Thursday, June 11, 2020

liberal MAGAs

I have two friends, Hoodoo Witch and Sancho Panza, whom I viewed as confirmed progressives until they voted for Donald Trump.

Hoodoo Witch wrote the other day:
I'm reading your blog. And agree with Sancho that you've become obsessed with Trump. I wonder what you will write about when he is out of office and the Deep State has a puppet back in place.

As for the British guy PP popped in to state "doesn't sound like God wrote that to me."  Then he commented suggesting God might be wondering when humans will wake up and become less vulnerable to propaganda. "Men and Women for the most part have lost ears to hear and eyes to see deeply. And this is to the detriment of the planet and life thereof ", he told me. 

I wonder if I will exit the planet before awakening on even small scale begins?

There are multiple Floyd family GoFundMe pages active at this time. Checking out three of them the total net so far hovers around $16,000,000   The article below cites earlier numbers, but indicates the money will be used for family and for helping businesses that were looted.   I'm hoping there is assistance for the businesses looted and the people attempting to protect their businesses that were harmed physically by the violent looters.... which I'm still convinced consist of professional rioters who enter situations of this type to riot and loot and in some cases convert peaceful protesters to rioting and looting.
Several cities have reported that a majority of those rioting came from other states.  Locals were pretty much peacefully protesting. 

Once upon a time, Hoodoo Witch had a mainstream job at which she excelled. Then, something grabbed her and she became a professional psychic and developed a clients all over America. As that was waning and I was having trials, she picked up spirit guides, which jostled her, as she was used to voices just showing up and talking to her in plain English. They impressed me with what they told her that had to do with me. One called called himself a Philosophy Professor (PP). 

Here’s a link to my blog post that contains what the British guy wrote to Donald Trump: An open letter to Donald Trump from God

I replied to Hoodoo Witch (and PP):
There is no justification for the looting and burning, but there is no justification for what happened to Floyd, and no one should be surprised at the reaction.

I didn’t know about the Go Fund me drive. If I were in charge of that money, I would use it to take care of Floyd’s children and any worthy enterprises in which he was involved. I would not give it people or organizations or businesses that did not know Floyd personally. I would not give it to people who sign up to help distribute it. Anyone who signs up would work pro bono.

During day naps and night sleep, I dream about my next blog post and other things going on in my life, or soon going on. I’ve been steered for months to write about Trump. You, PP and Sancho Panza can take that up with the Melchizedek angels who oversee humanity and design my dreams.

What you call the deep state is minor league. Lucifer is the Deep State. I was slammed for waiting too long to publish the black British man’s letter, which describes the depth and breadth of Lucifer’s hold on Trump. Therefore, supporting, defending and voting for Trump is perilous. You talk about people waking up, but you and Sancho Panza look asleep to me, when it comes to Trump, and you have a great deal of company.

If you are reading my daily posts, then you saw some of the fires I hosed down in your dreams. A recent fire was Sancho Panza, with whom I’ve corresponded since 2002 and have had far more correspondence with than anyone else. Like you did, Sancho convinced me that he is compromised when it comes to Donald Trump.

One indication is, when I write something specifically critical about Trump, Sancho throws up a lot of chaffe, which is how Trump responds to criticism, and how MAGAS, hard conservatives and FOX respond to specific criticism of Trump.

Another indication that Sancho has gone a bit wobbly was his response to my telling how I would go about things, were I the president Sancho theoretically appointed me to be, as reported in Needed: heroes in American politics.

Alright! But Sloan, heroes in Politics these days? Only in your dreams!

Stay safe, my friend...your family and those who really care for you are what matters.... 

You have named the Rubicon: heroes in politics.

My recollection of what you told me of why you voted for Trump in 2016 is you hoped he would shake everything up. You say you will vote for him this year. I present different ways he could shake everything up, including himself, the MAGAs and the Republican Party. Should not they lead the way, face the beams in their own eyes?

I never worried for my daughters and their families’ safety before Trump was elected. He has caused me to worry plenty for them. One daughter posted on Facebook a photo of her and her husband at a peaceful protest yesterday. I wonder if some Trump wacko will blow up their home?

A hero to some is a mass murderer to others... 

As far as danger of riots, racial hatred, etc., assuming that your daughter is as lily  White as you and her "white privilege" has made her part of the well to do  bourgeoisie... you should be more concerned with a different group of fanatics taking her down a peg in the white privilege totem pole! 

That's a possibility, but she boldly supports black lives matter, gays, lesbians, trans, women's rights, poor people. She has conservative and liberal friends. She talks straight. Far more likely at risk from Trump, KKK, etc. And, she is Jewish.

I don't think this situation is going to escalate... a lot of it is probably due to the months of quarantine that have people itching to go out and flex their muscles! People are just stupid... they are no better than rats!

It already escalated, and, yes, the lock down contributed, but it does not excuse the violence, nor your ignorant, presumptive, bigoted remarks about my daughter.

Your daughter? I don't know anything about your daughter and, as for you, only what you write about you yourself on line... so you got me there with this latest non sequitur... I am just going to stop talking to you as I see that nothing good comes from it! 

To:sloan bashinsky
Sun, Jun 7 at 10:45 AM
A hero to some is a mass murderer to others... 

As far as danger of riots, racial hatred, etc., assuming that your daughter is as lily  White as you and her "white privilege" has made her part of the well to do bourgeoisie... you should be more concerned with a different group of fanatics taking her down a peg in the white privilege totem pole! 

So now you're telling me you don't recognize irony in a piece of writing? Wow!!!

That came right out of Trump's playbook, I replied:
I recognized judgment and hypocrisy, in addition to ignorance, presumption and bigotry. My daughter takes risks you cannot begin to imagine. She very much is at risk to harm from rednecks, Klansmen, white supremacists, MAGAs. I talked with her about that this morning. She said she knows it and she has to stand up for what she believes. I said I can dig that, I step in front of bullets all the time. Can't say I saw when you ever put life and limb on the firing line.

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