Monday, January 13, 2020

in search of the lost feminine

I was criticized by The Powers That Be (TPTB) in a nap dream yesterday, and in dreams last night, over my approach in yesterday's The Trump Jesus post at this blog. The criticism was that I had missed the point of the Space Opera report from my friend at the CIA (Cosmic Intelligence Agency), and I had missed the same point in the Evangelicals for Trump movement. 

The Space Opera report tells how a dominant large grey alien species slowly but inexorably dominated a smaller similar grey alien species by offering the smaller greys advanced technology in exchange for some of its members being experimented on by the larger greys, until the smaller greys became so technologically augmented that they lost their ability to reproduce and their members lost their souls and became a hive race dominated by the larger greys. 

The root of the problem was the smaller greys made thinking and technology more important than anything. What the smaller greys lost was their creativity and intuition. Saying it another way, the smaller greys put their masculine (yang) aspect over their feminine (yin) aspect. The result was catastrophic.

The same catastrophic dynamic permeates many segments of humanity on Earth. 

In the spring of 2004, TPTB asked me in my sleep, "What do you think of the species?" I woke up, said something like: 

"I wished I had not been asked that question, but since you asked, here's what I think. Although there are individuals who are evolving, in the main, the species has lost its creativity and is spiritually cloning itself and is devolving. Look at all the help you gave me and the mess I still am. What hope has humanity, therefore? Furthermore, if you do for the species what you did to me, perhaps 50,000 individuals will survive. Perhaps the kind thing is remove the species from this world and put it somewhere it has a better chance of evolving?"

Later, I reduced 50,000 survivors, to 5,000. Then, I reduced it to 500. Then, to 50. I can't say that I, so far, speak well for that experiment. Look at how far off I was in yesterday's post at this blog.

When the Evangelicals wave their hands in the air at Trump rallies, like they do in their churches, they think they feel The Holy Spirit, which is the female side of God. Unawares, they feel something else. It looks to me they have been taken over, like disciples of Charles Manson, Koresh and Jim Jones were taken over.

I see no human solution for the lost feminine in America and most everywhere else on this planet. Humanity is destroying Mother Nature. The internal and external feminine and masculine were much more in balance in aboriginal tribes, before "the rise of civilization". I read in my online newsfeed the other day that the Australian aborigines once prevented catastrophic wildfires, such as the ones now raging, by burning smaller areas to remove flammable plant waste.

Perhaps TPTB have a solution? Or Perhaps TPTB are simply inclined to leave humanity to its own devices, since all previous TPTB efforts have not reached humanity, in the main?

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