Monday, September 13, 2021

Never talking about sex, politics or religion would be really boring

The other day, I went to the nearby CVS Pharmacy and inquired about getting the 3rd Pfizer jab, because I'd been shown in a dream to go ahead and get it. The lady who greeted me said they required making an appointment online, and they were not giving boosters until later this month, but immunocompromised people could get boosters sooner. I said I was treated with radiation for cancer early this year, and she said that should allow me to get the booster early. 

The next day, I went online and applied for the 3rd jab by answering all the questions and saying when I wanted to get it: later same day. I was notified I was approved. Then, I received a text for me to use when I reached the CVS and let the pharmacy know I had arrived. I went there, used the text to announce my arrival. In about 5 minutes, the pharmacist came out and asked me which arm? I said the right, because I'm left handed. He jabbed me. I asked if I could leave? He asked if I was feeling any side effects? I said, no. He said I could leave. I left, went to a grocery store, bought a few things for the larder, and drove home. 

So far, all I had happen was a somewhat sore right shoulder where the pharmacist jabbed me. Same happened with the other two jabs. I suppose there are some people who wish I had gone into anaphylactic shot and croaked, and I suppose there are some some people who are glad I'm still around. I'm old and tired and have plenty of aches and pains and sometimes wish the third jab had finished me off. But it didn't. 

A friend lives in a deep red spectrum part of another southern state, He told me of recently being at a hospital for something he needed help with and speaking with two doctors about the Covid-19 situation. He told them that he thought unvaccinated adults who catch Covid-19 should be denied hospital access to make hospitals more available to patients with other medical troubles and protect them from being infected by Covid-19. One of the doctors said that would be like what was done in Nazi Germany. The other doctor said he agreed with my friend and called the unvaccinated Typhoid Marys, who had no business being in a hospital. The two doctors then walked away and my friend saw them in further discussion.

If President Biden decrees hospitals receiving any kind of federal funding, such as, hmmm, Medicare, Medicaid, Obama Care, cannot receive unvaccinated adults, that will be the razor's edge, right? What will the hospitals do? hmmm. What will the unvaccinated adults do? hmmm. What will the Republican Party do? hmmm. Why hasn't the Democratic Party already demanded President Biden issue that decree? hmmm.

Recent Facebook chatter with a fellow I attended grammar school with:

what are you talking about? You know that you never talk about politics and/ or sex....never!

Sloan Bashinsky
That would be really boring.


O K leave in sex but limit politics......

Sloan Bashinsky
Old as I am, don't remember much about sex, so need something to make life more interesting, and talking with people about politics, religion, American wars, masks and no masks, vaccinations and no vaccinations tends to create plenty of interesting.

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