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To be or not to be vaccinated and consequences

I'm seeing many news reports that Covid-19 infection numbers, especially the delta variant, are rising fast in the unvaccinated, the majority of whom are white conservatives.

Two long-time amigas weighed in on vaccinations.

And I know God blessed us with immune systems and built in filter systems and brains and brainy people who have given us treatments already for this hopped up illness. Years of evidence prove it. This is a moment to show our metal and to have faith. The big pharma money machine will not be a tool from above. This runs contrary to any deep hippy belief I have ever had. We all have to walk our own path in this which I feel is just fine. Coercing others to comply to an experimental medical procedure is not ok and I will not ever be on the side that does this. This all seems to be a knot that We all need to figure out and untie. I honor your dreams and visions for what they are to you and I appreciate your dear heart as a friend. On this, we are at a deep crossroads and will see each other on the other side. 

Sloan Bashinsky
Paula, my dear old friend, each person has to choose whether or not to be vaccinated, just as each person has to choose many things. 
Yesterday, the duplicate bridge club where I play sent out an aggressive announcement that anyone showing up with a cold or any perhaps contagious symptoms will be asked to leave, and if that person has paid money already to play, it will not be refunded, nor will that person's playing partner's money be refunded. 
This was done after incidents at the clubhouse of people ignoring many much more polite requests and warnings to stay home if such symptoms were present. 
Furthermore, each person who shows up has to have presented a copy for the club of Covid-19 vaccination card, or a doctor's letter saying the person had Covid-19 and has plenty of antibodies, or be turned away. 
Most club members are old, have various medical conditions, the at risk crowd. I heard the members recently made to leave got upset, felt picked on. singled out. I gathered they had no concern for their playing partner and the other club members. I don't know who they are, if they are Republican or Democrat or Independent.
I know you are definitely not Republican, that you love Bernie Sanders, who I think is in favor of vaccinations? As is President Biden. I hope you are taking daily, zinc, quercetin, C and D-3, which will make your body more inhospitable to Red China's gift. I wonder what would have become of America, if there were no vaccines? How much longer could America have been shut down and not exploded? 
The awful shame is, there was and still is a cheap, fast early stage infection cure, which was basted by the Democrats, including Joe Biden, and by the mainstream media, which would have allowed America to safely reopen in April 2020. If I put that doctor's name and his treatment ingredients in this comment, Facebook will put me in its jail. 
Meanwhile, I'm seeing lots of news reports now that infections are rising in the unvaccinated and hospitals are stretched trying to save the unvaccinated. Do you think that's fair, for the unvaccinated to have access to hospitals? If they think like you, should they instead be allowed to engage the virus one on one and live with that process and its outcome?

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I am not in favor of vaccinating children. They are most able to weather becoming infected and developing antibodies and immunity to later infection.

Sloan, You know, when the vaccines began to roll out, I didn't understand why democrats were more likely to be pro vaccine than republicans and independents, and others non-classifiable.  I mean it was during Trump's tenure that Operation Warp Speed happened and the vaccines gained EUA.... So this did not make sense to me.  However as Biden and crew have pushed and pushed and pushed the vaccine, and now have spoken of going door to door to ahem "educate" the "vaccine hesitant,"  I can understand the growing gap.  If republicans and independents don't trust Biden and question who the puppet masters are that are obviously propping up this obvious "sock puppet" president.... it DOES make sense.  

With the silencing, and canceling of any information counter to the narrative that the vaccines are SAFE and EFFECTIVE.... when no discussion or debate is tolerated...... all trust vanishes.... and trust in the media, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and this administration is dwindling.... thus the widening divide.

We may be witnessing the greatest atrocity of our lifetime..  Well at least mine, since I was born after the end of WWII.  What the Nazi's did was worse than this..... but today the Nuremburg Code has become meaningless. 

Truth WILL out eventually.... Perhaps not until the drug is mandated for babies and children under the age of 12 and many die or are maimed and disabled for life. THEN and perhaps ONLY THEN parents will rise up and NOT accept the narrative that any harm cannot be traced to the Covid vaccine. It will be far too late by then.  The damage will have been done.

Already the medical bill carnage for those suffering ongoing cardiac, neurological and other adverse events is mounting. 

I'm 100% with you regarding the atrocity of dismissing Dr Zelenko's cure.  But the EUA for vaccines is dependent on no viable treatment being available.  There WAS and IS viable, low cost, safe treatment when provided to a patient early.  It's criminal.... and I'm uncertain regarding the fullness of what truly is behind this atrocity.... which is an ongoing assault on mankind.. 

The problem I have with you demonizing Biden and the Democrats for pushing the vaccine, is the guy you voted for, Donald Trump, pushed for the vaccines, instead of pushing for Dr. Z's cure to be freely available in America. 
Trump used the promise of the vaccine coming by the end of 2020 to persuade Americans to vote for him, because of Operation Warp Speed.
I can imagine Trump got a lot of votes because of that, and because a lot of people did not want a Democrat in the White House, and because a lot of people viewed him as their personal messiah.
What do you think would have happened in and to America if the vaccines had not rolled out and America had stayed locked down?
I appreciate someone like you with grave medical issues not wanting to be vaccinated, especially if you are convinced you had C-19 and survived it.
But to see legions of anti-vacc white people not in such dire medical straits, who voted twice for Trump, and fawned over him, and defended, and still defend, his lie that the election was stolen (by blacks), just don't work for me.
The same people didn't want to wear masks, or to social distance, all implemented by Trump.  
They wanted the country reopened without any protection whatsoever.  
They ignored that Trump and his wife were vaccinated.  
I hope they all catch C-19 and are not allowed into hospitals.

The cheap, fast early stage infection cure, which uses hydroxychloroquine, instead of quercetin, to transport zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication:

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