Monday, January 6, 2020

America: costs of war vs. peace?

"From The Right" continued our Donald Trump conversation reported in yesterday's the root of all evil: politics or religion? post at this blog, and I turned the topic toward the costs war vs. peace.
Walt Lagraves Sloan. Just for the record, you're off base. I have no recollection of ever writing that I could not support Trump. I do recall supporting a different candidate in the primary. I also recall very clearly stating loudly and often that a Clinton presidency would be a disaster for our nation. Trump's presidency has delivered prosperity to our nation that we have not seen before. Our minorities are thriving like they never did before. America is far better off today than it was on the day T took office. He's ensured that SCOTUS is and will be in balance for decades to come. He's phenomenally boosted minority employment. He's put in place a business climate that has resulted in wages rising at over 3% year on year....and the earnings of those on the bottom rung are increasing more than those on the upper rungs. Trump has done an excellent job....he has done most of what he promised. And he's working on the rest of it. Yes...I am a Republican and damned happy for it. The Democrats promise to make the USA a socialist nation......I simply can't countenance that. Trump's approval rating amongst likely voters is higher than Obama's at the same time during their respective terms.

I'll vote for him again.

As to the good ole Cococnut Telegraph days. I did not choose the FTR moniker....our Deer Editor put that label on my postings and I simply adopted it.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Sorry, Walt, but I recall you and I discussed online you not being able to back Trump. I respected you for it. I also recall you later seemed to walk it back somewhat.
  • Walt Lagraves I wrote previously, Trump was not my first, second, or even third choice. But, in the general election the choice was binary....there was no way on Gods Green Earth that I could possibly vote for Hillary.....and I believed then, and believe now that not voting would have been a vote for Hillary. Now...I am more than pleased, in fact I'm overjoyed at Trump's performance as our President. I'll vote for him again.
  • Sloan Bashinsky That's basically how I recall it went after you posted on FB, I think, that you could not back Trump and would vote for a different Republican. But after he got the Republican nomination, you backed him. I thought Trump and Hillary both should be locked up and voted for Jill Stein, whom I felt was a decent human being. Trump's a fantastic role model for American children. How good a president he is will be seen in due course, as is the case of all presidents. [Walt "liked" this comment. My "fantastic" was sarcasm.]
  • Sloan Bashinsky I posted this comment under a FOX News article slamming the Democrats' schizoid response to Trump killing the Iranian national hero:

    Before he got elected, Trump said Iraq was an invented war that never should have happened. I hoped after he was elected that he would get America out of Iraq altogether. And out of Afghanistan. Those two wars had not gone well for America. But he didn't git America out. I saw in news reports that he said the natural resources of those two countries should be capitalized to reimburse America for those two wars. Yesterday, the Iraq parliament voted for total removal of American troops from Iraq. Will Trump honor that? I will be surprised if he does. Certainly, Trump scored lots of tactical points for killing the Iranian superstar general and leader. President Daddy Bush scored lots of tactical points for driving Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait. President Baby Bush scored a lot of tactical points for defeating Saddam and Iraq. President Obama scored a lot of tactical points for killing Osama bin Laden. The Democrats seem as war inclined as the Republicans. The strategic result seems to be endless, costly wars remicient of Vietnam that make some American corporations a lot of money, drive up the national debt, and distract from America's many internal problems.
  • Sloan Bashinsky I seldom, if ever see online and in the news media anyone calling for the total withdrawal American troops from the Middle East. What if America had never invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? What would this world and America be like today? We'll never know. What if President Obama, after being sworn in, had brought all the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, instead of accepting the Nobel Peace Prize and continuing those two wars? We'll never know. What if Donald Trump, after being sworn in, had brought all the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq? We'll never know. What we do know is war is very big business in America and rich white men run those businesses. What we also know is health care and medicine in America cost a great deal more than in other countries. Is that because they spend less money on their military and war?

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