Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Delta Dawn: Covid 19 precipice

A prominent Alabama Republican and philanthropist, my stepmother had access to the best medical care. Yet, according to her death certificate, the primary cause of her passing was Covid-19 pneumonia, during which she had a NSTEMI heart attack, which usually is not fatal, based on all I have read. 

I'm seeing reports that the Covid 19 delta variant, which was not in America last January, now represents 83 percent of reported cases in America, mostly unvaccinated people. I read in an article yesterday that Covid 19 is here to stay.

Irony in today's The New York Times:

Good morning. Why is the F.D.A. encouraging people to receive a Covid-19 vaccine — but hasn’t formally approved those vaccines?

‘The No. 1’ public health issue

It is the most discordant part of the U.S. government’s response to Covid-19.

Even as President Biden, the C.D.C. and virtually the entire scientific community are urging — pleading with, even — Americans to get vaccinated, the government has not formally approved any vaccine. The Food and Drug Administration has instead given only “emergency use authorization” to the shots from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. That’s a temporary form of approval that allows people to receive shots while the agency continues to study their effectiveness and safety.

The difference between emergency authorization and full approval matters. Right now, the military, schools and other organizations cannot easily require vaccinations. The “lack of F.D.A. licensure leave schools, colleges, businesses in a legal quandary,” Dr. Jerome Adams, a former surgeon general, recently wrote. Adams argued that lives were at stake and that the issue should be receiving more media coverage than it has.

The situation also feeds uncertainty and skepticism among some Americans who have not yet gotten a shot. Those skeptics, as Matthew Yglesias of Substack wrote yesterday, are effectively taking the F.D.A. at its word. The F.D.A. leaders’ official position is that “they don’t have enough safety data yet,” Yglesias noted.

The strangest part of all this is that the F.D.A.’s official position does not reflect its leaders’ actual views: They agree with the C.D.C. and other scientists that Americans should be getting vaccinated as soon as possible.

Dr. Janet Woodcock, the F.D.A.’s acting commissioner, has said that the F.D.A. “conducted a rigorous and thorough review” of the vaccines before allowing them to be given to people and that the Pfizer vaccine “meets F.D.A.’s high standards for safety and effectiveness.” She also said, “Getting more of our population vaccinated is critical to moving forward and past this pandemic.”

Have a friend who frequently reports what he hears from angels in his dreams. The angels are known in the Bible. My friend and his parents are not church people. He and I call the angels, The Powers That Be (TPTB).

The other day, my friend reported hearing from TPTB in his sleep, "Day will become as night, as night becomes as day, while man stands on a precipice, which is crumbling beneath him."

My friend then reported what a CDC epidemiologist had told him about Covid 19 and its variants, which I asked him to write up and email to me:

Dear Sloan: I know a young woman who is a MD. She chose to work for the CDC and became an epidemiologist. Her comment on COVID is that the best thing anyone can do is to continue with a prophylactic regime as recommended by Dr. Zelenko: quercetin zinc, C and D3. There are multiple subtypes of COVID, alpha and delta and gamma variants are the most commonly occurring. Because they have different RNA sequences, they also have no guarantee that the vaccines people have taken will protect them. Commingling of these subtypes of COVID could result in a superbug version of COVID- such a consequence could prove disastrous. In addition, her comment on vaccine side effects is that we do not have enough data on people properly and completely vaccinated. Look at the population 18+ and the number who reported receiving the vaccine. We simply don't have a complete enough picture to determine the whether the vaccine is responsible for the problems reported. At the same time, we cannot dismiss the allegations of severe complications due to taking the vaccine- that would be terribly irresponsible. We do need to examine the cofactors that could possibly cause vaccine complications. This mssg approved for publication by TPTB.

About a week ago, my friend reported:

Had a dream that this delta variant of COVID will mutate to the point that when the antivaccsers finally get the vaccine it will not matter in the final days of man pestilence and disease will dominate the earth. So-called Christians believe that heralds Christ's return. In looking at the summary history of man, TPTB pose this question: Just why would Christ return? What has man done, made in the image of God, steward over earth and its creatures, to justify Christ would return?
The vaccine was God's last good faith effort for man to initiate change. He used a man of God - a Hasidic Jew -  to make available a cure not requiring a vaccine. It was refused and the doctor was ostracized personally and professionally. We cannot read the Divinity's mind, but if we could, how would we feel?
COVID was released intentionally by TPTB. It was a wake up call about medicine, war, and our society. If we cannot respect the personal space of a person, is it not the case we would receive a lesson in common courtesy such that a plague would come upon those so thoughtless as to not get into a person's personal space?

Told my dreamer friend last night that it's all connected.


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