Tuesday, June 30, 2020

President Trump can save America from Covid-19, but does he or anyone else care?

national duplicate bridge tournament

Email yesterday to the president and website and Facebook page managers of the duplicate bridge club where I played before the world turned upside down, and now play online until further notice:

Hi, All-

I told Madame President via table chat during a recent club online game that I had something that might interest club members re reopening bridge clubs and a proven cure for Covid-19, which I wanted to submit to club newsletter. Madame President said to send it to the newsletter editors and to the person who handles the club's Facebook page, for their consideration. Other people and I spent a great amount of time digging up and distilling my comment under a Facebook post about a Virginia Beach bridge club reopening. I know BBC is supposed to avoid politics. There are more important things things, however.

Best wishes, stay safe

FB post:
Our Virginia Beach bridge club is opening July 6th. Just curious if other clubs are opening. Much as I miss the face to face game and my bridge friends I won’t be participating yet.
Getting many comments about BBO. Please stick to the question.
  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky This comment later provides what I am convinced is a cheap, fast, medical fix that President Trump can deliver. My bridge club’s age demographics is late 50s-90s. Every member is at risk. No one pushing to reopen club that I have seen in the extensive club weekly newsletter. Member donations and ACBL/BBO club games are keeping $ reserves from being invaded and mortgage paid. There is no way to reopen our club without risking C19 infections. Cards can’t be sanitized after every deal. Face masks can be required as condition of being in the building, but face masks are not 100-percent effective. I think if your club reopens, it’s a roulette game. Now if every player had 5-day supply of 220 mg zinc phosphate once a day, 200 mg hydroxychloroquine twice a day, and 500 mg azithromycin once day, to take at first sign of infection, that probably would reduce risk of serious illness and death to near zero and help members develop herd immunity. However, last week the FDA director appointed by President Trump banned use of hydroxychloroquine to treat C-19, so that cure is off the table for now. Here’s how the cure was healing in 5 days, or less, patients not already seriously ill with C19. Hydroxychloroquine enables zinc to enter body cells. Zinc inhibits C19 replication. Azrithomycin kills secondary bacterial infection. President Trump and FOX’s Sean Hannity told American about this cure in late March. Hannity interviewed the doctor who invented and proved the cure worked on his patients. The FDA knew what he was doing. The doctor's March 23 letter to all world medical professionals copied to President Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was read by Hannity to America. That letter is provided below. President Trump later told America he was prescribed the cure to prevent him from catching C19 after some of his staff tested positive. President Trump could fire the FDA director he appointed and replace him with a doctor friendly to the cure. President Trump could tell American doctors and pharmacists to ignore the FDA ban and he will pardon them if they are prosecuted. President Trump could order federal money diverted to provide the cure free to C19 patients. National emergency, save American economy, social fabric, churches, sports, bridge clubs, etc. Save America.

Madame President replied to me, copied to ALL:

Sloan - This is too political  - sorry but I can't agree with publishing in the ENews.  We  talk about precautions and the seriousness of this virus and there are always mentions about that in various columns (both in D' and M's last issue for example). I think your article would produce more controversy than action. 

Send this privately to anyone you want to as you have the directory with all members email addresses. But our members bridge the wide range of political views (believe me on this!) and any mention of Trump will set people off in one way or another - so not appropriate in our ENews. 

tI hope you can understand,

I replied to MP, copied to ALL:

Heh, club member R nudged me in a dream to submit it.

If you are worried about politics, mashed feelings, complaints, imagine the commotions caused by me emailing my submission to every club member with your email at the top giving me permission? Do you have enough kevlar, Madame President?

There are many more important things than bridge clubs reopening safely. The future of America and humanity hinge on safe reopening. President Trump can provide safe reopening to America at this point in time. He can be a hero. 

Don’t Republicans, MAGAs, Evangelicals in the bridge club want to play at the club again? Don’t they want to not be maimed or killed by C19? Don't they want Trump re-elected? 😀

Do you think Trump might listen to them, if they write to him and ask him to please make Dr. Zelenko's C-19 cure available to them and to all Americans? Do you think Trump would listen to me?😎


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