Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Men have had their way a very long time on this planet and in America, and how has that worked out?

Yesterday's female Democratic ticket solution? post included Facebook discussion about the New York Times report of its Editorial Board co-endorsing U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren for the Democratic Party presidential nominee. I withheld from yesterday's post my Facebook comment about a woman friend's dream of the night before, because I wasn't sure the dream and reader comments under it belonged in the post, nor was I sure what the dream meant.

A dream last night had me at a newageish retreat where I had been the year before and had then been told by the retreat's leader, "You all already should have reached enlightenment." When in the dream I now try to tell people at the retreat what I was told the year before, none of them want to hear it; they say it's not proper for me to tell it. 

So, I went back to the Facebook thread this morning and found Victor Clarke's new oldageish comment, to which I responded in oldageish, and added to it what I should have said about my woman friend's dream to begin with. 
      • Sloan Bashinsky Perhaps in keeping with Jerry’s and my knightly college fraternity creed, Dieu et les dames, this year will see a woman president, finally.

        Meanwhile, and perhaps related to that creed, today, a lady friend in Key West reported yet another dream in wh
        ich I am in a suit of armor astride my white battle horse, my big, shining sword in my left hand (I write left-handed), and this time before me and my steed are 20 or 30 white and black people with giant black leeches sitting on their faces, sucking them dry. The leeches have long, swishy tails down to the ground. I ride my steed to the people and try to help the them by slicing off parts of the leeches, but it does no good, because leeches are too attached to the people's faces and keep sucking. The people beg me to put them out of their misery, and I cut off their heads with mysword. I told my lady friend maybe those people are friends of mine who are trump supporters and the leeches are spells President Trump cast onto them? President Tweet, that is.
      • Doris F Matthews Funny dream! Germany, England, New Zealand, et al, all have/had female heads of gov. USA seems to be less civilized. 😔😧
    • Walt Lagraves Doris F Matthews: Funny dream? I think not. I think that Sloan is off of his meds again. Now he fancies himself as a white knight wielding a glistening sword (phallic perhaps) killing those who he sees as being "infected." And, he views it as an act of mercy. Further, I challenge the notion one's sex has a damn thing to do with their ability to lead. 
      • Sloan Bashinsky Wasn't my dream, Walt. Same dreamer, who is a homeless woman, reported seeing around dawn one morning two huge hands come down from heaven and nudge Hurricane Irma slightly eastward, and when Irma did approach Key West a few days later, she shifted slightly eastward and spared KW the brunt of her devastation which leveled the lower Keys up into Marathon. For other readers here, Walt used to live on Big Pine Key and was well-known as "From The Right (FTR)" on's popular Coconut Telegraph public forum.
      • Victor Clarke It’s Monopoly Isn’t it He owns Hotels and Houses aeroplanes,wineries,Universities and Golf courses ..he’s been a lying Crook his whole life ... .But he can’t pay the mortgages or the Taxes and he can’t keep his mouth shut ......The (Real) Big Boys own him and they won’t let him fail ....and the rest of us think we know what the F&$k is going on ........

      • Sloan Bashinsky Consider this photo of President Tweet bowing to a Saudi prince, and while pondering that, also don't forget who Russian hackers sided with in the 2016 election.

        Image may contain: one or more people

      • Sloan Bashinsky Going back to my homeless lady friend's dream, which Walt Legraves assigned to me, perhaps he was in a hurry when he read what I reported? I called my friend this morning to ask the gender of the people in her dream? She said it looked like men and women, because some had short hair and others had long hair.

        When I lived in Key West, she was, and perhaps still is, the only seer in the Florida Keys. She routinely had, and still has, visionary dreams and waking visions provided by angels. It was because she was homeless and trapped in Key West that the angel represented by the huge hands in her vision nudged Irma slightly eastward, sparing my friend, and thus Key West, from Irma's dirty side, which wrecked the lower keys above Key West.

        The black leeches on the people's faces were blinding them and sucking their brains out of them. I was not able to remove the leeches, the people begged me to put them out of their misery, so I chopped off their heads, which housed their brains. Perhaps they then could see and think clearly, perhaps not.

        Right now in the U.S. Senate, a war wages over letting or not letting witnesses testify in President Trump's impeachment trial. A similar war waged during President Clinton's impeachment trial. The party in power doesn't want witnesses testifying, the party out of power wants witnesses testifying. But what does the Truth want? What does God want? In the Gospels, Jesus, whom most Republicans and Democrats hold dear, tells his disciples, if they abide in him, they will come to know the truth and the truth will set them free.

        There are variations of well-known paintings of the Hindu Goddess Kali standing with one foot on Shiva's chest, holding a cleaver in one of her hands and a severed man's head in another of her hands, she wears a necklace of men's severed heads. In the background is a horde of angry women. One variation of that painting is below. The obvious message is Kali did not like how men think.

        Men have had their way a very long time on this planet and in America. How has that worked out?  
Sloan Bashinsky Note Kali holds the cleaver and severed man's head in her left hands, left is the female side of the body. All very newageish, even though the Hindu religion is older than any western religion, and I imagine the more than billion people living in India, including Muslims, Christians and Buddhists, are familiar with Kali.

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