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for Alabama people who still think Major Bashinsky was murdered

Major Bashinsky

About a week ago, I accepted a friend request from a fellow living in Tuscaloosa, where I attended Alabama Law School. He then posted on my Facebook time line a question about my younger brother Major, which I had answered many times at my blog. I answered the fellow, knowing many Alabama people still think Major was murdered. A string of dreams since the fellow first contacted me causes me to  reluctantly publish what I told him.
  • Charles P. Senna Was Major murdered?
    • Sloan Bashinsky According to conspiracy people who barely knew Major and theorists and a Birmingham area blogger who didn't believe the Birmingham Police Department Detective, the Jefferson County Medical Examiner and the FBI, Major was murdered. The blogger suggested I had a hand in it. He picked up lots of followers about that, too. I was living in Key West. Had not seen or spoken to Major in 5 years. Knew nothing of what he was doing.
    • Charles P. Senna Sloan Bashinsky His death was ruled a suicide. Was he gay to your knowledge?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Yes, he was bisexual. I knew it for decades. My first three wives knew it. After he died, some people came forward and told me how they knew it. I wrote reams about all of that at my early 2010. Later, people contacted me and told me what they knew. The FBI file contained information that never was reported in the Birmingham News and on Birmingham TV and radio. I offered myself to law enforcement and someone who cold help them know Major, but there were no takers. I knew within about a hour of 2 Birmingham friends calling me in Key West to tell me Major had gone missing, that he had killed himself and tried to make it look like murder. It was told to me and to a Birmingham News journalist by an angel at about the same moment in time, nearly 1,000 miles apart. The journalist said cold chills were running up and down his spine, when I told him what had come to me out of the blue right before he called me, because the same had come to him from out of the blue right before he called me. I published that on my blog. A lot of people found out about it, my daily page views went up about 8- fold for about a month. Most people thought I was crazy. Some thought I was in on it. Only a handful believed the suicide finding by the Birmingham Police Detective and the Jefferson County Coroner. The FBI file had evidence, as I said, that was never made public. More recently, Major's 2nd wife was in an article about her and Major's son, Holt. They both spoke of the struggle after Major killed himself. They were unequivocal, he killed himself. Major first wife and their oldest child told me they believed Major killed himself.
    • Sloan Bashinsky After Major's body was found in a pond on the Highland public golf course in Birmingham, it came to me that someone, who knew he was bisexual, was threatening to out him, and he could not prevent it, and that's why he tried to make it look like murder. I knew Major's image was the most important thing to him. His first wife and their oldest child agreed with me about that back then. I published that, as well, at my blog, and that caused another round of disbelief, criticism of me and some people were more cautious. I held my ground, because it was the only explanation that made sense to me. Major had lived in several places outside of Alabama with a very high gay population, including Key West. He had quit having any dialogue with me after trying to persuade me in 1998, or maybe 1999 that he was not gay and he knew I was not persuaded. He clearly was in the closet in Birmingham, and he very much wanted to stay that way, and I knew and understood that. It didn't matter tome if he was bisexual. I wanted him to be happy and successful, something we both had long struggled with. Maybe a year or two after Major died, I received a rogue email from a woman who said she had worked in a department of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, and she had a male gay co-employee, who had persuaded her to be his date at a secret high-end male gay club in Birmingham. She went with him and he pointed out to her different prominent Birmingham men using club names and not their own. One man was Major. She by then was living in another state and declined to allow me to publish her email without identifying her, so I summarized at my blog what she had told me. I later lost that email account and a lot of important history that had been accumulated. Even later, I met someone, who would become a very good friend, who himself was being hounded by angels. Turned out he had starting tracking my blog when Major went missing. He said he was told back then to contact me, but he didn't. Anyway, he did his own investigation, and he's very good, it turned out at investigation, I learned over time. He found gay men who knew what had gone down with Major, including names. They were very afraid of being dragged into it. But they confirmed to this person who had tracked them down, what Major's brother had written on his blog in early 2010 about Major was bisexual and he was being pressured about that.
    • Sloan Bashinsky There was nothing in the FBI report about Major being gay. Af first the FBI seemed not to want to provide its Major Basinsky file to me, but after I said I'm the oldest living Bashinsky, and there are family members that want more information, they redacted names in the file and mailed it to me. I think that was in 2011. In that file was a black and white negative surveillance photo of the right side of a man standing at the cash register of 5 Points Hardware, where it had been reported in the Birmingham News Major may have gone to buy rope and tape the afternoon of the day he went missing. When I saw that man's physical profile, his facial features could not be seen, I knew it was Major. There was no doubt in my mind it was Major. Had that profile photo been published in the Birmingham News, I would have have said that on my blog. I would have said it to law enforcement, if they had asked me. Also in the FBI report was a pistol like the one found in the pond under Major's body, was in a display case in the den of my father and his widow's home. It was a rare gun, a collector's item. A Browning 32. automatic. I thought to myself, that would be just like Major to see that gun at his father's home and then go out and find himself one just like it. I would have said that on my blog, had I know of the two identical pistols. I would have said it to law enforcement if they had asked me. But I was not asked, and there was nothing in the Birmingham News or anywhere else about the two pistols. My investigator friend said he had tracked down who sold that pistol to Major, including just how keen Major was to get it. Going back to 2010, a friend of mine told me that he had a friend in the FBI who had said something like not to expect a murder finding. However, I saw nothing in the FBI file saying it was suicide or murder.
    • Sloan Bashinsky As you see here, i simply was trying to get to the bottom of it. I had no personal agenda. I gained nothing from Major's death but grief. I was the oldest child. I also was the only child with legal training, since the other child with legal training, Major, was dead. I was the only child being steered and corrected by angels It was a spiritual assignment, a calling, to try to get to the bottom of it. I later was told by someone who would have known, that Major had a great deal of debt and a large life insurance policy, which would pay off that debt and leave his widow with enough money to take care of her and her and Major's two children for a good while. The time for the suicide clause in the insurance policy had passed. If Major died by any means, the insurance policy would be paid to the policy beneficiary.
    • Sloan Bashinsky As for the Birmingham blogger who kept challenging the suicide ruling and hinting I might have a hand in Major's murder, he and a Dothan investigative journalist, who had befriended me and we had had many conversations on the telephone and by email, co-authored an article on that blog that there was no stippling at the point of entry, Major's left temple, therefore, the pistol had to have been fired from some distance from his someone else. Stippling is a pattern on the skin caused by a gun being fired at very close range or pressed against the skin. The Jefferson County Medical Examiner's report plainly stated there was stippling at the point of entry. I advised the blogger and the journalist of that, and the blogger ignored me and the journalist asked me why my panties where in such a wad?! I said, because the two of you made up there was no stippling to back your claim it could not be suicide, so it had to be murder. I kept poking the blogger with the medical examiner's finding of stippling, and finally the blogger admitted in a blog post that he had made a mistake, but it was understandable, because .... I don't recall the because, but the only thing understandable was the blogger had ignored what was in the medical examiner's report.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Charles P. Senna I'm deleting your later comment, which is way out of line.
    • Sloan Bashinsky You asked me about Major's death. I told you. If you have more questions about that, ask them.
    • Charles P. Senna Sloan Bashinsky What is out of line? I just asked a question.
    • Sloan Bashinsky The question was out of line.

    • Sloan Bashinsky If you publish online a scandalous rumor you read someone else wrote, you can get sued for libel. If I left your comment up, I could get sued for libel, too. You are starting to remind me of that blogger who ended up in jail for a good while after he published something scandalous about one of former Alabama Governor Bob Riley's family members.

      Imprisonment of Roger Shuler - Wikipedia
      Imprisonment of Roger Shuler - Wikipedia
      Imprisonment of Roger Shuler - Wikipedia
    • Sloan Bashinsky You asked me about Major's death and I told you what I know and how I came to know it. I suppose there still are thousands of Alabama people who remain convinced Major was murdered, even though I published on day one at my blog what the Birmingham News journalist and I both realized out of the blue at about the same moment in time, nearly 1000 miles apart, that Major killed himself and tried to make it look like murder; and even though after Major's body was found in the golf course pond, the Birmingham Police Department detective assigned to the case and the Jefferson County Medical Examiner (pathologist), who was a friend of the pathologist husband of Major's first wife, both determined it was suicide made to look like murder, which was published in the Birmingham News. I read sometimes that there are Americans who don't believe American astronauts walked on the moon.
    • Charles P. Senna Sloan Bashinsky The Garrison woman was from Tuscaloosa. A beautiful woman. She divorced her Tuscaloosa husband because he still acted like a college fraternity boy.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Good for her. Feel free to share this FB thread.
    • Sloan Bashinsky There is one other thing, which I published at my blog after Major’s death was ruled suicide made to look like murder. The soul cause of his death.

      Major’s son by his first wife had exceptional athletic ability. Major got very wrapped up in that. He developed “Little League Father Syndrome.” He showed videos of his son’s athletic prowess. Eventually, Major told me that he was banned by his son’s basketball coach from attending games. His son’s sports career waned and he started having problems. I heard things from his mother about Major and the boy that hurt my heart.

      That marriage ended in divorce. Eventually, Major remarried and had two children by his second wife. After Major went missing, I found his law firm website and on it was a page devoted solely to the sports achievements of his son by his second wife. My heart sank. Déjà vu. I published that at my blog.

      A woman emailed me, saying she lived in Birmingham, and her child and Major’s son by his 2nd wife were on the same swimming team. She said she had dreamed Major’s son was in the swimming pool and Major was pacing the pool deck deep in thought, he didn’t look happy. I knew her dream had to be really important, but t took me some weeks to understand Major could not be allowed to do to his second son what he had done to his first son. His time was up. I published that at my blog back then.

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