Saturday, January 4, 2020

America's evangelical war president

The Gypsy Sage continued his and my Era of Trump banter reported in the two previous posts at this here blog.

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    • Sloan Bashinsky Yes, in the main.
      I can imagine Trump ordering the killing of Iran's beloved top general/national hero sealed his reelection and torpedoed the Democrats already faint impeachment hopes in the U.S. Senate.
      He's a really canny operator, punches deep, emotional buttons in many segments of Americans.
      He learned plenty from watching previous presidents' wars overseas. During the 2016 race, he said Iraq was an invented war, a bad idea. Too bad, I think,he didn't order all American military personnel and private contractors out of the Middle East altogether, and bring them home.
      Imagine how much money saved by that could have been used to provide better and cheaper medical care for less financially fortunate Americans, repair America's crumbling infrastructure, provide disaster relief, sustain the U.S. Bureau of Land Management public parks, and guard America's southern border with Mexico, using the troops brought home.
      I can imagine that's what Jesus would have advised if he were Trump's chief of staff.

    • Victor Clarke Trumps Direct link to GOD.........

      Trump's Faith Advisor Paula White Is Now a White House Staffer | NowThis
      Trump's Faith Advisor Paula White Is Now a White House Staffer |…
      Trump's Faith Advisor Paula White Is Now a White House Staffer | NowThis

    • Sloan Bashinsky My goodness, is she cute and confident she is from God's mouth to everyone else's ears. I hear plenty from above and much of it is about how I could, or should, go about things differently. A bit deflating. Sometimes downright terrifying. I wonder if she's ever experienced the fear of the Lord, which somewhere in the Old Testament it says is the beginning of Wisdom? She reminds me of radicals in any religion, who are certain they have themselves and God wrapped up together in a pretty bow. I suppose 99.9 percent of Iranians today view their recently killed military and national leader as a martyred saint sitting on the right hand of Allah. I ain't too sure I would not have preferred his company over dinner, than Paula White's. I can imagine Iran ain't gonna let its national hero's assassination pass silently into the night. Been watching an interesting serial on Nexflix: "Messiah". He's from Iraq by way of Iran. Right now in the serial, legions of people think he's Jesus returned, and skeptics, including a CIA agent, think he's an imposter with a sinister agenda, perhaps a Soviet agent. But he seems to have gotten the U.S. President's attention and has him thinking about pulling all U.S. troops back to America. Interesting damn timing, me watching that serial, which is new on Netflix.

    • Trump's Spiritual Advisor: God Says Give Me One Month's Pay!

      Trump's Spiritual Advisor: God Says Give Me One Month's Pay!
      Trump's Spiritual Advisor: God Says Give Me One Month's Pay!

  • Victor Clarke The Flim Flam Convention .....In Jesus‘s Name

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    • Sloan Bashinsky Are they an entirely different species? Or, are we? I have no clue what species Trump is. I don't see him speaking in tongues, claiming power over angels, demanding money donations to make God and Jesus happy. Trump's an entirely different breed of evangelist. He's the messiah, worship him, and it seems tens of millions of Americans do. What happened to: Thou shall have no other gods before Me?

    • Victor Clarke Don’t Encourage him Please ....Money and Power are their God ....Every Pharaoh had a High Priest/Priestess Every Chief had a Medicine man Politics and Religion have always gone hand in Hand that’s why the Constitution separates Church from State .....It matters not to me Whether my neighbor has one Religion or Twenty as long as he neither breaks my leg nor Picks my Pocket ....Thomas Jefferson

    • Sloan Bashinsky Down below is a link to a FOX News op-ed on the Martyred Iranian superstar. Why come the author doesn't mention Trump himself said during t he 2016 presidential race that Iraq was an invented war, a mistake; but here Trump is continuing that war, and the other invented war in Afghanistan. I think Putin probably wants to keep Trump in office, because making money is really important to Trump and Putin. Iran, on the other hand ... Iran will retaliate, and it might be nasty.

    • Victor Clarke Iran is Surrounded by USA military bases Saudis Arabia and Israel Hates Iran they are afraid to sneeze especially after what was done to Iraq ...they’re not stupid to bring all that on themselves and Trump can justify anything as long as he has partners in an allied coalition and you know as well as I the Brits will jump in they’re always ready for a war
    • Sloan Bashinsky All true, Gypsy Sage. Alas, how'd the Iraq and Afghanistan wars go for the Red, White and Blue? Shades of the Vietnam invented war. How did Russia fare in Afghanistan? How did Britain fare in Afghanistan? Oweee!!! How many PTSD Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq American vets, and how big a national debt da ya think America would have if G.W. Bush and his father had kept their peters and wallets in check? Iran will retaliate, God demands it. Going to war against a religion is, well, bold.

    • Victor Clarke Killing Foreign Generals without declaring war and not Telling Congress is even Bolder/Dummer ...But if you’re already being impeached and Moscow Mitch has your back why worry ?

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