Tuesday, September 21, 2021

rise of the barbarians in America, and the need for voters to have photo IDs


Lead for yesterday's Letters from and American (Historian Heather Cox Richardson).

September 20, 2021

So many stories landed today that some will have to wait. Tonight’s news, though, boils down to Republican attempts to retake control of the government in the 2022 elections…and, if Trump has his way, even earlier. This morning, CNN revealed another bombshell story from the forthcoming book by veteran reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa: a six-point memo from pro-Trump lawyer John Eastman laying out a plan for then–vice president Mike Pence to steal the 2020 election for Trump.

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I practiced law in Birmingham, Alabama, after clerking for a United States District Judge there. Behind the scenes, he ran the Democratic Party in Alabama. Democratic candidates for state office sought his blessing before running. Today, the descendants of those Democrats mostly are Republicans, or MAGAs, whom I view as, well, barbarians.

Looks to me that people who don't want Trump and his barbarians back in the White House, nor any hard-right Republican in the White House, nor Republicans in the majority in U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, need to work very hard, like their very lives depend on it, getting like-minded people to vote in whatever way voting is allowed.

When I lived in Key West and near there, I ran a number of times for local public office. I attended many candidate forums with other candidates. Because many wealthy Keys residents lived there only part of the year (cool months), and elsewhere the rest of the year (hot months), and because of a strong military presence in Key West and just above there, there were a lot of absentee ballots cast. There also was early and regular voting.

After I moved away in 2088 and Covid-19 came along in 2020, there was mail-in voting.

The same rules applied to every voter. Sometimes there was talk of voter fraud, but it was never taken seriously by people who had not lost their minds.

I belong to no political party. For many years, I sat on the sidelines or voted 3rd Party in national elections. I voted reluctantly for Joe Biden in 2020, because he and his followers did not cause me to fear for the physical safety of my children and their families, and because he was at least talking about saving the planet from humanity.

I wretch internally when I see Donald Trump and his lemmings on TV. I wretch internally when I see Republicans not calling for Trump's head and the heads of the white mob that stormed the U. S. Capitol on January 26.

But please, someone help me understand why it is a bad idea to require anyone who votes to provide a photo ID . For example, in Florida, a Florida Driver's license or a Florida photo ID?


What You’ll Need to Get your Florida Real ID

📌Proof of lawful presence in U.S. and date of birth

U.S. passport;

U.S. birth certificate (original or certified copy);

Permanent resident card;

Employment authorization document; OR

Foreign passport with approved I-94 form

📌Proof of Social Security number

Social Security card;

W-2 form or 1099 form;

Pay stub with your name and full Social Security number; OR

SSN Denial Notice with passport, visa, and I-94 form

📌Proof of Florida residency (2 forms of proof required)

Valid Florida driver’s license

Lease, mortgage, or rental contract

Utility or cell phone bill (dated within 60 days)

Credit card statement (dated within 60 days)

Pay stub (dated within 60 days)

W-2 form from prior year

Vehicle insurance, renter’s insurance, or homeowner’s insurance policy for current year

DHSMV-issued correspondence (dated within 60 days and received via U.S. mail)

Document issued to you from state or local municipality (dated within 60 days)

Medical or hospital statement (dated within 60 days)

Bank statement (with images of cancelled personal checks dated within 60 days)

Current installment loan contract for a vehicle

Official school transcript for current year

Letter of proof of school enrollment (dated within 60 days)

School tuition bill for current year

Thanks. BTW, I myself spent years living off and on the street, and although very few homeless people voted, they all were able to vote if they wished, and after state photo IDs became available, they had them.

Try have a webpage too for those not on FB. Great little video on how they got started. Id’s are essential in the USA in 2021.


Try have a webpage too for those not on FB. Great little video on how they got started. Id’s are essential in the USA in 2021.


Yep, and I might not be praised by the left for saying it, but I think it is very appropriate for voters to show proof they are who they say they are, and a photo ID is best way I know how to do it.


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