Friday, January 3, 2020

Is President Trump America's top gangster?

A fellow I met in Key West, who had worked in New York City almost thirty years, then retired, lived in his van and traveled America like a Gypsy, profiled President Trump.
  • Victor Clarke If it looks like a Duck,Walks like a Duck,Quacks like a Duck,It’s a Duck ....Always go with your first instincts ....He’s a Gangster,He talks like a Gangster,Walks like a Gangster,Looks like a Duck,He’s a Gangster .......
    • Sloan Bashinsky In the law is the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, Latin for, the thing speaks for itself.

      Da ya think the Mafia (American, Sicilian, Russian) feel downstaged by President Trump? Or da ya think they are glad to have him around 'cause that diverts heaps of attention away from them?

      Plug in drug and sex trafficking cartels for Mafia and see if ya get same answer.
    • Victor Clarke Of course they love him Hes a front man for them Laundering money for them left Right and center.....when the casinos went belly up they turned to golf clubs
    • Sloan Bashinsky Careful, the mafias might sue you for defamation.
    • Victor Clarke The Mafia or The Gubment.......theres not much difference
    • Sloan Bashinsky This article about the impeachment saga filling Trump's campaign coffer$ caused me to wonder if money ain't the root of all evil like my mama kept saying it was?

      Trump campaign credits impeachment for massive $46 million fundraising haul
      Trump campaign credits impeachment for massive $46…
      Trump campaign credits impeachment for massive $46 million fundraising haul
    • Victor Clarke Well he Sure as hell isnt soliciting donations From Working People,Immigrants or the homeless !!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky He's getting donations from working people. Immigrants can't vote until they become American citizens. Most homeless people don't vote.
  • The Inside Story of Christopher Steele’s Trump Dossier
    The Inside Story of Christopher Steele’s Trump Dossier
    The Inside Story of Christopher Steele’s Trump Dossier
  • Sloan Bashinsky Ka pow!
    I bet not one Trumpster I know, and the legions I don't know, will believe one word of it and/or they could care less if every word of it is true.
    As the article points out, a spy whose intelligence proves true 70 percent of the time, is considered a very good spy.
    I am at the point I probably can't believe anything Trump says in which he has a financial, political or legal stake.
    I'm also at the point where I think his base could care less what is said or reported about him, they will vote for him no matter what.
    I imagine it will take something like an Act of God to stop him from being reelected.
  • Victor Clarke My opinion on his re-election varies sometimes daily other times weekly and other times I just dont know ......working in NYC for almost 30 years I knew he was a crook and a Flim Flam man. Other than the New York Times, New yorker magazine and the Wall Street Journal the Rest of New York/New Jersey appears to love him why I’ll never understand. I’ve deleted any Friends I had that support him from social Media and any acquaintances I have I just dont care what they do anymore. I Believe there is more than enough evidence available to indict and imprison him for the rest of his life along with his adult children
    • Sloan Bashinsky I suppose I could opine Trump is being protected ... by something ... maybe it's God ... maybe such a thing as him being president was necessary to give Americans a chance to finally wake up ... or not. And maybe it's not God, which is another chance for Americans to finally wake up ... or not.

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