Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Waiting four months to learn the results of a study on hydroxychloroquine, while patients died, Dr. Zelenko said, would be “a crime against humanity.”

Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.

On FDA revoking emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19, retired Lucent Technologies engineer Sancho Panza sent out an email blast:
"The FDA Is Corrupt To The Core" - FDA Changes Stance On Hydroxychloroquine!
Watch this Fox News spot on how the FDA doesn't really have patient's best interest at heart on the issue of HCQ, recommending clinical studies that are limited to 24 mgs per day, w/o zinc instead of the 200 mgs daily for 5 days with zinc, that has been found effective... you will never see these two MD Clinicians being interviewed by the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT. Politico, etc. which, as you well know, are the 24/7 Propaganda arms of the DNC and the Globalist Agenda!

Don't know about your ending editorial, but agree with what came before. It's on Trump to call out the bad guys. He could do that by having Dr. Zelenko at press briefings - I'm fed up with you fucking avoiding the fucking obvious - and do something that at least tries to prevent further mass homicide by the medical-industrial complex and its legions of accomplices, such as Fauci and doctors throughout, say, America, who won't buck FDA, CDC, AMA, WHO.

Sloan, no need to get postal on me, I am just dispersing Information that I find relevant to our current dilemma with this Wuhan virus... believe me, you were not the only recipient in that email... you almost never are, but you're the only one that seem to take it personal and get your panties on fire for the wrong reasons! I just blind copied you because I know you are trying to get some HCQ and the propaganda from your "friends" on the Left Media are not gonna make it easy! 

Why don't you sent an Open Letter to Joe Biden, asking him to do what you claim Trump has failed to do.... Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should have an all decks on hand Press Conference and tell the World that if they were running the Government this pandemic would be over by implementing Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's protocol Worldwide... that would guarantee the Democrats would win the Election in November and orange man would be no more... good luck with that one!     

Looks like you and Dr. Z have a lot in common, regarding letting God guide your paths, here is a very good article about his life and current dilemma:

What you sent runs miles off the right side of my Yahoo page and makes reading it bizarrely difficult. You went polemic against the "liberal" news media for not jumping on FDA, whose director is appointed by President Trump, right? Trump told Americans Hydroxychloroquine looked very promising, might be a miracle, right? Trump fires anyone who gets in his way, but he rolls over and spreads his legs for FDA? You didn't go polemic against Trump, who could be the man of the century, and you keep pointing the finger everywhere else. I will try to figure out a way to read the Zelenko material. He seems genuine. A hero. They tried to crucify him.

I think the text extending to the right must be due to a margin problem trying to fix the position of the article that I pasted into my email, sorry! Just open the link and read the article ... it is really interesting!

Indeed really interesting! Looks like sometimes Zelenko's ego got ramped up, but he comes across to me, still, as the real deal. I was grateful to see how deeply Zelenko penetrated the Trump administration and FOX and other conservative news media. I can't imagine why Trump has not fired his EPA director and replaced him with an underling or new EPA director who agrees with Dr. Zelenko. 

This part of the article nailed it:

“Imagine Washington, D.C., is being carpet-bombed, alright?” Zelenko said on Bannon’s show. “Would it make sense for Dr. Fauci to say, ‘I think we need to study to make sure which bullets work the best — it may take four months, but we need to study it’?” Waiting four months to learn the results of a study on hydroxychloroquine, while patients died, Zelenko said, would be “a crime against humanity.”

The arguments against HDC's side effects are bizarre. HDC has for a long time been given to people with malaria, lupus, severe arthritis. But in a pandemic that already killed over 100,000 Americans and wrecked the American economy and social fabric, side effects are fucking relevant? Zelenko gave the cocktail to patients for 5 days! To save them! With no deaths! Trump took HDC for 2 weeks! The president of the fucking United States! Zelenko takes HDC as a prevent measure, because he has one lung after barely survived a horrible cancer, and if he catches C-19, he dies! Zelenko continues taking HDC, he's a criminal? Can lose his medical license? Insane! Big Pharma must be fucking thrilled!!!

Absolutely! But like I said, most of us are too lazy and stupid to dare think outside the box... outside of our comfortable little playpens! How long have you being telling people about evil as a palpable "power" that men covet for its own sake? Have you ever gotten anybody else to share your experience and see the battlefield between the forces of darkness and the forces of light? I bet you can count them with the fingers of one hand! 

Keep your Vit D level high... go outside, ride your bike, play chess in the park with a friend and stop worrying about this disease... the stress of isolation is just as devastating as the virus!   


Have known a few people who objectively, as opposed to religiously/superstitiously, factor Evil into what is in play. Not only people coveting Evil, but Evil infiltrating people both awares and unawares.

No bike since moving back to Alabama. Mostly, apartment bound. Spend lot of time online, playing chess, bridge, poking around, writing. Take short walks, sometimes sit on sidewalk benches and talk with people. The bridge club where I played closed before the shutdown. Most of its members, including me, are in high risk category. Wondered to myself this morning if the bridge club will go bankrupt before it's safe to reopen?  Hope not. Hope Big Pharma, Red China, Bill Gates, Russia, Iran, Israel - anyone! - develops a vaccine that actually works! 

Meanwhile, I hope the people who made the HDC "recall", and anyone who contributed, Catch C-19 and con't cheat by using HDC and zinc.

I wear a mask when in public places swarming with other people. The Asian grocery stores I use REQUIRE everyone to wear a mask. The American grocery stores do not.

Posted on Facebook by a Key West friend:
RETIRED SURGEON Sam Laucks, has this to say about wearing masks:
“OK, here’s my rant about masks:
I have spent the past 39 years working in the field of surgery. For a significant part of that time, I have worn a mask. I have worked with hundreds (probably thousands) of colleagues during those years, who have also worn masks. Not a single one us of became ill, passed out or died from lack of oxygen. Not a single one of us became ill, passed out or died from breathing too much carbon dioxide. Not a single one us of became ill, passed out or died from rebreathing a little of our own exhaled air. Let’s begin here by putting those scare tactics to rest!
(It is true that some people, with advanced lung diseases, may be so fragile that a mask could make their already-tenuous breathing more difficult. If your lungs are that bad, you probably shouldn’t be going out in public at the present time anyway; the consequences if you are exposed to Covid-19 would likely be devastating.)
“But”, you ask, “can’t viruses go right through the mask, because they are so small?” (“Masks keep viruses out just as well as a chain link fence keeps mosquitoes out,” some tell us.) It is true that individual virus particles can pass through the pores of a mask; however, viruses don’t move on their own. They do not fly across the room like a mosquito, wiggle through your mask like a worm, or fly up your nose like a gnat. The virus is essentially nothing more than a tiny blob of genetic material. Covid-19 travels in a CARRIER – the carrier is a fluid droplet- fluid droplets that you expel when you cough, sneeze, sing, laugh, talk or simply exhale. Most of your fluid droplets will be stopped from entering the air in the room if you are wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is a very efficient way to protect others if you are carrying the virus (even if you don’t know that you are infected). In addition, if someone else’s fluid droplets happen to land on your mask, many of them will not pass through. This gives the wearer some additional protection, too. But, the main reason to wear a mask is to PROTECT OTHERS. Even if you don’t care about yourself, wear your mask to protect your neighbors, co-workers and friends!
A mask is certainly not 100% protective. However, it appears that the severity of Covid-19 infection is at least partially “dose-dependent.” In other words, the more virus particles that enter your body, the sicker you are likely to become. Why not decrease that volume if you can? “What have you got to lose?!”
“But doesn’t a requirement or a request to wear a mask violate my constitutional rights?” You’re also not allowed to go into the grocery store if you are not wearing pants. You can’t yell “fire” in the Produce Department. You’re not allowed to urinate on the floor in the Frozen Food Section. Do you object to those restrictions? Rules, established for the common good, are component of a civilized society.
“But aren’t masks uncomfortable?” Some would say that underwear or shoes can be uncomfortable, but we still wear them. (Actually, being on a ventilator is pretty darned uncomfortable, too!) Are masks really so bad that you can’t tolerate them, even if they will help keep others healthy?
“But won’t people think I’m a snowflake or a wimp if I wear a mask?” I hope you have enough self-confidence to overcome that.
“But won’t I look stupid if I wear a mask?” I’ve decided not to dignify that question with an answer!! 📷 :)
“But I never get sick; I’m not worried.” Well, then, wear a mask for the sake of the rest of us who are not so perfect!
There is good evidence that masks make a real difference in diminishing the transmission of Covid-19. Please, for the sake of others (and for the sake of yourself), wear your mask when in public. It won’t kill you!
P.S. - And, by the way, please be sure that BOTH your nose and mouth are covered!
Recommendations around mask usage are confusing. The science isn't. Evidence shows that masks are extremely effective to slow the coronavirus and may be the best tool available right now to fight it.”


Gloria Reiser said...

In my opinion, the statement from the retired surgeon should be posted everywhere possible. If so, perhaps at least a few individuals might "get it" and opt to wear a mask. Grocery shopping today, store employees all were wearing masks. But only approximately 25% of shoppers. Quite disappointing.

I also like the way Sancho refers to the Wuhan Virus - as that is what it is. I'm tired of being politically correct. The virus came from Wuhan, whether wet market or a lab escapee.

Big Pharma, FDC, WHO, CDC and others are showing quite blatantly now their lack of real concern for those afflicted with this virus. How many will die before they come up with a much more expensive treatment, they will then profit hugely from regardless of risks or side effects. When lastung harm to bodily systems and death, are the alternative, why refuse HCD and zinc as a treatment? So many pharmaceuticals with potential for side effects and adverse reactions so much worse than the maladies they are prescribed to treat are sold to thousands, if not millions of patients each month.

Sloan said...

I told you in plain English not to contact me again, unless your spirit guidance TOLD to contact me about something having to do with me and/or stuff in which I am involved. So, did God or an angel TELL you to write this to me?

Did you post everywhere possible this post containing the retired surgeon's face mask rant?

You dodged Trump is the national cult leader for not wearing facemasks and for protesting shoulder to shoulder and causing Covid-19 to spread.

If you are the nationally recognized psychic you claim to be, you would know Covid-19 was manufactured in a Red China lab as a bio weapon, and you would categorically say that.

If you were the nationally-recognized psychic you claim to be, you knew in 2016 that Trump was possessed by Lucifer. But then, you have repeatedly told me Lucifer is the good angel, was framed.

You and Sancho Panza dodged Trump could override the FDA Director’s unconscionable hydroxychloroquine decree in same way Trump overrides anything he doesn’t like done by someone he hired. Trump fires and replaces the traitor with someone loyal to Trump.

That Trump did not fire the FDA Director and replace him with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko causes me to think Trump wants a lot of Americans to die from Covid-19.

You and Sancho are totally compromised regarding Trump, because you both voted for him and still defend that vote as if your very lives and souls depend on it.

I have read reviews of John Bolton’s book, which Trump ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to ask a federal court to suppress. An eye witness to Trump’s deplorable deeds and moral bankruptcy, Bolton is just as deplorable and morally bankrupt, because he did not come forward when it counted, but only after he got paid a lot of money by a book publisher.