Thursday, June 18, 2020

That President Trump did not fire the FDA Director and replace him with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko causes me to think Trump wants a lot of Americans to die from Covid-19

Nationally-recognized psychic Gloria Reiser, A/K/A Hoodoo Witch, responded to yesterday's Waiting four months to learn the results of a study on hydroxychloroquine, while patients died, Dr. Zelenko said, would be “a crime against humanity.” post at this blog;

In my opinion, the statement from the retired surgeon should be posted everywhere possible. If so, perhaps at least a few individuals might "get it" and opt to wear a mask. Grocery shopping today, store employees all were wearing masks. But only approximately 25% of shoppers. Quite disappointing.

I also like the way Sancho refers to the Wuhan Virus - as that is what it is. I'm tired of being politically correct. The virus came from Wuhan, whether wet market or a lab escapee.

Big Pharma, FDC, WHO, CDC and others are showing quite blatantly now their lack of real concern for those afflicted with this virus. How many will die before they come up with a much more expensive treatment, they will then profit hugely from regardless of risks or side effects. When lastung harm to bodily systems and death, are the alternative, why refuse HCD and zinc as a treatment? So many pharmaceuticals with potential for side effects and adverse reactions so much worse than the maladies they are prescribed to treat are sold to thousands, if not millions of patients each month.

  1. I told you in plain English not to contact me again, unless your spirit guidance TOLD to contact me about something having to do with me and/or stuff in which I am involved. So, did God or an angel TELL you to write this to me?

    Did you post everywhere possible this post containing the retired surgeon's face mask rant?

    You dodged Trump is the national cult leader for not wearing face masks and for protesting shoulder to shoulder and causing Covid-19 to spread.

    If you are the nationally recognized psychic you claim to be, you would know Covid-19 was manufactured in a Red China lab as a bio weapon, and you would categorically say that.

    If you were the nationally-recognized psychic you claim to be, you knew in 2016 that Trump was possessed by Lucifer. But then, you have repeatedly told me Lucifer is the good angel, was framed.

    You and Sancho Panza dodged Trump could override the FDA Director’s unconscionable hydroxychloroquine decree in same way Trump overrides anything he doesn’t like done by someone he hired. Trump fires and replaces the traitor with someone loyal to Trump.

    That Trump did not fire the FDA Director and replace him with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko causes me to think Trump wants a lot of Americans to die from Covid-19.

    You and Sancho are totally compromised regarding Trump, because you both voted for him and still defend that vote as if your very lives and souls depend on it.

    I have read reviews of John Bolton’s book, which Trump ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to ask a federal court to suppress. An eye witness to Trump’s deplorable deeds and moral bankruptcy, Bolton is just as deplorable and morally bankrupt, because he did not come forward when it counted, but only after he got paid a lot of money by a book publisher.
Here again is the retired surgeon's face mask rant, followed by comments from a west coast anti-face mask friend I met in a Greyhound bus station en route to Key West in March 2001:
RETIRED SURGEON Sam Laucks, has this to say about wearing masks:
“OK, here’s my rant about masks:
I have spent the past 39 years working in the field of surgery. For a significant part of that time, I have worn a mask. I have worked with hundreds (probably thousands) of colleagues during those years, who have also worn masks. Not a single one us of became ill, passed out or died from lack of oxygen. Not a single one of us became ill, passed out or died from breathing too much carbon dioxide. Not a single one us of became ill, passed out or died from rebreathing a little of our own exhaled air. Let’s begin here by putting those scare tactics to rest!
(It is true that some people, with advanced lung diseases, may be so fragile that a mask could make their already-tenuous breathing more difficult. If your lungs are that bad, you probably shouldn’t be going out in public at the present time anyway; the consequences if you are exposed to Covid-19 would likely be devastating.)
“But”, you ask, “can’t viruses go right through the mask, because they are so small?” (“Masks keep viruses out just as well as a chain link fence keeps mosquitoes out,” some tell us.) It is true that individual virus particles can pass through the pores of a mask; however, viruses don’t move on their own. They do not fly across the room like a mosquito, wiggle through your mask like a worm, or fly up your nose like a gnat. The virus is essentially nothing more than a tiny blob of genetic material. Covid-19 travels in a CARRIER – the carrier is a fluid droplet- fluid droplets that you expel when you cough, sneeze, sing, laugh, talk or simply exhale. Most of your fluid droplets will be stopped from entering the air in the room if you are wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is a very efficient way to protect others if you are carrying the virus (even if you don’t know that you are infected). In addition, if someone else’s fluid droplets happen to land on your mask, many of them will not pass through. This gives the wearer some additional protection, too. But, the main reason to wear a mask is to PROTECT OTHERS. Even if you don’t care about yourself, wear your mask to protect your neighbors, co-workers and friends!
A mask is certainly not 100% protective. However, it appears that the severity of Covid-19 infection is at least partially “dose-dependent.” In other words, the more virus particles that enter your body, the sicker you are likely to become. Why not decrease that volume if you can? “What have you got to lose?!”
“But doesn’t a requirement or a request to wear a mask violate my constitutional rights?” You’re also not allowed to go into the grocery store if you are not wearing pants. You can’t yell “fire” in the Produce Department. You’re not allowed to urinate on the floor in the Frozen Food Section. Do you object to those restrictions? Rules, established for the common good, are component of a civilized society.
“But aren’t masks uncomfortable?” Some would say that underwear or shoes can be uncomfortable, but we still wear them. (Actually, being on a ventilator is pretty darned uncomfortable, too!) Are masks really so bad that you can’t tolerate them, even if they will help keep others healthy?
“But won’t people think I’m a snowflake or a wimp if I wear a mask?” I hope you have enough self-confidence to overcome that.
“But won’t I look stupid if I wear a mask?” I’ve decided not to dignify that question with an answer!! 📷 :)
“But I never get sick; I’m not worried.” Well, then, wear a mask for the sake of the rest of us who are not so perfect!
There is good evidence that masks make a real difference in diminishing the transmission of Covid-19. Please, for the sake of others (and for the sake of yourself), wear your mask when in public. It won’t kill you!
P.S. - And, by the way, please be sure that BOTH your nose and mouth are covered!
Recommendations around mask usage are confusing. The science isn't. Evidence shows that masks are extremely effective to slow the coronavirus and may be the best tool available right now to fight it.”
  • Stacy Lamy That is all well and good, but not all of us are wearing surgical masks. I bought a couple that a friend designed and they are polyester and I have felt a couple of times if I didn't get the thing off of my face I was gonna pass the fock out.
  • Stacy Lamy Also, masks tend to trap and recirculate pathogens into the body. A group of immunologists who work down the street were in my local cafe. They are concerned because ppl are not wearing good enough masks. Mine, for instance, needs to be about 6 layers thick to do any good.
  • Stacy Lamy I also read an article from about 8 years ago regarding surgical masks. There is one in development that will kill viruses on contact as that has been an issue in the medical world, viruses are not necessarily stopped by masks. that is all. good to see you again, Sloan-a-Bone!
    • Sloan Bashinsky The surgeon's main point seems to be wearing a masks helps you not infect other people. That seems to keep being passed over by people who don't want to wear a mask.
    • Stacy Lamy Yes, his main point is that. It was his supporting points with which i took issue. If it turns out to be so that wearing a sub-par mask indeed decreases others' risks but increases the wearers, where does that leave us?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Why don't you ask Lady Karma? 😎
    • Stacy Lamy ok <3
    • Sloan Bashinsky It is more blessed to give, than to receive? 😍
    • Stacy Lamy Aint that the troof!

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