Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Devil is the best judge of American politics?

I have an amiga who doesn’t care for my habit of pointing out what is wrong and bonking those who have a hand in it. She voted for Donald Trump because she should not stand Hillary. I could not stand either and voted for Jill Stein, whom Hillary says is a Russian asset, too. God help America!

Actually your blog today is pretty darn good. A nice walk through your past endeavors.

I texted back:

Beauty in eye of beholder. Saturday's blog garnered 64 votes, slightly more than number of votes cast for me in the 2018 Key West mayor race.

What I publish at the blog is arranged by a Board of Editors, they give me some latitude.

The first draft of Saturday's blog completed the night prior garnered a dream in which a man said compost for a garden I was working had a 9 PH, which is hugely acidic. Then, I saw the Number 33, 3 represents the Holy Spirit in my dream code. So, I alkalinized the draft considerably.

The 2014 Key West mayor race video interview of me by Jenna Stauffer reproduced in Saturday's blog offers paradigm shift to candidates for any public office. 

Jun 17, 2014 - Uploaded by Hometown!
Sloan Bashinsky, Candidate for Mayor- Good Morning FL Keys with Jenna Stauffer. 

Teri mentioned by me to Jenna in the interview was city commissioner Teri Johnston, who became mayor in 2018. I thought Teri was the best city commissioner when I was involved in Key West politics. I told Jenna in the interview that Teri told me that when I come to city commission meetings and criticize and offer solutions, I am doing the job I'm supposed to do.

A Key West friend told me last night that the local adult entertainment magnate, who got disqualified in the 2018 mayor race for not paying a filing fee, is challenging Teri this year. He served with Teri on the city commission. Am glad the Editorial Board relocated me, hope the best for Key West and also wonder what karma and/or fate lies in store.

Woke up this morning to see hilarious, to me, NBC article on Saturday Night Live broadcasting from Hell, where only FOX News is aired and Mark Zukerman doesn’t endorse evil but allows it to be shared on Facebook. Can imagine firestorm of White House tweets over SNL mentioning Trump uses same lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, that represented Jerry Epstein. In the accompanying hilarious YouTube, the Devil interviews Dershowitz. 

I get lots of invites from Facebook for me to pay FB to boost my posts wearing hot political titles, but the one time I tried to boost such a post, it was rejected because it was political. I was invited to prove I was me. I provided all the proof FB requested, including photos of front and back of my drivers license, taken with my Iphone. Facebook rejected again because the photos were not large enough. I gave up but continued getting steady invites to pay to boost my political posts.

SNL takes on Trump's impeachment trial and goes to hell, literally

NBC News
Jan. 26, 2020, 12:36 AM CST
By Dennis Romero

The first show of the year for "Saturday Night Live" went to hell, literally. The comedic version was imagined as a place where a member of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, is welcomed as a hero.
Dershowitz, played by former SNL cast member Jon Lovitz, first appears quite content, sitting in the Senate alongside U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and the body's majority leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky.
"It’s wonderful to be here because I’m not welcome anywhere else," he says.
But the Harvard-affiliated legal scholar, known for having represented O.J. Simpson and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, quickly experiences an apparent heart attack that sends him to hell, where the devil, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, says, "I'm a huge fan."
Straight to hell, Dershowitz.
"I'm going to send you back upstairs in a minute," she says. "I just wanted to meet you." 

The devil records the encounter for her podcast, a medium she says she invented. Sponsors, she says, include "MyPillow ― not the pillow, the guy."
Epstein, played by the night's host, Adam Driver, also makes an appearance. He praises Dershowitz for what he's seen on television. "All we get down here is Fox News," he says.
Also in hell are Flo from Progressive auto insurance, the man who wrote the song "Baby Shark," and Mr. Peanut. Avid Trump defender McConnell, played by Beck Bennett, is also apparently a frequent visitor.
"I just come down and use it as a sauna," he says.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg makes an entrance when the devil calls for hell's 'IT guy.' "I want everyone to know that I don’t endorse evil. I just help millions of people share it," he says.
The devil, played by Kon, says she's "a huge fan" of Trump lawyer Alan Dershow

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