Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Lord Jesus for President Trump, but what about Melania?

Sloan Bashinsky
January 13, 2020
When the Evangelicals wave their hands in the air at Trump rallies, like they do in their churches, they think they feel The Holy Spirit, which is the female side of God. Unawares, they feel something else. It looks to me they have been taken over, like disciples of Charles Manson, Koresh and Jim Jones were taken over.


  • Walt Lagraves Wow Sloan....you've developed new powers....now you have the ability to read minds from afar. If that were not so, how else would you know what is in the minds of attendees at Trump rallies? And now you have the uncanny ability to identify an "Evangelical" by simply seeing an image of one. Your prowess is impressive. I guess that the people in the appended image are also "Evangelicals"....after all, they are waving their arms.... And certainly, the feminine side of the Holy Spirit has been aroused in them by the testosterone drenched football players in the field in front of them.

    Image may contain: one or more people and crowd

    • Sloan Bashinsky Actually, Walt, and it's not a lot of fun, usually, I can read souls up close and from afar. I take no credit for being able to do it. I was made so by angels evangelicals revere in the Bible.

      I spent lots of time in pentecostal and other kinds of Christian churches, where hands are wa
      ved during standing, singing and swaying for a good while before the minister starts talking to the congregation. I felt the Holy Spirit in those churches and also the very palpable presence of Lucifer. Very different from attending college football games, which I did a lot of, too.

      I watched President Trump and Melania be paraded last night before the LSU-Clemson game. Warmly cheered, they looked like two fish out of water to me. Not even distantly related to nor in sync with the wildly enthusiastic LSU and Clemson fans before and during the game, until LSU took over the game and then only its fans were wildly enthusiastic.

      I could only imagine Trump and Melania were there to get Trump votes this year. I wonder why American women, evangelical or not, fawn over Trump, when it regularly seems his own wife does not?

      WATCH: Melania snatches hand away from Trump during awkward LSU-Clemson football game moment

      WATCH: Melania snatches hand away from Trump during…
  • Davis Broadway Manson, Koresh and Jim Jones were disciples of the devil and their followers vulnerable, impressionistic followers of any "leader" that gave them false hope. True followers of Trump see the good he has already done and support him to defeat the threat of the destruction of our republic by radical democratic socialist... NGa. Hick !
    • Sloan Bashinsky I wonder what Trump worships: money, sex, power, himself?

      Jesus in the Gospels looks to me as being dang radical socialist, but not particularly democratic, given he was a not his will but God's will be done fellow.

      Got a text today from a Bernie Sanders recruiter asking me to back Sanders. I think I would vote for anyone who promised to get American troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other wars, which make rich white men richer and trample everything Jesus in the Gospels stood for. I don't see or hear Bernie calling for an end to America's foreign wars.

      Tulsi Gabbard seemed to be in favor of getting America out of the foreign war business.She was over there in uniform, saw it first hand. But she isn't a Democratic candidate anymore, because she didn't raise enough campaign money to keep getting invited to the Democratic candidate debates.


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