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Is Planet Earth rooting for Covid-19 to save it from Earthlings?

A dear younger Republican friend in the Great Lakes area responded on Facebook to yesterday's America heads into another mask and quarantine season because so many have not been vaccinated? post at this blog:

I have followed the Z protocol you shared, flown coast to coast and border to border the past 12 months (masked), stay fit biking 100 miles per week, eat healthy, sleep well, no comorbidities, lived life normally and remained well. I now count 2 close friends who were vaxed in April and May who do not travel as extensively as I, yet both came down with pretty serious symptoms for 1 week. Do I have antibodies I am not aware of? Was I infected but asymptomatic? Is my immune system fending off the virus? Not sure, but until full FDA approval is granted or international travel planned for late Q3 requires vax, I will stand my ground.

Sloan Bashinsky
I wonder what the epsilon and later mutations will be like.

I wonder if current vaccines will offer protection for future mutations.

Sloan Bashinsky
Already we see vaccinated people in the main, have pretty good protection from the delta variant, by either not catching it or not being hit as hard if they do catch it. One week of rough discomfort is nothing compared to being hospitalized and put on a ventilator while you cough up lung tissue. And, your 2 friends now have antibodies that protect them against future infections. 
However, as more mutations evolve, the original vaccines and antibodies most likely will become less and less effective, and the vaccine industry will develop more vaccines and make a lot more money, as the virus keeps mutating and more vaccines are developed, until that house of cards ponzi scheme eventually implodes on itself. So, full FDA approval might look good but not mean much. The time to beat the virus is ASAP. 
The doctor FB will not let be named came up with the perfect defense. It was cheap, fast, if used as soon as symptoms appeared. It kept people out of hospitals. It probably works against any mutation, because it is mechanical in function. It remains humanity's hope to defeat the virus. You have been using a modified version of the doctor's cure to prevent catching the virus. The doctor recommended the modified version to both prevent-catching and treat the virus, because it does not require FDA approval or a doctor's prescription, and because he found it works.

I wonder if the vaccines have been modified for mutations or if they are still “First Generation” vaccines as originally rolled out.

Sloan Bashinsky
The vaccine companies are working on modifications, perhaps have them already, salivating over all the $$$$$$$ they hope to make, as the virus keeps mutating and the doctor FB will not let be named keeps trying to WAKE UP THE DEAD. If he succeeds, will that doom the planet, which might be rooting for the virus?

Here's the save the Earthlings non-prescription protocol from yesterday's blog post:

All of this can be  gotten online.

daily prevention regimen:

25 mg zinc, 500 mg quercetin, 500 mg C, 2000 iu D3
quercetin carries zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication. C helps quercetin transport zinc into cells, and C fights infections and strengthens the immune system. It is known that people taking D3 have less trouble if they catch Covid-19.
If you start showing symptoms or test positive, take for 5 days:
220 mg zinc, 2000 mg quercetin, 2000 mg C, 800 iu D3
Then return to regular regimen
If you test positive and can get antibody treatment, do that as well.

I have long been susceptible to colds, throat, sinus and respiratory infections and pneumonia, and have had none of that since starting the daily regimen June 2020. 

A related conversation evolved after Mark texted last night:

I won't bother trying to post at your FB for fear of censorship, but Dr. Z is not going away. WHO's invermectin research team independently publishes on 24 invermectin RCT's in a major journal - reports large decreases in mortality, hospitalization, time to recovery, viral clearance. Newspaper / TV station editors around the world told not to cover..and they obey!

Mark included a ink to a recent video of the doctor Facebook will not be named explaining his cure and variations, one of which uses invermectin instead of hydroxychloroquine to transport zinc into body cells, where zinc prevents the virus's RNA from replicating the virus. The video also strips the The Evil Medical Empire Emperors of all their robes and underwear. I found online this link for the video. It's a long video, and it's an important video.
It takes a little while for the video to begin after you start it.

Me to Mark:
I think later variants might devastate in ways not yet imagined, and while only idiots would not fret over potential vaccine side effects, after Dr Z's early stage infection cure was rejected by the Left and the Middle and the mainstream media and the Medical Industrial Complex, and it was abandoned by Trump and much of the Right, the vaccines with all their flaws became humanity's hope of defeating the bioweapon. Ironically, Dr. Z's cure remains the safe and reliable defense, and an indictment, in America at least, of herd humanity's ignorance, gullibility, stupidity, superstition and inability to see God in their midst trying to save them.
So, I am vaccinated, I probably won't get booster or new vaccines. I will keep taking the supplements regimen describe in my blog post yesterday, using quercetin to transport zinc into my body cells, as prescription needed for hydroxychloroquine and invermectin. And who knows? Perhaps that will keep me around long enough to see the bioweapon save the planet from humanity?

When Mark called me this morning, he said he has read of studies being done on a very old tuberculosis vaccine, which seems to protect people from catching Covid-19. I said that I hope that works out. He said he talked his daughter in child-bearing age out of getting vaccinated, and her employer told her that she will have to wear a mask at work for so long as she is not vaccinated. I said the virus is segregating and will continue to segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, and there is nothing the U.S. Constitution can do about it. Mark agreed.

Mark said President Trump was played and abandoned the virus, and he'd read recently that Trump had invested in Pfizer. I said maybe that's how Trump got played, he invested in Pfizer when he gave up Dr. Z's cure. Mark hedged. I said, come on, Trump is all about Trump. Mark said Joe Biden is worse than Trump. I said I don't care much for Biden, but he has nothing to do with this topic, other than he dissed Dr. Z in 2020 and does not promote his cure today. Trump had the cure and he threw it away. 

Below is Dr. Z's March 23, 2020 letter to all world medical professionals, copied to President Donald J. Trump and Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows, which led to Meadows calling Dr. Z and Sean Hannity interviewing Dr. Z on his FOX show, and Trump promoting Dr. Z's cure as a miracle, and then the witch hunts began and burned at the stake the doctor and his cure that could have saved humanity in April 2020, and can save humanity today, but will that be in the planet's best interest?

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