Sunday, September 26, 2021

America: one nation under God or the Devil?

Lead into yesterday's letter from American historian Heather Cox Richardson:

September 25, 2021

For weeks now, I have vowed that I would finish these letters early and get to bed before midnight, and for weeks now, I have finally finished around three in the morning. That was not the case two years ago, when I started writing these at the start of the Ukraine crisis: it was rare enough for me to be writing until midnight that I vividly remember the first time it happened.

I got to thinking today about why things seem more demanding today than they did two years ago, and it strikes me that what makes the writing more time consuming these days is that we have two all-consuming stories running in parallel, and together they illuminate the grand struggle we are in for the survival of American democracy. 

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Thank you, Heather. You well painted how Trump and his MAGAs and the Republican Party are strangling the truth and democracy in America.

There is a third theme, which I never see in news reports. It's the same theme that led to Adolph Hitler and his inner circle rising to power in Germany. It's a theme religious people know about, but don't seem to apply to politics. Nor for that matter, do they apply it to their religion.

Demonic possession is very real. Not just in the someone  being demonically possessed sense, but in the masses being possessed.

That's what happened in Germany. It began with a powerful demon infiltrating Hitler, and then his top aides. From there it spread downward. Compare that to the Republican Party in America, which finally chose a candidate possessed by a demon. Donald Trump.

The Democrats are not entirely innocent. In 2016, they ran a deeply flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton, who turned off so many moderates and alienated so many of Bernie Sanders people, that Trump won.

Too bad Joe Biden did not run that year. Perhaps a deal was made with Hillary, who, with the DNC, "watergated" Sanders.

Anyway, how can America be saved from what looks to me like what happened in Germany, and also in Russia?

Absent something like the parting of the Red Sea and massive Road to Damascus interventions in the right, the only thing I see is the left and the middle vote as if their very lives and souls depend on it. They vote using the same ways of voting the right use.

I think making election day a national holiday will help the the left and the middle at the ballot box more than it will help the right. I imagine the right know that.

The left and middle also might consider movie character John Wick's solution to most things he faces. He needs more guns. Lots more guns. I think the right is far better armed than the left and the middle, and the right believes it is far better armed and takes comfort in that.

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