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How President Trump could have reopened America much quicker and safer, but he didn't

As I read yesterday online news articles about Covid-19 infection spikes and some REPUBLICAN governors, including TEXAS and FLORIDA, having serious second  thoughts about having reopened their states, this from Key Wild Wild West showed up in my Facebook timeline and caused me to ruminate and write how President Trump himself could have made reopening America a lot safer and quicker, but he did just the opposite. 

Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)
June 26, 2030 [June is the 6th month. In my spiritual lexicon, 6 is the number for Melchizedek. 2 is the number for Jesus.  26 is the number for God.]

**Breaking* The State has suspended consumption of alcohol at bars statewide. This comes after a record day of confirmed cases statewide and in Monroe (15) and after several Duval Street bars voluntarily closed this week after staff members tested positive for COVID-19.
The City of Key West cancelled the July 4th public fireworks events at their meeting today and passed a mandatory face covering ordinance that mirrors the earlier emergency directive – with penalties of up to $500 and 60 days in jail for violators. The ordinance gives an added level of enforcement to police and code to write civil citation for infractions. In addition, the ordinance addresses violations by businesses. It states that any business cited twice for the violation of the ordinance will be shut down for a minimum of 24 hours and subject to a full compliance review. The commissioners discussed whether or not to keep local beaches open for the busy weekend, but the matter was not part of the resolution and the beaches remain open.
During the same special commission meeting, the commission unanimously voted to transfer to United Way of Monroe and Collier Counties $64,000 to provide rental assistance to hard-hit families in Key West. The money, transferred from the City’s affordable housing trust fund, is earmarked for Key West residents only. Many residents are facing huge difficulties as the state – and the nation – remain under a state of emergency.
Cases: The FDOH report this morning (which contains data through yesterday) shows 15 more COVID-19 cases in Monroe County. The CDC announced yesterday that there are likely 10 times more cases than the number confirmed. Monroe County now has a cumulative case count of 202. (One case of a 39-year-old man previously confirmed was removed bringing the number up by 14 from yesterday’s 188 cases). Of the new cases there are 4 more in Key West (now 69), 1 more in Key Largo (now 27), 2 more in Marathon (now 16), 1 more in Summerland (now 5), 1 more in Islamorada (now 6), the first case in Long Key, and 4 more with residency not yet determined (now 22). Nine of the 15 are under 40 years old and the oldest is 49-years-old. Check back for an update on the number of current hospitalizations.
  • Christine Russell So tourists will crowd our restaurants that serve alcohol - drinking their dinner, with a side salad. Good for the city for canceling the fireworks - no good would have come. Smart move of state to shut down alcohol sales at bars.We MUST be PRO-active to save lives and our economy! Me? Looking forward to quiet nights at home.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Governor DeSantis is a Republican, so I suppose it's too harsh to expect him to have foreseen a C-19 resurgence after he reopened Florida, but Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers and Key West Mayor Teri Johnson are Democrats and they should have known what reopening would bring. Mandatory use of Facemasks in public places would have inhibited a C-19 resurgence. Perhaps closing all the bars will, as well, if it thins out foot traffic on lower Duval Street.
    What I don't get is why Mayor Johnston, the 6 city commissioners, and KWPD did not enforce mandatory face masks in crowded places after the Keys were reopened, regardless of the marvelous Republican governor in Tallahassee's position? It's all DeSantis' fault, he wouldn't let us require masks? Here's the lead into an April 13, 2020 story about the Florida surgeon general in the

    Tampa Bay Times..
    TALLAHASSEE — Floridians will be keeping their distance and wearing face masks for up to a year until a COVID-19 vaccine exists, Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees said Monday before being whisked away by the governor’s spokeswoman.
    Rivkees told reporters that Floridians needed to get used to current precautions, such as avoiding crowds of 10 or more and wearing face masks in public.
    “Until we get a vaccine, which is a while off, this is going to be our new normal and we need to adapt and protect ourselves,” he said.

    There is way to cure C-19 in 5 days, if the infection is not progressed to the ICU ward stage. But are KW doctors and pharmacists up to bucking the FDA, which President Trump isn't, based on his silence after FDA recently banned doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine (hdc), which is known, given with zinc, to cure C-19 in 5 days, if it has not progressed to the ICU stage of infection. FOX news read the below letter to the American public last March.
    Maybe Key West can get Cuba to smuggle hdc into the city at night and the city distributes free 5-day doses (200 mg hdc and 220 mg zinc sulfate) to all citizens to take if they develop C019 symptoms, and free 14-day doses to all tourists. President Trump took hdc and zinc for 14 days after some of his staff members tested positive for C-19.

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    • Pete Za Sloan Bashinsky
      Good to see some things haven’t changed

      Image may contain: text that says 'SILENCE /s THE BEST RESPONSE To A FOOL'

    • Sloan Bashinsky Can't tell, Pete, if that's a compliment or a slam. This morning, I stumbled across a FB rant tearing up Trump re his C-19 response, including he recommended a drug that caused heart attacks. Here's what I replied to her:

      "Actually, the drug, hydroxychloriquine, taken with zinc for five days, hdc facilitates zinc entering body cells and zinc inhibits C19 replicating, cures C19 infections not yet at ICU stage. That’s the one thing Trump almost did right, but he failed to have the doctor at press briefings , Vladimir Zelenko, who developed the cure, and Trump failed to fire the FDA director who banned the cure recently. 5 days hdc use won't cause heart attack. Malaria, lupus and r arthritis patients take hydroxychloroquine daily for decades. If there was easy access to hdc, that would have and will save a lot of lives and suffering and permanent lung damage, and allowed much quicker, safer reopening. Face masks in crowded places also good medical prevention, which Trump torpedoed directly."

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