Thursday, July 8, 2021

imagine a world without internet trolls, imagine no internet


Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water behind a boat.

American historian Heather Cox Richardson shows 1.4 million Facebook followers. Below are reader comments about internet troll activity under Heather's dead on July 6 letter featured in day before yesterday's "the steal" has been in progress for quite a while, and what better way to fuzz it over than claim the stolen from did the stealing at this blog:

SUBSCRIBERS, I believe that we are in the midst of a troll attack today.
Heather has provided us with an outline of where America is today; the steps towards autocracy taken by the Republican Party since the 1980's and historical contexts taking us back to the 1800's. It is a brilliant work by her that will nurture our understanding far beyond today and our activism going forward.

I was going to add a comment about figures such as the Nobel Prize–winning economist James M. Buchanan, 'The Architect of the Radical Right' (The Atlantic), the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch as major forces contributing to the destruction of Democracy. I will not be submitting that comment today given our unwelcome visitors. It is too disquieting to be surrounded by them. I can only offer my sense of things and suggest that these characters are here to take us off track, smear democracy and occupy space in highly noxious ways. That is my impression, and I hope that the forum is less problematic today than I suspect.

Fern, yes you are correct. Trolls or people that just want to think that they are significant are finding their way to this column. Likely because it's the #1 column on Substack. I'm finding myself less interested in engaging here. I'm getting tired of wading through the bullshit.

daria (merida, yucatan)
Linda, I've thought about your comment all day: "Trolls or people that just want to think that they are significant are finding their way to this column." I am sad and alarmed that folks on this forum believe they should determine who is and is not significant based on a commenter's political beliefs. I'm tired of wading through the bullshit, too. I'm tired of the current and fairly recent wave of clannish rhetoric designed to pit one group of subscribers against an individual. I'm tired of people kissing a disgruntled, overly entitled curmudgeon's behind despite the fact that he's abusive and demeaning to not only HCR but most of subscribers on this forum. I'm tired of those on this forum who spend time and energy pitting one against the other. I'm stunned that someone wants to sanitize this forum and that some people on this forum actually agree with that. What the hell? I don't believe that is, or was ever, Heather's intent in opening this forum. I don't believe she ever expected a group of "yes men and women". I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

Good morning Daria. I agree. Heather would never want a forum filled to the brim with unquestioning "followers". That is the antithesis of her life's work.
I like to think that this group, in general are educated, or at least self taught and are open to learning. That was the layout initially. I've been on board here for a while and with any group, I'm seeing changes. As you pointed out earlier, this is Heather's forum, not ours. We cannot pick and chose who comes to play, nor should we. So you know, I use the term "troll" in its current social media vernacular. They do pop up everywhere. I even see them in an online gardening group I belong to.
I am baffled by the fellow contributors that are willing to be drawn in by the certain someone and overlook his constant narcissistic, abusive towards Heather. Is it just to buddy up to him? As a side note, most are men. Is his babble that enticing? Not for me and I know not for you.
I do have to wonder how much longer Heather will continue to produce a daily letter. This has certainly surpassed her initial time frame. The academic semester will start soon and preparation is never ending. I believe I heard that she will be teaching on campus. I am grateful for all she offers to us. Regardless of what an unwielding group we are. 🙃

Enjoy you day, Daria.

Sloan Bashinsky
I've been dealing with disagreeable trolls online for years. If disagreeable trolls are here, is it because they don't like what Heather writes? Is it because it punches their buttons, deep down inside their souls are hoping they will listen? If there were no disagreeable trolls here, would that be something to worry about?

The hunt for trolls will end up with a quart of strawberry ice cream ;)
Personally, I rather have informed debate versus wading through a bunch of head-nodding, backslapping agreement.

Hope it's at least Ben and Jerry's (grin)
I find the backslapping infuriating - it seems to me to be the antithesis of reasoned and rational discussion (which is why I signed up - as I live in a "community" rather lacking in it).

To answer your question, I don't think so, Sloan. Here's to sanitation!

Sloan Bashinsky
Be careful what you ask for? Are the sanitation gods selective, or do they simply sanitize?😀

Sloan, It was a joke as to the toxic garbage that comes from the uninvited on the Forum. Please don't take it to extremes. Was your smile a joke? Thanks.
Sloan Bashinsky
It's my experience that the sanitization gods sanitize the left and the right and the middle, when they set their minds to it. I'm having some trouble understanding how disagreeable people are uninvited, if this is a public forum? I don't see Heather telling them to bug off. I've often been accused of being a troll by people who didn't care for how I responded to what they put online, mostly on Facebook. I wonder why they put it on Facebook if they weren't expecting responses? I have disturbed the peace of lots of red spectrum folks, and lots of blue spectrum folks.

I discovered Heather the other day when a south Alabama amiga, who minces no words, shared Heather's splendid July 2 post with her Facebook friends, which begins, "Today news broke that Anthony Aguero, who was in the Capitol on January 6 and who is close to Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), joined Republican members of the right-wing Republican Study Committee when they traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border Tuesday night."

I then subscribed to Heather's letters, and I featured her July 2 letter at my blog, post: "Dear Heather Cox Richardson, the South Has Risen Again",  

Two old trolls exchanged words and barbs regarding blue side historian with 1.4 million Facebook followers says President Biden's response to the coronavirus defended democracy post at this blog, which featured Heather Cox Richardson's July 5 letter:

Sancho Panza
You're losing the hairs on your head and they are gowning on the soles of your feet... WTF is happening to you? Some time a dragon, other times a snake... a monstrous thing, you!  

Don Quixote
No comprende

Sancho Panza
No comprende the point of your last post... had no idea if you were coming or going! 

If you had some cojones, you would have sent this "Historian" this video, which I had sent to you this morning:

Don Quixote
I responded to Heather's lead of Biden‘s handling of the pandemic defending democracy. Had not watched the bombing video, very busy day, unusual all for me. Will watch the video in a bit. So far, have not cared for Biden’s bombing orders, legal or not, but am glad he’s pulling American troops out of Afghanistan. Glad I don’t live there. The Taliban ain’t kind to change.

Sancho Panza
Biden "Handling" of the Corona virus? What handling? They are just continuing whatever was been done before, the guy was a douche when he had all his marbles and now he should just be put to pasture! We will have the first Madam President sooner than later! 

Don Quixote
Addressed Heather's view of Biden handling the coronavirus, if she read it. Didn't fawn over Biden (understatement). 
Just watched the video you sent me. So what's new? I wonder where Jimmy Dore was in 2001 and 2002, when I was trying to persuade lots of hot to trot Americans that invading Iraq and Afghanistan were really bad ideas? Where was Dore was since then, when I called time and time again for America to pull all its troops out of the Middle East and bring them home? Where was Dore when I called for redeploying those troops all along the American southern boarder, to stop that very real invasion, albeit mostly people just trying to find kinder more hopeful living conditions?

If Miss Heather the Historian gives me an opening, I will tell her what I think about President Biden's war policy, pro and con.

Sancho Panza
Have no idea where Jimmy Dore was back in 2001, but I know where I was, Marching with my daughter, my Neighbor's Chinese daughter and over 100 thousand of other people in Manhattan... I had a lot more black hair on my head back then and probably a lot more gray matter in my head too! I also solicited to registered voters in the streets of Philadelphia for "Mr. Change you can believe", Obama, back in 2007-8! Soooooo, actually, being a comedian, like Dore it's probably the sanest position to take when it comes to politics! Oink, oink

P. S. You voted for Biden because your daughters are Liberals and and because Trump appears to you as an an authoritarian AH, which you have always hated! 

Don Quixote:
One daughter is liberal, the other is not involved in social political. It is the frenzied who worship Trump, who scare me for my daughters’ safety. You seem very different to me after voting twice for Trump- not like a MAGA, but like, I dunno, something precious in you died or came unhinged.

Sancho Panza
Yes, I woke up, and with clear eyes I see the hypocrisy and the banality of it all... lucky you that still think that the words and promises coming out of the blowhole of somebody like Biden are worth arguing about or defending! You have selective amnesia; I have always being cleared... Trump was what was needed to curdle the milk... the milk of innocence you and others like you keep suckling on!   

Don Quixote
I have been looking dead at the hypocrisy and banality of it all for a very long time, since childhood, then it got more intense. I spent many years trying to hide from it, but not possible practicing law and dealing with some parts of my family. I mostly steered clear of politics, which seemed really important to some people around me. Then, the angels came and showed me the massive hypocrisies and banalities in myself, then in other people. Later, they shoved me into politics.

I liked John F. Kennedy, what I knew of him in my college days. I thought Jimmy Carter was a decent man, but a bit weak in the street fighting department, so to speak. I came to detest Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. G. W. Bush seemed a bit of a dip shit. Barack Obama seemed a bit of a monster, accepting the Nobel Peach Prize while continuing the Bush-Cheney rich white men's corporate wars. At least Bill Clinton made a national apology to Vietnam very long over due. It went downhill after him, including Hillary. Then came Trump, who woke up and empowered the white supremacists of whom there are many in America. I would think someone from the Dominical Republic would find that a tad revolting, but it seems not to have disturbed you.

Joe Biden is at bat now. I think he is incapable of thinking outside the box. I think he is programmed. I think he has a tough time facing inconvenient truths. I think his war policy sucks. But at least he is getting his troops out of Afghanistan, and he is not programmed to hate whatever doesn't look, walk and talk like him, which Trump and his based are.  America did need a president who was not a career politician, and Ronald Reagan was that, and my goodness, he gave birth to the so called moral majority, which was the forerunner of today's evangelicals and MAiGAs. Trump is their Messiah, and yours, because you so very much wanted him to do just what he did, although not for the same reasons his lemmings welcomed him. 

Curdled milk is good for you, it contains protobiotics, calcium protein, etc. There is nothing wholesome about Trump.

Sancho Panza
Not impressed, sorry! 

Don Quixote
Given my life to date, nor am I impressed with me, nor do angels seem impressed, based on how often they correct and rebuke me. 

Sancho Panza
Well, that's a lot better! Biden will never apologize for saying that: "You're not Black if you don't vote for me!" I wonder if Angels see people in terms of race or nationality?

Don Quixote
Angels see people for what they are. 

Sancho Panza
Since I am no Angel, I agree with Jesus that "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them." 

Don Quixote

Matthew 7:15-20
King James Version

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Donald Trump did a splendid job of proving that passage true, the jury's still out on Joe Biden.

Sancho Panza
I wasn't talking about them, I was talking about us and those that come and go around us... Donald Trump and Joe Biden have many years in the public arena... their fruits are well known... Joe has many, many deaths to account for when he was teamed up for eight years with Obama and Hillary, before that, as a senator for forty years, he voted for the Iraq war and every other war out there, including the war on drugs that jailed many, many African American for minimal possession, still, you stuck your head up your ass and voted for him... like I said, you're a lawyer, you're trained in the art of selective memory! 

Don Quixote
Yep, I voted for Biden knowing he was a hawk overseas, hoping he would replace the domestic hawk in the White House, your guy. I may well live to regret voting for Biden, as I watch you continue to praise your vote for Trump, whose fruits were well known long before you voted for him. I sweat blood every day trying to stay in sync with (not cross) the angels hard on my case. I wish everyone had that experience. Meanwhile, my blog post today is about internet trolls, including youse and mese.😎

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