trump, the draft-dodger, lets them still wage, and that's my point, but it's always fun to read all the diversionary comments.
      • Jim Sullivan I wasn't being divisive, just pointing out their similarities. As for Hydro n zinc Fauci said it didn't work. Was T to go against his and the world's expert?
      • Sloan Bashinsky Jim Sullivan Yes, Trump had evidence it worked, Fauci nothwithstanding, CDC notwithstanding, WHO notwithstanding, Lancet notwithstanding, the Democrats and most Republicans notwithstanding. A President has to do what's best for his country, not what's best for his reelection chances or poll numbers, and Trump bailed out of the coronovirus war.
      • Jim Sullivan Ok. Have a great night.
      • Sloan Bashinsky You, too, hope you and the missus doing okay in these strange times.

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