Sunday, September 6, 2020

Labor Day Sunday homily: Criticizing American war vets and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem was far more important to draft dodger than saving America from the Communist China bio weapon

Facebook is a great place to see the real America every day. I joined this particular Facebook discussion toward the end. The FOX lady journalist might wish to consider going into witness protection.
  • Arthur Spiegel Joe you and your party are sounding desperate.

    BTW, how is Nancy's hair stylist doing?=
    • Alejandro Fernandez Arthur Spiegel agree with you... Dems should focus that there are 200,000 fewer manufacturing jobs in the U.S. today than when @realDonaldTrump took office, according to the jobs report yesterday. Sadly, few mention it.
    • Arthur Spiegel Alejandro Fernandez we have already regained half the jobs lost to your CCP friends virus. The economy will be better by the end of this quarter.
    • Arthur Spiegel Roberto Cespedes yeah . . . I don't trust CNN any more.
    • Roberto Cespedes Arthur Spiegel n a late-night Friday tweet, Trump attacked Griffin and claimed her reporting had been "refuted by many witnesses." The President then went further, saying, "Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting." He added that he believed Fox News is "gone."
    • Oscar Diaz Serrat Arthur Spiegel not sure what Nancy’s hair or her stylist has to do with with the fact that the president of the United States called dead soldiers “losers” and “suckers”. I thought you trumpers were the most patriot Americans. Care to comment?
    • Kirk Menendez Arthur Spiegel Pelosi at a hair salon vs Trump insulting our soldiers. Hmm.
    • Arthur Spiegel Kirk Menendez there was no insult to the soldiers. The people who were there said it didn’t happen.

      Let me ask you, were you one of the people who persisted in claiming Trump called neo-nazis “very fine people” even after that was debunked?
    • Arthur Spiegel Oscar Diaz Serrat Nancy got embarrassed. Right afterward a story from 2 years ago “suddenly emerges.”

      The DNC trump derangement sufferers don’t even realize how patent their nonsense appears.

      Russia collusion->Meuller probe-> Ukraine impeachment. As soon as one plot fails, you move on to another one.

    • Pentagon officials respond to report Trump disparaged fallen American soldiers

      Pentagon officials respond to report Trump disparaged fallen…
      Pentagon officials respond to report Trump disparaged fallen American soldiers
    • Arthur Spiegel Oscar Diaz Serrat your party needs distraction or people will notice what you’re doing.

      How’s the rioting and looting working out for you guys?
    • Arthur Spiegel Kirk Menendez you do realize “unnamed sources” automatically casts doubt on such a source . 2nd, back in 2018, they were still unearthing Obama holdovers who have been trying to damage the President from before he took office.

      You’ll have to forgive me but, Sorry, I don’t believe that a potus who is doing all he can for veterans and to rebuild the military that Obama and Biden hollowed out said any such things.
    • Kirk Menendez Arthur Spiegel That very same POTUS has already ridiculed members of the military past and present several times before. He often does things for personal political gain even if he doesn't believe in it.
    • Arthur Spiegel Kirk Menendez McCain was a political rival who pushed the dossier/Russian collusion bs narrative. Sorry, no sympathy
    • Arthur Spiegel Last one was Putin puts out bounties on US soldiers and trump does nothing.
    • Arthur Spiegel If this story was true, why didn’t Bolton put it in his “tell all” published to get back at trump for not going along with more foreign wars?
    • Kirk Menendez Arthur Spiegel Not asking for sympathy. Just making a point that Trump has a history of disparaging members of the military. McCain is just one of several.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Arthur Spiegel Poor FOX is now as FAKE as all other news media. Only what Trump says is true, is true. Heil Trump!!!
    • Arthur Spiegel Sloan Bashinsky I am going to assume you may be Jewish, because of your surname. If you want to trust your life and the survival of Israel with the party that gave nukes to Iran and stabbed Israel in the back at the UN, that protects Ilhan Omar, Rashid Tlaib, then go right ahead and support the anti-Semitic, anti-God party of the jackass.

    • Sloan Bashinsky The Vanity Fair article is about Trump criticizing the American military, which Trump now denies he did and he attacks FOX for siding with Vanity Fair.

      I am 77 years old, belong to no political party, and since 2000 have voted for third-party candidates, because I think the Republicans and the Democrats have lost their way.

      I think it is not America's job to defend Israel or any foreign country. I think it is America's job to defend America. So far, President Trump has not defended America very well from the coronavirus. If he had doubled down and made Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's cheap, fast, early stage-infection cure freely available in America, America could have safely reopened in April. Apparently, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem was far more important to Trump, than saving America.

      You lash out against the left, but have you forgotten David Duke endorsed Trump in 2016 and Trump acted like he did not know who David Duke was? Have you forgotten Charlottesville?

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    • Arthur Spiegel With due respect, I do not buy what they sell from Vanity Fair. This is another Left Wing Publication

    • Sloan Bashinsky Dr. Zelenko's March 23 letter to All World Health Professionals, cc to President Donald J. Trump and Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows, which cure Trump then touted and Sean Hanny then read on his FOX show to a skeptical Vice President Mike Pence, and then Hannity interviewed Dr. Zelenko, an Orthodox Jew inspired by God to develop and prove a cure that could save America, Israel and the world from the coronavirus, and then the witch hunts began against Dr. Zelenko and President Trump, who folded, instead of doubling down..

    • Sloan Bashinsky Arthur Spiegel FOX is a right wing publication, which backed this Vanity Fair article.
    • Sloan Bashinsky FOX backed Dr. Zeleknko, who, with Trump and FOX, was attacked by the Democrats and the medical industrial deep state complex.

    • Arthur Spiegel Sloan Bashinsky only a leftist would call Fox “right wing”. Are there conservative opinion hosts on fox? Of course there are. But even their shows strike a balance between speakers. The news there is news and not opinion.

      You cannot say the same about CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSLSD, wapo, NYT
    • Arthur Spiegel Sloan Bashinsky since the old man retired and gave Fox News over to his sons, you have Donna Brazil, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and other prominent leftists on fox. Shepard Smith, thankfully was forced out. In other words, Fox is hardly conservative any more
    • Sloan Bashinsky I see facts and spinning in all of the above, including FOX. I try to separate the wheat from the chaff. I have had many Democrats attack Dr. Zelenko simply because Trump and Hannity promoted his cure. I view such Democrats as insane. And worse, as boiterrorists. But then, I view people who rail against wearing facemasks in crowded places, as bioterrorists. I think Trump betrayed America, committed treason, when he caved to the witch hunts against Dr. Zelenko's cure. I think Joe Biden betrayed America and committed treason, when he did not promote Dr. Zelenko's cure. The Communist China virus trumped everything in America. It was engineered in a Communist China bio lab, as a weapon. It got loose before the vaccine was developed. Communist China intended to use the weapon and the vaccine to hold America and the world hostage. God didn't care for that scheme. The virus got loose before the vaccine was developed. God sent in Dr. Zelenko, who was crucified. Here we are, two traitors claiming they should be in the White House, and their lemmings cheering them wildly. [Arthur Speigel "liked" that comment]
      • Arthur Spiegel Sloan Bashinsky I agree with most of these points. However as as Levantine Hebrew, I cannot stand the notion of an anti-Semite leftist in the White House with the power to hurt Israel
      • Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps if you are THAT concerned about Israel, you should move to Israel and join its military, or MOSSAD? I'm worried about what's going on in America. I fear for my children and their families being caught in a 3rd American civil war. The first was against England.
      • Sloan Bashinsky My great grandfather Polish Jew moved to America at age 15, after his rabbi father took his 3rd wife, age 15, after his first two wives had died. One of that ancestor's brothers then came over. The rest of their family eventually were killed by the Nazis. Meanwhile, my great grandfather married a Southern Baptist spinster (age 30 or so), whose father had been a Confederate Officer. Although he did not convert, he attended services at the Baptist church in their small Alabama town, and they decided to raise their children as Christians. I attended a Baptist Church in Birmingham, until my mother joined a newly-formed Episcopal church and took her children with her, which resulted in her being hammered by her and my father's parents and the Baptist minister. I eventually quit attending church. Then God got hold of me personally. Then, everything changed. Now I don't know when I'm ever not in church. As for that transition and some of its aftermath, there is a trilogy about some of it, published early this year. It can be read for free online. Here's a link to Part One, at the end of which are links to the other two parts. My Polish great grandfather is one of the remarkable people in Part One.
        A FEW REMARKABLE ALABAMA PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN, by a southern lawyer who became a mystic


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