Friday, January 24, 2020

American politics cure: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

A new Facebook friend posted this boatrocker to her timeline, and I tossed in some of my thoughts.

Teri Wade
January 24, 2019

Okay, I have been having trouble with my posts disappearing or they are going from public to friends so I did a little test with this post today. You all know I always give my posts a heading, a name that's how I can keep all these post that I put together separate. So, this morning I posted this post without a heading and people started seeing it and liking it. After about 2 hours I gave it the heading and the heading was P oliti cal-co rrectne ss as soon as I did that nobody could see the post so I'm posting it again and I'll just do it a little differently. 😏

Pol iti cal -corr ect ne ss...
How has identity politics worked for America? The answer is it hasn't. The reason why Trump, Brexit and this incredible change that's happening all over Europe is succeeding isn't because the triumph of the right, it's the catastrophic failure of the left.
Really, the political correctness pushers have been recruitment agents for the right not even knowing it. The point of view by the pushers of political correctness was that it was the antedote for order but the fundemental threats that our current society faces now it's nothing but an attempt at the destabilization of our world. To insue chaos and confusion within the human psyche brought on by a brilliant form of tyranny.
This is a major reason Trump won in 2016 and a major reason Trump will win 2020. Trump is not the cause of this chaos he is the result of the failures of the past. There is an incredible disappointment on the left concerning the Democratic party being able to provide a candidate that can take on Trump. This liberal mindset cannot go to a place where they can rationalize that a centrist like Trump can be a viable alternative. I've said it before you cannot rationalize with the liberal mindset.
It's literally like the splitting of two worlds. Right & left hemisphere, two separate consciousnesses. But, one is working towards balance and one is stuck in a violent quiver. Because stagnation causes chaos. Because, if everything is in constant movement towards the progression forward when you resist it the only outcome is confusion, chaos etc...
I've heard people call Trump a New Age Spiritualist which really he's just bringing everything back to balance. Our society has been out of balance for so long and it needs to be corrected. But, a correction on such a deep consciousness level is incredibly difficult for many. Again, like the saying goes "intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" and a society that remains stagnant will no longer exist.
Kelly Thomson-Hutchison
  • Kelly Thomson-Hutchison Blessings for the day. <3

  • Larry Larson
    Larry Larson They all have "dirty deeds" to hide and know DT will find them! Swamp is very filthy!

  • Joanie Eisinger
    Joanie Eisinger Thank you. So well said. :)

  • Dyan Graham
    Dyan Graham I always share your posts Teri as they are very eye-opening and truthful!!! We'll see if these shares remain.....whoever is removing them you know are from the dark side....KEEP POSTING!! 😉🤔❤️☯️

  • Sloan Bashinsky

    Sloan Bashinsky Thanks, Teri. I’m 77, belong to no political party. In the late 1980s, when other dimensions dramatically started opening to me, I concluded political correctness was a terminal spiritual disease. I agree the Democrats need to right their own ship and balance is needed, but the scales seem terminally broken in America. The fractured Democrats ran the candidate in 2016 Trump could beat. Today, the Democrats are fractured into several warring splinters, which delights President Trump and the Republicans. I think, though, that Trump is a bit more than a centrist, a needed correction. It came out in 2016 that Ivana said Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed and sometimes he read the book at night. After Trump was elected, he started floating the notion of being president for life. Unlike prior wealthy presidents, Trump did not put his wealth into a blind trust during his time in office, and he did not share his tax returns with the public. His tax cuts made him instantly richer. An elderly Mafia don could run and protect the country as well, without the day and night histrionics. Trump’s MAGAs remind me of the followers of Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones. I think the Republicans in the U.S. Senate should have called lots of witnesses, including Joe Biden and his son, and all of Trump’s aides, to flesh out what really happened. The truth tends to balance everything out if it is allowed to breathe. Most Dems and Repubs think highly of Jesus, who told his disciples in the Gospels, if they abide in him, they will come to know the truth and the truth will set them free.

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