Sunday, June 7, 2020

Needed: heroes in American politics

Today's post is a continuation of Sancho Panza and Zorro's banter in yesterday's surviving the prejudice against zinc and hydroxychloroquine in Covid-19 America post, which ended with two email exchanges:

Below is The Lancet retraction statement, but keep in mind that the damage was already done and the only reason that they are now retracting the study is because they were found out... cui bono?

"We all entered this collaboration to contribute in good faith and at a time of great need during the COVID-19 pandemic," the study authors wrote in their retraction. "We deeply apologize to you, the editors and the journal readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience that this may have caused."

Embarrassment?  I wonder how many people didn't get the chance to try the HCQ, Z-pack and Zinc protocol(and perhaps save their lives), like my relative did, because this option was taken off the table on the advice of Dr. Fauci and his ilk in Big Pharma? Why didn't Dr. Fauci questioned the Lancet study, like 200 other scientists did? 

What about the complicity(and guilt) of all the Trump Haters in the media and elsewhere, who pounced on this old drug, simply because Trump mentioned that it could be effective and later on, that he was putting his money where his mouth was by trying it as a prophylaxis? Hate can blind people as much as love can blind people... the left wing media has been totally disgraced by its inability to be objective and merely pandering to a select audience, their sponsors and their political allies(left and right)... journalism is dead in America... and  probably in most of the World... or should I say, in this Great Global Plantation!? 

Interesting timing with my post today on surviving prejudice against hdc in pandemic America, which I just now reverted to draft so I can add your contribution. I wonder if Trump will now parade Dr. Zelenko before the American public, or will he simply vindicate himself and whine about being the victim of another witch hunt? 

After yesterday's post was published, Sancho Panza emailed:

You're the one obsessed with Trump(even in your dreams)... but you are right about one thing, logical arguments can't get through to you... so there is no point! 

Zorro replied:

I don't dream about Trump. You defend him as if your very life and soul depend on it. You have come to cause me to think you are infected with MAGA energy, which baffles me, because I have never seen you like this. I can only attribute it to you voted for him and will vote for him again, and you have to defend your position.


Are you serious? I have sent you all kinds of stuff that had nothing to do with Trump... and you always manage to turn it into a Trump issue. You're the one that's obsessed with politics.... take a look at the topics of your blogs, that's all you talk about! I can't take you seriously any more when you accuse me of the same thing you are doing, I could care less about Trump tweets, etc... I merely respond to your constant bashing of the man while ignoring all the other bad actors out there... What I've been trying to tell you is that people need to deal with their own issues before they can criticize others or expect the government or any other earthly or divine power to solve their problems! 



I agree that people need to deal with their own issues (beams in their own eyes) first, and that's the least popular thing to do since the beginning of time. Decades ago, I was treated to a course in mirrors by angels, which went through several phases, and was awful, and then settled down to frequent reminders, which continues today. As time passed, I was given more and more to engage in public arenas. To, basically, disturb the status quo. You do plenty of that yourself, which is why we were "introduced" in 2002, or so. Except, as you have told me, you never had, to your knowledge, experience with the supernatural, which I have ongoing.

As you pointed out recently, if Hillary Clinton were president, I would be writing about her and that paradigm. But she is not president, Trump is, and that makes him the most important person on the planet at this time, because of the power he wields, the messianic influence he has on tens of millions of Americans (not you), and the truly terrible changes he has made in America by appointing federal judges for life, who stand for everything I think you abhor. Trump holds up a bible, not because he is a righteous man, but because he is stroking his evangelical lemmings.

If Trump was a righteous man, he would have had Dr. Zelenko at press briefings last March. Dr. Zelenko is about saving lives. Trump is about Trump. Dr. Fauci, as you have written many times, is a lemming of the medical-industrial complex. He works for Trump, as well. But Fauci is not president. Trump is. If Trump were to run a Dr. Zelenko promotion blitz, it would cause a huge metaphysical shift in the spirit realms. It would rock the medical-industrial complex to the core. It might cause Trump to be assassinated.

If Trump were to put the 4 cops who murdered George Floyd in Guantanamo, as terrorists, that would be a similar huge metaphysical shift, for which Trump might be assassinated by police-friendly forces. If Trump were to withdraw all American troops and support personnel from Afghanistan, Iraq and other nearby hot spots, that would be similar huge metaphysical shift, for which he might be assassinated.

If Trump were to tax American companies with factories in Red China, that might get him assassinated. If Trump were to give up on his southern border wall and station American troops along that border, that might get him assassinated. If Trump were to provide Americans with health care comparable in quality and price to heath care Canadians enjoy, that might get him assassinated. If Trump were to actually try to protect the environment, that might get him assassinated. If Trump would ask Congress to pass a law banning the Confederate Flag in public, that WOULD get him assassinated.

If you think Trump did not ask Putin for help in 2016, you are mistaken. If you think Trump did not ask Putin for help this year, you are mistaken. What has monkey-wrenched Trump is Red Dawn, which Red China views as its vehicle to become the most dominant, dangerous country on this planet. The second monkey wrench was the brutal murder of George Floyd, who would be alive today, if he had been white. There are more monkey wrenches waiting in the wings to disturb Trump and thereby "the deep state", which is much deeper and broader than what most people think of as the deep state. What they focus on is the deep state's tendrils.

You theoretically put me in Trump's skin recently. What I write at my blog and elsewhere on line about Trump reflects how I would go about things if I were president. I would do everything I can to insure every American citizen can vote this year, including by mail. I would not hold public rallies, because of covid-19. I would not encourage people to rally or protest, because of covid-19. I would try to save lives. I would try to save businesses, too. I would have Dr. Zelenko talking to me and the American public every day, if he would do it. I would order the FDA to approve zinc and hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19 and require every hospital to have both in ample stock, to be administered free to any patient suspected of having covid-19. I would tell Americans to go to hospitals if their doctors do not prescribe them zinc and hdc. And, I expect I would be killed.


Alright! But Sloan, heroes in Politics these days? Only in your dreams!

Stay safe, my friend... your family and those who really care for you are what matters.... 


You have named the Rubicon: heroes in politics. 

My recollection of what you told me of why you voted for Trump in 2016 is you hoped he would shake everything up. You say you will vote for him this year. I present different ways he could shake everything up, including himself, the MAGAs and the Republican Party. Should not they lead the way, face the beams in their own eyes?

I never worried for my daughters and their families’ safety before Trump was elected. He has caused me to worry plenty for them.

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