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the root of all evil: politics or religion?

 A fellow I got to know somewhat when I lived on Little Torch Key responded at Facebook to yesterday's post at this blog. Walt Legraves and I both frequently contributed our thoughts on's popular Coconut Telegraph public forum. For a some time, he wrote under the pen name, From The Right (FTR). He was articulate, sincere, and did his homework. I got the impression being From The Right was his religion. After a few years, he disclosed his identity on the Coconut Telegraph. Later, he posted on his Facebook page that he could not support Donald Trump for president and would support some other Republican. Yet by the end of the day, it seemed to me from what I saw Walt publish on the Coconut Telegraph and Facebook, that he had retreated somewhat. The Republican Party was the most important thing. We disagreed on many things over the years, but I agreed with him about not supporting Donald Trump.
How'd the Iraq and Afghanistan wars go for the Red, White and Blue? Shades of the Vietnam invented war. How did Russia fare in Afghanistan? How did Britain fare in Afghanistan? Oweee!!! How many PTSD Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq American vets, and how big a national debt da ya think America would have if G.W. Bush and his father had kept their peters and wallets in check? Iran will retaliate, God demands it. Going to war against a religion is, well, bold.
  • Walt Lagraves Sloan...don't be silly. You know history. We did not go to war with Iran or with Islam. Islam has been at war with all who are not Muslims for eons....and specifically with the USA since at least the 1960's and most spectacularly since their takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979. Their religion demands that they establish a world wide caliphate. We will be at war with them until they abandon that article of their faith.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Hi, Walt. You are dead right about Islam demanding it is supposed to rule the world, and perhaps that might be a pretty good reason not to go to war with it? How many Christians have I heard say everyone but them dies and burns in hell forever? Which is worse? Thinking you should rule this world? Or thinking everyone not like you dies and burns in hell forever?

      Islam is well aware of the Abraham-Ishmael Isaac story in the Hebrew Scriptures and Bible Old Testament. It's in the Koran, too. Where God tell's Abraham that Issac's seed will become a great nation, and Ishmael's seed also will become a great nation and cause Isaac's seed trouble. Fundamental Islam views that as God's mandate for Islam to cause Isaac's seed (Moses/Judaism and Jesus/Christendom) trouble. But then, how many Christian crusaders in Palestine and nearby caused Islam to hate Christianity for eternity? Israel would not have come into existence without Britain, France and America's backing. Islam views Ishmael, Abraham's son by his concubine, Haggar, chosen by his barren wife, Sarah, as the promised son. Judaism and Christianity view Sarah's later born son, Isaac, as the promised son. Perhaps the solution is both sides abandon their articles of faith?

      Did you open the link and read Gypsy Sage's and my banter?

      Did you forget Iran was an American and British-supported buffer against the Soviets, and a source of oil, and its Shah was an American//British-supported asset? Until the mullahs had enough? The Shah fled Iran. America would not grant him asylum. He ended up in Egypt, a man without a country. Wikipedia has a good bit about the Shah and his success modernizing Iran and revving up its economy, until he hit the brick wall: Islam.

      Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - Wikipedia

      Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - Wikipedia
      Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - Wikipedia

  • Michael Vincent Stazzone It’s a game of chess and why the USA spends 700 billion on Military.... Americans are killed every year - so, a high ranking general makes a difference? In the name of 700+ Americans this bastard killed - he got exactly what he deserved. Praise to a POTUS with balls and one not on the take. We will be at war with radical Islam forever - they have only one goal - only a matter of time they get there hands on a Nuc - starting with Israel and ending with the USA - no way of avoiding that. We can always play better chess - prolonging the inevitable - and we all die in the end, don’t Fret. Pray.

    • Sloan Bashinsky Fortunately, we all die in the end. Then, what becomes of us?That is the argument between Islam and Christendom. The war between Islam and Judaism is painted in my reply to Walt Legraves up above.
      Certainly, Trump made a serious statement when he had the Iranian superstar general/leader killed. It probably insured his reelection. Below are a few comments under the FOX News op-ed I mentioned to Gypsy Sage, and some replies. I'm "Non-Affiliated".

      Michael Pregent didn't hesitate to tell us that Obama was weak and indecisive and Trump is strong and decisive. The implication he is trying to sell is a big myth, and only an ill-informed person will fall for it....The big question has yet to be answered. Did the killing of Soleimani eliminate the threats that were and still are on stream in the Middle East? Who will we kill next, and what about the safety of our troops?_________By the way how many of Trump family members will be deployed to the Middle East to help fight, what could become a war?


      Soleimami was an easy target that even the Israeli's had in their sites plenty of times. They weighed the benefits and decided to hold back. Israeli's have intelligence, US has a self proclaimed 'stable genius'. Not good.

      Why come the author doesn't mention Trump himself said during the 2016 presidential race that Iraq was an invented war, a mistake; but here Trump is continuing that war, and the other invented war in Afghanistan. I think Putin probably wants to keep Trump in office, because making money is really important to Trump and Putin. Iran, on the other hand, views their Martyred general as a Saint loved by Allah. God is on Iran's side. Iran will retaliate, it is required by God.

      Processman Non-Affiliated
      Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!!! Tell me, 'why come' you think Trump's Presidency is motivated by money when he's donated his salary since he's been in office?

      Why don't you watch some cartoons while the adults have an adult conversation?

      Non-Affiliated Processman
      How much money da ya figure Trump and his family made since he got elected? Did he put his financial holdings in a blind trust during his presidency, like prior wealthy presidents did? Did he disclose his tax returns like prior presidents did? Looks to me money, power, being in the limelight and sex have driven Trump for quite a while. He basks in applause, and applauds himself ongoing. There is no question he made a huge statement killing the Iranian general. I opined to friends that it probably insured his reelection. Yet, as he fawns the evangelicals, he skips what Jesus said about cannot worship God and mammon; as you sow, you reap; turn the other cheek; resist not one who does evil; pray for and do good to enemies. I dunno what lies ahead, but it doesn't look to me that claiming to be one nation, under God (under God was not in the Pledge when I was a boy), makes it so. God determines that.

      Al27 Processman
      You must be the wisest Solomon of all!! He has donated his salary because his affiliate businesses are rocking man!! He is earning far more indirectly than he could directly!!! Are you so naive or so biased that you pretend not to see???

Doris F Matthews Does anyone remember The Crusades?

  • Sloan Bashinsky Islam has a very long memory, evidenced by its Scriptures. Likewise, Judaism and Christendom. Look at the wars God had the Israelites wage. Religious fundamentalists, be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim, actually believe God is on their side and anyone against them is against God. I woke up this morning wondering which is the root of all evil, politics or religion? My star has mostly run its course. I fret for my daughters and their husbands and children and grandchildren. President Trump may have put the fear of USA into Iran, but I can imagine Iran fears God more. Time will show if President Trump killing the Iranian superstar general and leader was prudent. Meanwhile, how did America's wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq pan out?

Inside the plot by Iran’s Soleimani to attack U.S. forces in Iraq

Inside the plot by Iran’s Soleimani to attack U.S. forces in Iraq
Inside the plot by Iran’s Soleimani to attack U.S. forces in Iraq

  • Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Michael. I have no doubt Soleimani had bad intentions for American troops in Iraq (and elsewhere), and toward Iraqi troops and leaders sided with America. So, the war Trump said President Baby Bush invented goes on. Ironically, Saddam Hussein was America's ally against Iran. When Saddam polled the U.S. Ambassador about America's sentiments should Saddam take part of Kuwait, which he felt was part of Iraq, the ambassador said America would not have a problem with that. So began what we are still reading all about, since President Daddy Bush had a big problem with it. On national TV he said he could not let America's way of life (oil supply) be threatened. He gathered his coalition of allies. They were allowed to base in Saudi Arabia. He drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, but not before they set fire to Kuwait oil wells and refineries. The Saudi prince, Osama bin Laden was enraged that infidel troops were allowed to base on Muslim holy land, Saudi Arabia. Came 9/11. Came the winless and very costly in money, lives, maimed, PTSD troops and civilian wars in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. Saddam was defeated. America's ally/buffer against Iran was no more. America won in Iraq. Isam felt differently. Here we are today picking hairs, when the reality is crystal clear: SNAFU/FUBAR.

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