Friday, June 12, 2020

3 more sometimes amusing stanzas in the Pandemic Blues

Singing The Blues Painting by Stephen Blancett
Wall $treet
I wrote a while back of a friend hearing in her sleep, "Sloan, buy Disney at $5 a share, it's going up!", which led using my $1,200 stimulus check and a little of my own money to buy 5 100-share call options at a little over $5 a share when Disney was selling at $105 a share. The strike price on the calls was $130 a share and the call was good through January 2021. The stockbroker friend helped me arrive at that "cocktail." 

Disney's common stock began rising in value. It kept rising. Then, it took a sudden dive and my stockbroker friend said that was due to two analysts publishing that Disney was over priced and people should wait until this summer, when Disney reopens its parks, before deciding on Disney. I asked my friend if the analysts bought puts on Disney, or told friends to buy puts, before the their opinions were made public? My friend said that would be illegal. I said I knew that, but I couldn't help but wonder. 

Well, Disney common stock started climbing again. It got over $120 a share. When it reached $124 a share, my friend advised I sell two of the call options and get back all my money and some change, and play the market for free with the other call. I did that. Three days ago, Disney stock started dropping. Yesterday, it closed at $112 a share. 

I texted my friend, "Did Disney file for bankruptcy?' My friend texted back, "Absurd!! Where in the world did you hear that?" I texted back, "It closed at $112 today, what dropped it like a rock this time?" He texted back, "Market was down a bunch on fears of second wave of the virus. FYI Disney was trading back up a point or so after hours. Sleep tight." I texted back, "I bet widespread general knowledge of physicians using Hydroxychloroquine with zinc would flatten the general and stock market fear of C19."

fun adventures in search of Hydroxcloroquine

Have you asked any of your doctors about Rx? Or public health clinic?

Don't have doctor, use a University of Alabama Medicine walk-in clinic when I get respiratory infections, etc.

Ask them?

Will call and see what happens

For a while there was a run on chloroquine so the FDA decreed that it could not be prescribed off-label. Not sure what the status is now.

Generic or label will work, IF they prescribe it for C19.
I called, short version of long waits, taking to wrong dept then maybe to right dept, nobody knew nothing, and the clinic I use does not test for or treat C19.

Sounds like you need to get established with a family practice.physician. You have Medicare, right?

I need a doctor who will prescribe HDC if I catch C19 and I don't know of such a doctor. It very likely will kill me if I catch it and do not get HDC pronto. Same for you.

XXX (retired doctor) says you get better care and attention if you are established with a doctor. Now that we're Medicare that is especially true. And should we be very sick or need to be hospitalized, it make a huge difference to be able to say, "Dr. Bumfuck is my primary care physician."

XXX will write me a script for HDC? If so, CVS or Wallgreen.

XXX hasn't had a license for some time. 

I have good doctors at the walk-in clinic. I need a bad doctor to write the script but don't know where to find that doctor. If I catch C19 and can't get HDC, the obituary I write and publish will be a trip.

duplicate bridge
I published this below today in a Facebook duplicate bridge forum, whose members' bridge clubs were closed with with no reopening in sight; most club players are old farts, very at risk to C-19.

Sloan Bashinsky
Regarding regional bridge tournaments resuming, this old fart (77) asks, will players, directors, card caddies all wear masks and wash hands and disinfect every card and bidding box after each round, but how does that protect players during each round? Resuming tournaments before there is a proven vaccine and everyone has proof of receiving it looks like a great outing for old people with death wishes. Kamikaze bridge? Unless, they get their doctors to prescribe them hydroxychloroquine to take with zinc preventatively shortly before, during and after each tournament. That might reduce to close to zero the odds of anyone at the tourney catching Covid-19. Naw, I'm not a Trump fan. I'm a fan of the doctor who developed the 5-day HDC, zinc, azithromycin cocktail, which I have seen online other doctors also using and healing patients not yet in the choking on their own snot and lung tissue ICU/ventilator stage of Covid-19 infection. I wrote many posts about that fast, cheap cure protocol on my blog. Last below is a link to the most recent post, which contains back and forth with another old fart challenged by his, his doctor and mainstream medicine's thinking that reduces to close to zero the odds of bridge players getting their doctors to prescribe that cocktail to save, or prevent, them from choking on their own snot and lung tissue. The hero doctor's March 23 letter to President Trump, and a double-blind study supporting his cocktail, are included in this blog post.

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