Monday, September 14, 2020

Thank you President Trump for the joys of becoming more accustomed to a really unnatural way of living

Sloan Bashinsky

It looks to me that many Democrats prefer to cede the country to Trump and his base, who are using Dr. Zelenko’s cure and do not fear the coronavirus. Perhaps that’s why Trump and his base are so against face masks. Perhaps that's why they and President Trump are so adamant that America should reopen in all ways. Perhaps they hope a lot of Democrats catch coronavirus and die and go to hell. Based on what I see daily on Facebook, that's how many Trump backers feel about Democrats.

  • Bill Clements Now Sloan, obviously you are having a nightmare! Wake up with a pinch of humility!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Can't help wondering why Trump and his base are so opposed to face masks in crowded places, and the only thing that keeps coming to me is they don't care if they catch the China virus, so why don't they care is the next question that comes to me, and then I wonder if it's because they are bioterrorists or they already have the cure, and that leaves me wondering what happens if by the time the coronavirus runs its course or a safe, effective vaccine is developed and made freely available, will there be a lot less Democrats due to death by the virus, or Democrats are so afraid of the virus, Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH, FDA, liberal news media, etc. take a bow, they won't come out of hiding and get back to some semblance of normal life, and they cede America to Trump and his backers, which I kinda imagine would be Trump and MAGAs and Republicans' best wet dream come true.
    • Bill Clements Sloan Bashinsky At 77 and over weight , we stay home and wear mask when out, why not ? Definitely deplorable!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Like you, I'm 77 and overweight, but I would go to sports bars to watch sports I like, if the sports bars were open; so, yesterday, a daughter bought me a smart TV to tie into my wi-fi, it's being delivered tomorrow, and now I can watch sports on TV, and news broadcasts, liberal and conservative, ant talk shows,and HBO and Show Case, but not MMA, my internet provider does not provide that channel. Now I have all the more reason not to leave home except for groceries and other shopping. I play lots of chess and bridge online, have worn out Netflix and YouTube. America does not look greater to me, but went seriously less greater. A friend loves to travel told me only Mexico will let her in. She said a while back that she bought online the cure I gave to the black pastor yesterday. You might want to get it too. As might everyone.
    • Bill Clements Sloan Bashinsky - smart and informed daughter !
    • Peggy Butler Sloan Bashinsky Enjoy your new TV. Be sure to catch Morning Joe from 6 am to 8 am. Best thing on TV, as far as news programs go. They have some very well informed guests, too.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Peggy, no telling what all kind of mischief a TV might get me into :-)
    • Bill Clements Sloan Bashinsky Morning Joe, the Bama graduate, full time fabricator, has morphed into a disgrace- makes Shorty Price look legit !

    • Sloan Bashinsky Saw Shorty Price many times at Alabama football games, 100-percent Crimson Tide fan and 100- percent inebriated. Haven't watched Morning Joe, a bit early in the day for me to watch boob tube, but had to imagine they are any more bizarre than Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Roy Moore and the good people in this pic.-friends and relatives of yours, Bill Clements?
      Image may contain: 18 people, crowd, text that says 'Lord JESUS, PRESIDENT TRUMP TRUMD'

    • Bill Clements Sloan Bashinsky Yelp, the ones with the "great pair" - Cokes and Chips ! Shorty passed the bar before you - drunk in hat with cane !
    • Sloan Bashinsky Shorty passed and sat at and laid on and passed out under many bars before I got to law school, and after. Whereas I got to where I could not drink at all, tore up my G.I. tract and make my liver scream at me, and I never was a heavy drinker, while Shorty was Guinness Book of Records.

      Didn't Shorty also run for governor a few times? For non-Alabama folks, here's a colorful Shorty Price report, maybe he ran for governor more times than I ran for public office in Key West and the Florida Keys. I especially like this part of the report:

      ~In one of Shorty’s campaigns for governor his campaign speech contained this line, “If elected governor I will reduce the governor’s tenure from four to two years. If you can’t steal enough to last you the rest of your life in two years, you ain’t got enough sense to have the office in the first place.” He would use recycled campaign signs to save money but he rarely garnered two percent of the votes in any campaign.~
      Opinion | The Shorty Price story
      Opinion | The Shorty Price story
      Opinion | The Shorty Price story

    • Bill Clements Sloan Bashinsky Shorty was a pistol ball full of baloney on most every issue !
    • Sloan Bashinsky So was I, if you measure baloney by the percentage of votes I received. Think Shorty nailed it, though, in the excerpt I quoted. But what does Shorty have to do with America now being totally deranged and you and many people living in ongoing fear of dying from the China virus when there is a cheap, quick, early-stage cure anyone can buy online, quercetin and zinc? Worse, if Trump had really believed all lives natter, he would have made Hydroxychloroquine and zinc freely available in America last April and America would have reopened and the rest of the world would have followed suit, and Trump would have saved humanity from what it now suffers and endures.
    • Bill Clements Sloan Bashinsky - Shorty and Bernie are similar! We have done the hydroxy thing 3 times - 3rd World travel plus Key West - no issues, but prescription required ! Conch Fritters works!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Shorty and Bernie nothing alike, which indicates you need all-round check up.

      Did the three times in 3rd world and Key West include zinc?

      Trump could have declared national emergency, had vans with a nurse dispensing hydroxy and zinc to anyone showing symptoms, but he was more interested in getting reelected.

      Key West and America and the world could escape Communist China's gift to humanity today with quercetin and zinc.

      Meanwhile, I'm to get a TV today, which is supposed to help me cope with being confined to my apartment most of each day and night, but what I think will happen is I become more accustomed to a really unnatural way of living.

The graph below (retrieved from compares demographically normalized cumulative death curves between nations where the government endorsed using the Zelenko protocol and nations that have opted to discourage its use.

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