Thursday, September 10, 2020

Has the party of Lincoln become the party of George Wallace?

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I saw Dr. Martin Luther King come out against the Vietnam war as a rich white man's war, and then Dr. King was killed. Could America have fought that war without black soldiers? Could America have evicted Saddam Hussein from Kuwait without black soldiers? Could America have waged the rich white men's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without black soldiers?
What if America's black soldiers all take a knee during the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance? What if America's black soldiers peacefully march to the White House in full dress uniform, to show President Trump, the Republicans and the MAGAs just how much black lives truly matter in America?


  • Blacks are Americans First - been that way a long time !
  • Bash, I don’t know Anyone who thinks Black lives don’t matter!
    I believe ALL LIVES Matter but recognizing that the BLM folks rioting and destroying cities are Actually being paid to cause Havoc and are supported by The Marxists and Geo Soros ....for the purpose of trying to make America a Socialistic country!
    I want America to stay the “Land of Freedom and Opportunity for ALL creeds colors and genders “ !
    America needs to stay America !
    • You don't know any black Americans who think a whole lot of white Republicans and MAGAs think black lives don't matter as much as white lives matter? Did you watch President Trump's acceptance speech in front of the White House? 99-percent of the audience was white. I know a lot of white Americans who think a lot of white Republicans and MAGAs, think black lives don't matter as much as white lives matter.
    • President Johnson said that he was going to keep blacks voting for democrats for hundreds of years. He didnt refer to them as blacks in his speech. He used another term. More and more black people are realizing that the white democrats will keep them in multi generational poverty in order to keep them voting for democrats . They are leaving the democrat party now more than ever .
    • Frank Mo
       The audience at Trump's acceptance speech was 99-percent white.
  • What is the purpose of all your "if" scenarios?
  • Soldiers aren’t black or white or yellow or brown. They are all GREEN or BLUE (based on the branch of service). Don’t interject race into the military.
    • Heh, President Trump says to use whatever leverage you might have when you negotiate.
  • Sloan.....y'er off of your meds again. Y'er not keeping up with current affairs. You will not find a single Trump supporter who is of the view that black lives have no value. But you will find that virtually all Republicans believe that all lives matter. Most of us find the notion being pushed down our throats that black lives have more value than that of yellow, brown, and white lives to be abhorrent. All Lives Matter! And you if you took the trouble to check it out you would find that that message resonates with more and more persons who happen to be black. In just the last month, Trumps approval rate amongst blacks has improved by 60% (15 -> 24 points).
    • Nice spin, Walt, aka From The Right. I did not write that Trump supporters, or even one of them, are of the view that black lives have no value. Every person who challenged me in this thread is white. Black lives are super important to white football and basketball fans, until the black players, without whom football and basketball would be very boring and mediocre, take a knee during the Anthem, or march, or, gosh, go on strike; then they are Marxists, radicals, unpatriotic, etc. The most recent poll I saw was Trump's acceptance speech in front of the White House: 99-percent white.
    • If that wasn't a white supremacy demonstration, then what is it?
    • Sloan...your just not you are making an argument that Black Lives Matter only because of athleticism. Have there been white supremacy demonstrations....most certainly. Have their been black supremacy demonstrations....most certainly. Both sets of people are damned racists and must be disavowed. The mindset that any human has any more value than another because of their race is abhorrent. And destructive to society.
    • Walt Lagraves
       Don’t you get it?? The entire point of saying Black Lives Matter is because at this time in history that is where the focus needs to be. It is a no brainer to say All lives Matter. OF COURSE THEY DO. Nobody ever said they don’t matter. But the FOCUS Sir should be that Black lives matter since it appears they haven’t mattered in this society for a very long time!! Now go and take your medication👍
    • I used sports simply as a lampoon of when white people think black lives are really important. I live again in RED STATE Alabama, where I was born and raised and practiced law. I GET IT every day how white and blacks feel. I never met a black who thought black lives were more important than white lives, or more important than yellow or brown or blue or green or purple lives. I have met many whites who feel white lives are more important than any other lives. You white folks spin it anyway you like, but the 99-percent white folks at Trump's acceptance speech spoke for itself. Don't fret, I don't like the Democrat side of the national circus, however I would have loved to see the DNC nominate war vet Tulsi Gabbard, because I bet she would get American troops out of rich white American men's wars.
    • Meanwhile, something earthshaking happened in RED STATE TEX-AS yesterday:
      demon sperm voodoo priestess doctor cleared by Texas Medical Board
      demon sperm voodoo priestess doctor cleared by Texas Medical Board
      demon sperm voodoo priestess doctor cleared by Texas Medical Board

    • Anne Clark
       Anne Clark: Ms. Clark, yes, I do get it. I fully and completely understand that you have chosen to swallow hook, line, sinker, and bobber the propaganda from the massive Progressive Propaganda machine, You have made a conscious decision to ignore the fact that about 350 thousand white men died freeing black persons from the bonds of slavery. You have chosen to ignore the fact that our nation went to war to free blacks from oppression. You have chosen to ignore the cold hard reality that Democrats, liberals, fought the Republicans tooth and nail to block passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. You choose to ignore the reality that the Jim Crow laws were the products of and enforced by Democrats. You choose to ignore that Martin Luther King demonstrated against Democrat oppression.
      Ms. Clark, I suggest that you inform yourself on the reality that major cities are home to major ghettoes, which are raging with crime, violence, and murder,,,,,and are universally governed by Liberal Democrats.
      Ms. Clark…thanks for the reminder to take my meds….I am a very senior citizen who does, in fact, take many meds. Not a one of which affects my intellect or powers of reasoning. Thank you for your concern.
    • Well, Walt, I see you keep dodging the 99-percent white RNC last month. Live in the past if you wish. The Party of Lincoln sure looks to me like it has become the Party of George Wallace.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       omg stop the color/race crap please 🙁
    • Heather Tallon
       I think it might take God or an extinction event to pull that off 🙂
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       seems God is pretty pissed off at California currently. Prayers to everyone there.
    • Heather Tallon
       According all I've read online, you are the first person to blame God for those awful fires. I've been waiting on Trump to blame the California forestry service like he did the last time.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       not blaming him at all...
    • And I have been waiting for California to blame the fires on President Trump, go figure
    • Heather Tallon
       You don't recall Trump blamed the California forest service for the previous bad fires there?
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       I was referring to the current fires
    • Heather Tallon
       any chance the current and earlier fires out West related to global warming?
    • heard the current one was because of a gender reveal celebration gone wrong?
  • Why is everything about color and race? One Human Family ❤
    • I lived in Key West a good while, Heather, ran for mayor 6 times, county commission 3 times, and school board once. One human family is a wonderful concept, but it still has a good ways to go even in Key West, as the people living there see very day during the pandemic.
  • Sloan, you’re being racist by comparing how many whites versus blacks, and you are dead wrong. You said how many soldiers would take a knee to the anthem, and I say none, unless they’re mentally unstable, like you evidently are, because they respect the military, and all it stands for. Kinda done with your bullshit, so unfriending you now! MAGA2020!
    • I didn't say how many soldiers would take a knee. I asked what if all the black soldiers did take a knee? Maybe it would cause the planet to stop spinning and spin the other direction 🙂. It's racist to notice the audience at Trump's acceptance speech was 99-percent white, or it's racist not to notice that?
  • Bravo s l o a n

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