Friday, June 5, 2020

Will police brutally murdering a black man with poor moral character remove the Confederate Flag and a rich white president with poor moral character from The White House?

An Alabama amiga replied to the How President Trump can invoke his supreme authority over everything to get law enforcement's undivided attention and cool things down in America post at this blog, in which I opined Trump could have Homeland Security put the Minneapolis cops in Guantanamo for the rest of their lives, where they watch every day videos of what they did to George Floyd:

I read EVERY word. It described our old times really well. I had a Willie Dell and her son Albert Otis. It was funny cause when my white friends came over, Albert Otis just disappeared. I didn’t understand why til some years later.
What is going on now makes me so sad. Nothing can make right what happened to Floyd. All we can hope is that maybe we won’t forget what his death brought on. I believe in the right to protest but will never accept the rioting that kills and destroys, not for Floyd but just to steal, kill and destroy.

I wrote back that it’s a mess. Today, I emailed her:
Been reading and ruminating a lot on this mess since you emailed me. I think it’s on law enforcement to deal with looting, rioting, burning, etc., and if they can’t control it, use American military. I thought Trump should have brought the troops home from Afghanistan, Iraq and other places in the Middle East, and put them on the U.S. southern border, instead of building his wall. Now, he has built a wall around the White House.
I see little in the news and on Facebook about how the Floyd protests and marches might be spreading covid-19. Does that mean the  Floyd protesters think protesting is more important than the pandemic? Did the Floyd protesters learn that from President Trump when he told his followers to protest the shut downs? 
I think every American should watch the video put together by The New York Times, of what actually happened to George Floyd and what led up to it. Times video contains street video footage shot by the security camera of a nearby store and two bystanders' videos. The young lady commentator in the Times video is objective some of the time, and some of the time she interjects herself.

8 Minutes and 46 Seconds: How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody

The Times has reconstructed the death of George Floyd on May 25. Security footage, witness videos and official d...
My internet buddy Sancho Panza emailed yesterday:

Woman is a true, bare knuckle Iconoclast...  a lot smarter and better looking than your Golden Flake Pinata... she would get my vote for POTUS in 2024 for sure...   

I opened the link and watched the young black woman’s lengthy rant against black people, even as she condemns the cops who killed him. Below is my reply to Sancho without lengthy reports of my direct observation of violent black racism against whites (not me) in Key West:

Wow, that young conservative black chick is a dynamo! I had no clue of Floyd's rap sheet, it never occurred to me he had a rap sheet. Perhaps I was influenced by not having seen anything in the news about his rap sheet? That there was a really serious crime on the rap sheet. Floyd and other men breaking and entering a pregnant woman's home and terrorizing her while they searched for drugs and other valuables. That news was off limits? That would have been ... profiling. Because Floyd was... black.

Now, I ask you, Sancho. Do you really think Floyd would have been killed by those cops if he had been ... white? Is there a snowball's chance in hell those the cops would have treated Floyd that way if he was ... white?

Now, back to the black chick in the video, who said black people are the most racist people in America. She is correct about black racism. It's as real as white racism. I have shared here some of my personal experiences with black racism against whites in Key West. But I ask you again, do you think those Minneapolis’ finest would have killed Floyd if he was white?

I think the young black chick makes good points, and I think she has a great deal to learn in life, and maybe she will learn it, and maybe she's so full of her Trump-loving? self being an alarm clock, that she never wakes up?

And, I ask you, do you really think President Trump does not encourage white racism against blacks? He acted like he never heard of David Duke when he got that KKK Grand Wizard's endorsement in 2016. Did Trump ever actually say he didn't want Duke's endorsement? Let's not forget all those good people waving Confederate flags in Charlottesville, either.

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