Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Can old people with medical conditions shoot maskless people in self-defense? Can they shoot doctors who will not prescribe hydroxychloroquine and zinc?

What may have set up today's post was my telling a reader the other day that a neighbor in the apartment building where I live locked himself out of his apartment, again, and had a loud meltdown, again, which led to my getting onto him, again, and trying get him to do what I got him to do the last time, which was to get a couple of able-bodied male bystanders to give him a leg up onto a vent cover, from which he could climb onto the roof of a lower part of the  building, and from there use a ladder or chair to reach his rear unlocked  window and climb through it. He didn't seem interested and left the building. I called 911 and was told help with that sort of thing is not available. I called after-hours building services and they said the cost was $40 and I said come fix it, I will pay for it to have peace. Soon, the resident handyman showed up and jimmied the door handle somehow and opened the door and said no charge just for that, as my neighbor came in through the rear window. The handyman promised to disable the door handle lock. Outside were two police cruisers with blue lights flashing. Three officers came into the front lobby not wearing face masks. I asked if they were there about a man on the roof? Yes. I explained what you just read and said no crime was committed. They said, Ok. I said I had called 911 and they declined. Didn't fire departments get cats out of trees? Not anymore, one officer said. They spoke with my neighbor and turned to leave. I said I had a question? What? Is the city mask ordinance still in effect? In public places, one officer said. The next day the handyman disabled the door handle lock, leaving the dead bolt and inside chain lock to secure the apartment. With hands folded in prayer and bowing my head, I said,  "Thank you, Lord (3 times); Thank you, Jesus, (3 times). Thank you, Handyman (3 times)."

The reader wrote yesterday:

R: City extended mask ordinance to July 3.

Me: Call 911 to my location, I'm walking sidewalk without mask.

R: If you are 6' away from another person and can maintain that distance you are in compliance.

Me: Not possible with unmasked passersby.
Checked out Trader Joe's today. Line waiting to get in, limit 40 customers at a time, face masks worn by employees but not by all customers. I told the guy in charge that makes no sense. He said they can’t require customers to wear face masks. I thought he was full of shit and didn’t want to piss off customers who didn’t give a shit about catching and transmitting C-19.
I forgot my mask when I went out to walk and now I have it. Going to Laundry and people in there not wearing masks. Can I buy a gun and shoot them in self-defense? 77, with several medical conditions and history of respiratory infections, including pneumonia, and no doctor willing to prescribe hydroxychloroquine, I have zinc, I think I can make out a strong self-defense.
But Jesus did my mask get sweaty in the laundry, forcing me outside to sit on sidewalk bench in breeze. 90-degree days will be super fun.

R: Under the law, the store can require masks if social distancing is impossible since the store is in city limits.

Me: Am pretty sure any business can refuse customers not wearing masks at this time in history, regardless of government and Trump.

R: And so are you going to try to get the CV-19 so you can get some HDC to mix with your zinc? I just have to believe that with 110K dead and if the cocktail truly worked the word would be out there and publicly touted in the medical world. I think it is absurd that it is all a conspiracy of big pharma, and thought a sound mind like yours (though sometimes hidden) would not have fallen into that trap. Unless of course you are just playing a game with some folks' head for the fun of it.

Me: I’m googling gun shops as we speak. Unfortunately, zinc and hdc will cure C-19 not yet progressed to ICU stage, and it did distress me that a good friend has had access to hdc somehow, and gave her stash of it to two people with C-19, and she knows I probably die if I catch it, and her too, did not offer to help be get hdc. I hope you don’t catch it and are at the mercy of your thinking and a retarded doctor.

R: You know, I sincerely hope you said that in jest about someone who has stood by your side in full support through thick and thin for many years.

Me: Dead serious, except for buying a gun- that was in jest. Dr. Zelenko developed the cure. Doctors more interested in saving patients than standard practices are using hdc and zinc. A Key West friend emailed the other day a study that reported less ill C-19 patients responded to hdc and zinc, and sicker patients did not. I worry you will catch it and die. I worry I will catch it and die because I could not get a doctor to prescribe hdc. I worry how I will feel about my good friend if it catch it? She helped other friends but not me?

R: That wasn’t the part I was questioning. It was the personal barb at the end of your text?

Me: Re: C-19, you seem at the mercy of your thinking and traditional medicine. Will send you the study. Lancet withdrew its slam of hdc. I published that article a few days ago.

R: I have read it all. Both in your postings and elsewhere. Don’t disagree with the science since I am not a scientist, just wish there were more public info in both sides. As for my thinking, I want vaccines and cures and don’t give a shot where it comes from and don’t believe there is some secret agenda holding up the introduction of either.

If you or I catch C-19 before then, we probably die horribly, and that’s where I’m coming from. I didn’t take great alarm at the swipe you took at me 😉, except fear you catch the shit and die without HDC and zinc treatment in early going.

The study:

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin plus zinc vs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin alone: outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Philip CarlucciTania AhujaChristopher M PetrilliHarish RajagopalanSimon JonesJoseph Rahimian


Background: COVID-19 has rapidly emerged as a pandemic infection that has caused significant mortality and economic losses. Potential therapies and means of prophylaxis against COVID-19 are urgently needed to combat this novel infection. As a result of in vitro evidence suggesting zinc sulfate may be efficacious against COVID-19, our hospitals began using zinc sulfate as add-on therapy to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. We performed a retrospective observational study to compare hospital outcomes among patients who received hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin plus zinc versus hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin alone. Methods: Data was collected from electronic medical records for all patients being treated with admission dates ranging from March 2, 2020 through April 5, 2020. Initial clinical characteristics on presentation, medications given during the hospitalization, and hospital outcomes were recorded. Patients in the study were excluded if they were treated with other investigational medications. Results: The addition of zinc sulfate did not impact the length of hospitalization, duration of ventilation, or ICU duration. In univariate analyses, zinc sulfate increased the frequency of patients being discharged home, and decreased the need for ventilation, admission to the ICU, and mortality or transfer to hospice for patients who were never admitted to the ICU. After adjusting for the time at which zinc sulfate was added to our protocol, an increased frequency of being discharged home (OR 1.53, 95% CI 1.12-2.09) reduction in mortality or transfer to hospice remained significant (OR 0.449, 95% CI 0.271-0.744). Conclusion: This study provides the first in vivo evidence that zinc sulfate in combination with hydroxychloroquine may play a role in therapeutic management for COVID-19.
Me: I wonder how peer review will treat the study I emailed you, which supports Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol?

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