Monday, September 21, 2020

Donald Trump: the death knell of separation of church and state in America

I posted this below at Facebook yesterday and it drew an unexpected amount of discussion. I considered deleting Charles Senna's comments from this post today, but decided that would not be fair to the side of Trumpdom Senna represents, nor to Republicandom generally.

I read online today that Justice Ginsberg's dying wish was that her replacement not be selected until after a new president is elected. But the new president will be installed in January, and if Trump loses, he's still the president until then, and he can nominate Ginsburg's replacement.
My experience is that God tends to put everyone up against their own personal edge, and perhaps Justice Bader dying now is God's way of testing President Trump, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, the Republicans, the Democrats, and all other Americans, including this American who once practiced law and was nowhere close to the level of lawyer that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was.


  • She wanted them to wait until the new president is installed, Sloan. She really was that one in a million!
    • Peggy Butler - she could have retired early in the Obama years and been sure of a better replacement than Trump will give. She took a risk. She was pushing 80 in 2012.
    • Ian Cruikshank
       I read this morning online that people urged Ginsburg to retire during the Obama presidency, so he could appoint her replacement and get her confirmed, but Ginsburg didn't want to step down at that time.
  • She was a mean selfish bitch who wanted to destroy America. Her wishes don't mean squat....!!!!
    • Nor do yours, Charles. During my time getting to know you after accepting your friend request, I have seen you have a really mean-spirited streak in you. What I'd like to hear from you, Charles, is what God tells you in plain English about Justice Ginsburg. I'd love for God to speak to everyone about Justice Ginsburg. Most especially, I hope God speaks to every Republican and MAGA about Justice Ginsburg, so they will know where God stands on her. But I'd settle for God just speaking to President Trump and Senate leader McConnell and telling them to pass that along to everyone on FOX News, if they want  to have any hope of seeing heaven in the afterlife.
    • Charles P. Sennalighten up, Sloan. I am not mean spirited. I want to see law and order. Without it we have no country.....!!!!
    • I, too, want law and order, as did Justice Ginsburg want it, as does every judge and lawyer I have known, and every person I have known, except for criminals and terrorists. After learning of Trump's 3,500 lawsuits and his stiffing a lot of contractors, who then could not pay their laborers, I saw where Trump's heart lay. But that has nothing to do with your acerbic comment about Justice Ginsburg, whom even President Trump respected on learning of her passing over.
    • Please don't post again in this thread, Charles.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       You are parroting others who hate him. He paid his bills and built great properties. Your remarks are unfounded....!!!!
    • Charles P. Senna You think we have law and order now? Really!
    • Peggy Butler
       Not in many BLUE run cities.
    • Charles P. Senna - Trump is a lawless moron. He is a crooked business man. He cheated on every wife and didn’t raise his kids or show them Love. He’s a spoiled heartless selfish scumbag.
    • Charles P. Senna Sir, you know nothing about it if you don't believe Sloan about all the contractors he did not pay. He's notorious for it!
    • Charles P. Senna You're just parroting your cult leader, who's only the president for the so-called Red States, since he loves to blame everything onto "Blue States and Blue cities". Plus, you're proving what everyone knows who thinks clearly - Trump is a great divider not a uniter!
    • Charles P. Senna I politely asked you not to comment again in this FB thread, and you ignored me, and I will unfriend you. It appears that you know nothing about Donald Trump except what he wants you to know, which also is how the Devil goes about business.
  • Nixon said if he'd gotten his second term he would have changed the country so much that it couldn't be changed back. It would appear unfortunately that Donald Trump it's on the verge of being able to do that.
    • During the 2016 race, Trump told the right he would pack the U.S. Supreme Court and the entire Federal Judiciary with religious conservatives, and he did plenty of that after he was elected, and he will keep doing it as long as he is able. To a former practicing attorney, who had clerked for a United States District Judge, and much later was turned every which away but loose by Jesus, Archangel Michael, Melchizedek and the Holy Spirit, that is a nightmare from hell outcome. The death knell of separation of church and state - God is entirely different from church and state.
  • Assume you passed Constitution Law under Dr. Sands - she[Ginsburg] felt the Constitution was a living document that needed contemporary interpretation- not at all what Sands taught us ? I agree with Dr. Sands !
    • I'm not arguing here that the Constitution should be ignored. President Trump has the right to select a replacement right away. Then, it falls on the Senate to decide it. It never occurred to the Democrats in 2016 that Trump would win, and here we are. But then, it never occurred to the Founding Fathers that the 2nd Amendment, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed," would some day be interpreted by the Supreme Court, the NRA, the Republican and the MAGA parties, and the KKK, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Aryan Brotherhood, etc., as any American, well-regulated or not, can own, bear and even display in public weapons of mass destruction the Founding Fathers could not in their wildest dreams have imagined. I bet Dr. Sands would agree.
    • It also looks to me that the right has abolished separation of church and state, which I bet Professor Sands also would agree.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       except in Georgia - The active senior Minister of MLK's church, Ebenezer Baptist, is running to replace US Senator Johnny Isakson !
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       Right and Left since Jimmy Carter or maybe JFK ?
    • In early 2004, I was told in my sleep, "God wants Jimmy Carter to be president." Carter had only served one term and could have run in 2004, but the Dems fielded John Kerry to try to unseat G. W. Bush. I voted for Ralph Nader, whom I trusted.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       Carter was a JOKE as president. He was in way over his little cracker head....!!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       Thank you, Sloan, for your stance on the 2nd amendment! You - and certainly RBG - are totally correct! Bravo!
    • Charles P. Senna - Carter was the only decent man in the office since Dwight Eisenhower. You’re just a right wing partisan hack. Go away & worship your anti-Christ orange idol. See where it gets you.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       Nader lectured at Foster in the 60's and met with some students for a sandwichs and chips beforehand- engaging and weird fella ! Ted Turner was likewise when he lectured ! Were you there ? Or still at Tootsies?
    • I met Nader at a small round table symposium in New York City. I found George Wallace and his wife weird, and then came Roy Moore onto the Alabama Supreme Court, from which he was removed twice for his religious fanaticism. At least Wallace did not, to my knowledge, claim God was driving him, nor did Nader, but it looked to me that God drove Nader.
  • Sorry, but the procedure in the Constitution is the law. RBG’s dying wishes is not the law. President Trump should do his duty and fill the seat. It would say that if she died the day before the election. I know lots of people don’t like it and they disagree, but it is what it is, and it is his lawful duty to fill the seat. So all that disagree can have their normal hateful reaction of burning down someone’ a business while quoting their desire for peace. Next subject.
    • See my reply to Bill Clements. The Constitution allows and even encourages disagreement, but not with violence and unlawful activity, which I expect has swung a lot of votes to Trump. What I see on Facebook, though, including in this discussion thread, is violent emotional reaction to anyone who does not agree with Red views, which reminds me of Red China and the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. I say the same to Blues, who have violent emotional reaction to who does not agree with their views. Looks to me America, in the main, has gone psychotic.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       No, no. Only the demonic Dimocrats.
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       - Trump has incited violence and hate and unlawful activity. He’s a criminal who has been sued thousands of times and stiffed his workers and contractors and even refused to pay for goods which he received. He’s a godless hypocrite and so is anyone who pretends that he is a decent or lawful or moral or godly man. He’s unintelligent, incompetent, poorly educated and uninformed without critical thinking or logic or sanity.
    • Really, Edwin Dixon? McConnell in 2016 said it wouldn't be right to fill a seat on the Supreme Court just 9 months or so out of the election of the president. Of course, that was when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland and they wouldn't even consider interviewing or taking a vote on him. But now that it's Donald Trump and we're just around 40 + days from the election, McConnell is insisting upon it and so are you?
    • Ian Cruikshank
       I don't think Trump is stupid, evidenced by he was smart enough to figure out what red buttons to punch to get elected.
  • Senator Barry Goldwater when he was running for president warned about the intractability of the evangelico movement and their refusal to compromise. He said he had to try to deal with them before and could not. He hope that they never got control all of the Republican Party. They have been working since Ronald Reagan to achieve this goal. This is not a constitutional question.
    • The Founding Fathers did not want Church-controlled, or run, government like had happened in Europe, and that's why they put separation of church and state in the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence has 4 different references to Deity, none of which look particularly Biblical. When Thomas Jefferson's home state Virginia's legislature tried to make Christianity that state's official religion, Jefferson led the charge to stop it, and it was stopped. "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance when I was in high school, to tell the world America was not like "godless" Communism, even though God, not a nation, decides if it is a godly nation. All nations are under God in the Cosmic Sense. So are all political parties and all people, but claiming godliness does not make it so, as Christianity proved over and over in Europe and during the Crusades. Now, America is threatened with what happened in Europe before and after Columbus "discovered" America. The Devil loves it.
    • David Miller
       It's called law and order. Without it you do not have a country.....!!!!
    • Charles P. Senna Law and order, like under Trump? 🙂
    • Charles P. Senna Law and Order? When you have a lunatic fringe calling themselves Christians ruling in the minority.
  • Agree with all you post 
    Sloan Bashinsky
    • Careful, Barbara, you could get a reputation 🙂
    • Sloan Bashinsky
       got one don't care! you have always been a smart man...and on this thread post ya nailing it... and BTW often ya did in KW too... just sometimes the delivery of the timing of... I hope you well... I am only hanging on getting by in NC... but it is what it is I wish you well
    • Thanks and same to you, Barbara - there seldom is convenient time for ... facts?

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