Thursday, July 15, 2021

God released Covid-19 in Red China as a wake up call about medicine, war and our society?

I read a New York Times article this morning about various medical science sources saying, so far, the delta variant appears more contagious but not more severe than Covid-19 and the alpha variant.

Playing chess yesterday afternoon with a black rural pastor friend, I asked if he is monitoring the delta variant? He said, yes, and God is working something and it will change everything. I said I agreed, but what is God working on, and how will it affect people? We don't know yet. 

I said Pfizer is touting a booster shot of its vaccine to defend against the delta variant. The booster is for people who already had the 1st two Pfizer vaccine shots. Pfizer is worried about the delta variant, or Pfizer wants to make more money? Either way, what is going to happen to people who were not vaccinated?  There might be a lot of really sick and dead MAGAs, Republicans and black people, who resisted getting vaccinated. Not just old people. Anyone, including children, who didn't get vaccinated. 

The pastor and his wife caught Covid-19 early this year. He had a rougher case and was hospitalized. After they recovered, they received the Pfizer vaccinations. He still wears a mask inside. I don't wear a mask around him, because he has to be full of antibodies and he and I received both Pfizer shots early this year. I wear a mask in grocery and drug stores, but not in  restaurants, a senior center where I play chess once a week, or the local duplicate bridge club, which requires proof of vaccination to get into the clubhouse. Some members have not returned, because they don't want to be vaccinated.

I showed the pastor texts I had received a little while earlier from a friend, who often reports being told things in dreams by angels, which he and I call "The Powers That Be (TPTB)"

Had a dream that this delta variant of COVID will mutate to the point that when the antivaccsers finally get the vaccine it will not matter in the final days of man pestilence and disease will dominate the earth. So-called Christians believe that heralds Christ's return. In looking at the summary history of man, TPTB pose this question: Just why would Christ return? What has man done, made in the image of God, steward over earth and its creatures, to justify Christ would return?
The vaccine was God's last good faith effort for man to initiate change. He used a man of God - a Hasidic Jew -  to make available a cure not requiring a vaccine. It was refused and the doctor was ostracized personally and professionally. We cannot read the Divinity's mind, but if we could, how would we feel?
COVID was released intentionally by TPTB. It was a wake up call about medicine, war, and our society. If we cannot respect the personal space of a person, is it not the case we would receive a lesson in common courtesy such that a plague would come upon those so thoughtless as to not get into a person's personal space?

In the Gospels, Jesus used prophesy and parables to try to wake up the dead.

I called my dreamer friend last night and said, back in the spring of 2020, he reported a dream in which TPTB said Red China developed Covid-19 as a bioweapon and intended to develop a vaccine, but the weapon got loose before the vaccine was developed. In that moment, I understood and told him, having both the weapon and the vaccine would give China tremendous power over over the rest of humanity, and that could not be allowed, so an angel did something that set the weapon loose in Red China.

My friend said he remembered that, and asked what I think about what he was told in the dream? I said Covid-19 made war unpopular. It's ironic that mostly white Republicans and pretty near all white MAGAs and Afro-Americans, who refuse to be vaccinated, are looking at starring in M*A*S*H II in American fake TV news reports. I think there are medical scientists, who are terrified of the delta variant, and also terrified of saying what they really think. 

My friend said, and end up like the Hasidic Jewish Doctor, who was shunned and run off by his own community, which is not how close-knit Hassidic people usually behave. Exactly, I said. They ran him off, because the local merchants feared that Hasidic community all had Covid-19 and they weren't allowed to buy groceries, medicine, etc. in the town stores.

Last below is the Hasidic Jewish doctor's letter describing his cheap, fast, battlefield tested cure. President  Trump and Sean Hannity promoted the doctor and his cure, which would have allowed America to safely reopen in April 2020. The doctor and his cure and President Trump were burned at the stake by the Democrats, including Joe Biden, the mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH, WHO, and Big Pharma (Medical-Industrial Complex), which stood to make a great deal of money on vaccines, and very little money on the doctor's cure. 

President Trump caved to the pressure, went with Operation Warp Speed instead, and betrayed America, humanity and God. President Trump didn't do well in wearing a mask, either, but he did get vaccinated and did the antivaccers on the right embrace that, either? Hell no! They have absolute rights under Free Will and the U.S. Constitution, as amended, to infect as many people as they please. They have the same rights to catch the bioweapon and its variants and get really sick and even die. Should they be allowed into hospitals, because they made themselves Typhoid Mary suicide bombers? They don't get my vote. 
Perhaps they are part of God's plan to reduce the human population? That might get the planet's vote.

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