Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Why do seemingly sane and logical people become programmed robots in religion and politics?

Spent Labor Day weekend with older daughter and her husband and their old dogs at their secret lake house get-a-way. 

When my daughter forwarded me the photo above taken yesterday afternoon on their front porch with her dogs, I said "Lots of miles." I was jolted, actually, to see how many miles it looked like I had been.

I told the dogs, that some time ago I saw that I would be talking to someone who seemed perfectly sane and logical, and if the topic shifted to religion or politics, the person seemed to become a programmed robot.  

The link below takes you to a heart-wrenching article about identical twin brothers, one vaccinated, the other not.


The unvaccinated twin, who believed all the hype against getting vaccinated, died horribly on a ventilator, wishing he'd gotten vaccinated.

A dream last featuring the mother of my children  pointed me toward getting the third Pfizer shot. I had been asking the angels to speak to me about whether I should get the third shot. When I told my daughter about the dream, she said her mother had gotten the third shot.

What kind of angels advise people against getting vaccinated? Maybe they don't really want to know?

See you in the funny papers.


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