Monday, June 29, 2020

Make America Great, breed maskless bioterrorists

My dreams last night were terrible, I felt terrible in my body. I was in Key West, had a new bicycle I was trying to break in. I awoke this morning and saw Peggy Butler's comment under this Facebook post, to which I had responded yesterday. I responded twice to Peggy's comment. Once upon a time, Peggy, Stephen Braddock and I were friends in Key West. Steve is an ordained Catholic priest. Peggy is a retired nurse. 
Young people are driving a spike in coronavirus infections, officials say...
  • Eric Haley It is very hard to convince young people that anything bad could happen to them, especially young men. Behavioral health research and our health communication research bears this out time and time again. Some have called it the invincibility of youth mindset.
  • Barbara Allen Party time
  • Sloan Bashinsky Like they live in a banana republic
  • Peggy Butler I don't blame them; I blame Donald Trump and the Republican governors like ours! You didn't see any of this before they 'opened up the country'!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump behaves like a it's all about him schizophrenic banana republic dictator. He is the national anti-mask, anti-social distancing role model and promoter bioterrorist. He doesn't give a shit how many people catch C-19, He is a lethal virus unto himself, a walking, talking, spewing hazmat zone promoter. Yet how can you not blame those kids, Peggy? They know what they are doing and could give a shit the outcome for them and other people. Bioterrorists, each and every one. Wonder how they would handle being interviewed on camera, their names and parents' names recorded, they are asked if they bioterrorists, and their replies and that video is offered to FOX News, which declines, and then CNN airs it along with FOX's decline?
    • Sloan Bashinsky There is another wee problem. I am not aware of any city, county or state that actually enforces face mask ordinances; writes citations, gives fines, jails people not wearing masks. Consider Key West's Duval Street overrun with maskless tourists and our mayor and city commissioner and city police friends there do what? It's all President Trump's fault?

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