Sunday, June 14, 2020

Will Joe Biden ever wake up and use Trump's playbook against Trump?

Alabama native me stumbled across a NASCAR bans Confederate Flag  post by a staunch Democrat I met when we both lived in Key West, and then she moved to the West Palm Beach, Florida area, where she could afford to live. I commented, and then something got into me, and then a lot more of it if got into me. 

Peggy Butler

Well, since he isn't one of the best drivers and has no races under his belt, I don't think it's a great loss for NASCAR. Not surprised to hear one of them quit over the ban, though. Hopefully, none of the "real" drivers will quit.
"The NASCAR driver who is allegedly quitting at the end of the 2020 season over NASCAR’s Confederate flag ban has completed as many laps in a NASCAR race in 2020 as you have."

  • Jonathan Long All I can say Is good riddance.
  • Anne Rolle If they quit over this, they're not a "real" driver.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Peggy, since you didn't grow up in Alabama, and I did, I am acutely aware of how important the Confederate Flag is in southern states. It's also important elsewhere. I saw Confederate Flag front licence plates in Key West. I bet if Trump asked Congress to pass a law outlawing the Confederate Flag in public, he would be assassinated. Here's a link to the 2020 NASCAR race schedule. There were a few races before the shutdown. Ya'll come!

    Updated NASCAR schedule 2020: Everything to know about Cup Series races as season resumes

    Updated NASCAR schedule 2020: Everything to know about Cup Series…
    Updated NASCAR schedule 2020: Everything to know about Cup Series races as season resumes
    • Jonathan Long Sloan Bashinsky the flag is important in the Southern states because it stands for slavery that the south fought for. Remember the Civil War? Many Southern people still think of the blacks and minorities as inferior. Bigotry is a terrible thing.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Jonathan Long You a Yankee telling that to an Alabama native😎? That flag today represents a bit more. It is loved in places all over America, including every northern, mid-western and western state, and beyond. And I suppose every lover of that flag belongs to President Trump. He is the white supremacists' president. That was known in 2016. Americans who voted for him voted for the white supremacist candidate. Including some of my friends. I didn't vote for Hillary, either. Couldn't stand her, either.
    • Jonathan Long Sloan Bashinsky I know there is bigotry all over America. what is the bit more it stands for? I would like to know and learn. Yes Trump is a White supremacist sicko. I knew him in NY and he and his family have been bigots and frauds and corrupt back to his grandfather that was kicked out of Germany.
    • Sloan Bashinsky It stands for white supremacism, rednecks, states rights, all over America, and that's what the Republican Party welcomed into its lodge in 2016 and since,
    • Jonathan Long Sloan Bashinsky yes, that's what I thought. the confederate flag really is not a good thing to be waving over the land of this country!
    • Sloan Bashinsky I imagine there are 100,000,000 Americans who would take those as fighting words!
    • Peggy Butler Sloan Bashinsky Doesn't matter how many love it, if it's true that it stands for something most Americans are long past, Sloan. As for NASCAR, I was a Daytona 500 season ticket holder from 2001 to 2019. (Or was it 2018 - time is going way too fast for me!) When I started losing the bone that comprised my upper jaw and knew I had to have the oral surgery again, I couldn't risk being in crowds so gave my season seats (wonderful seats I waited so long to upgrade to at start/finish! Just up the escalator in the front to the food court and down two steps to our row) to my niece and her husband, along with my beautiful Dale Jr jacket. By keeping them in the family, Danny (Daniel DiStasio, my Daytona 500 buddy) and I can go to the 500 again if and when we want to by asking them, which is a win/win for us and was part of the deal. Granted there were plenty of rednecks there, but I grew up in southern Ohio, so that didn't bother me - except when they'd get too drunk and spill their beer all over me, which thankfully didn't happen but once. :) We had really nice people all around us in the last two seats we had, but the current seats are really something. We can almost touch start/finish and just five rows up from the speedway (all seats are higher than they used to be, for safety's sake, now). It was great while it lasted, though. I took several friends from Key West with me every year until Danny became my regular.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Gosh, Peggy. It doesn't matter how many love the Confederate flag? Are you serious? How do you think Trump got elected in 2016? Who do you think they will vote for this year?

      While the Republican Party is home for white supremacists, rednecks and states rightists, for whom the Confederate flag is probably as or more important than the American Flag, you want to tell me about your NASCAR history? While Joe Biden in his bunker is said to be considering white chick Elizabeth Warren, who for a very long time claimed to be Native American, as his vice president running mate, you want to tell me about your NASCAR history?

      How do you think the real Americans feel about Warren being one heart attack away from being their president. How do you think African and Spanish Americans feel about Warren being their president, if Biden wins and then dies? What is Biden thinking by considering any white person to be his running mate? Has he lost his mind? Has Biden no clue what is going on in America? Has he no marketing and advertising sense whatsoever?

      Biden, and the Democratic Party really do need to study Trump's playbook. Look who Trump picked as his running mate, a white Christian fundamentalist. Biden needs to use Trump's playbook against him. Warren would make a terrific head of the Securities & Exchange Commission. That would put the fear of God and the Devil into big Wall Street firms and banks accustomed to rich white people socialism, white collar crime wrist slaps, corporate bailouts.

      How about Biden says, "Here's my dream team. I don't know if they will accept, but I hope they do. Michelle Obama for my Vice President running mate. Barack Obama for my Secretary of State. Kamala Harris for my Attorney General. Tulsi Gabbard for my Secretary of Defense. Julian Castro for my Director of Homeland Security and its subsidiary, ICE. Cory Booker for my Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Bernie Sanders for my Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare. Elizabeth Warren for my Securities & Exchange Commissioner. Jay Inslee for my Director of Environmental Protection Agency. Andrew Yang for my adviser on Asian affairs. Amy Klobuchar for my adviser on American affairs. Marianne Williamson for my White House spiritual adviser. Pete Buttieg for my Official White House Spokesperson. Hillary Clinton for my National Security Adviser.”

      Imagine political impact of such a pronouncement, which would include every 2020 Democrat presidential candidate in some responsible national position on Biden’s dream team. It matters not how that would play out. Trump has made politics show bizness. It’s time Biden and the Democratic Party get into that game. Imagine national TV ads and social media postings featuring the following photos at every opportunity:

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    • Sloan Bashinsky Charlottesville

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    • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe you share this thread with your many Democrat friends. Maybe you send it to Biden, the Obamas, Hillary, Warren, Sanders, etc.

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