Friday, July 23, 2021

Warp Boomerang: All the rightly howling about their right not to be vaccinated might take a long hard look in the mirror at who abandoned the cure and went for the vaccines, their dear President Trump.


I'm seeing news reports from the left, middle and right of some vaccinated people catching Covid-19, especially the Delta variant, and of hordes of unvaccinated people catching it.

At the top of my Facebook this morning, from a Key West person, there were 410 emojis and 248 comments. 

I tested positive for COVID-19 this past weekend.  I have been fully vaccinated.  I must have let my guard down.  I don’t wish this on anyone.  I am better today.  Still coughing. A slight fever. No taste. No smell. I am assuming that since I have been vaccinated my symptoms are less severe than than not having been vaccinated.  I don’t even want to think how much worse they could have been. This past week has been terrible. I don’t know what to tell you - wear a mask? Get vaccinated? Yes. I wish I knew how I got infected. Take care of yourselves and make sure you do everything you can to protect other people.  Love you guys.

Sloan Bashinsky
Bummer. Which vaccine did you have? I had the 2 Pfizer shots early this year. No side effects yet. I have read that lost of sense of taste and smell also is a symptom of zinc deficiency.
Since June 2020 I had taken and still take 25 mg zinc, 500 mg quercetin, 500 mg C and 2000 iu D3 daily, as prophylactic. Quercetin (like hcq, which Trump touted), carries zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication. C facilitates quercetin doing that. D3 wards off this virus. Have not had any sinus, throat or respiratory symptoms since starting the supplements. Have long been susceptible to all of that and pneumonia.

From another Key West person:

Sloan, how did unvaccinated spread more, since the Biden administration only says the vaccine will help make your next bout less deadly (a lie)
Vaccine doesn't treat, cure or prevent. (the truth). Cheap drugs do help. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D. Invermectin.

Sloan Bashinsky
Eric, do you bet your life and your soul that vaccines do not help someone avoid or lessen impact of Covid-19 and its variants? Are you willing to bet your life and your soul that people who do not get vaccinated are not the super spreaders, compared to the people who do get vaccinated? 
Trump had the hcq and zinc cure in his paws in March 2020, that cure worked fast on people just into the infection stage, he knew it, but did he have the balls to make it freely available in America and get America opened back up and make vaccines irrelevant? Nope.

Sloan, yep. I'm a research scientist. You just explained how the position, effects, symptoms, bribes and narrative change weekly. And the non- effects.
Good thing we refunded the Wuhan virology lab. Just cause the USA says it won't do research in bio weapons doesn't mean we don't pay someone to do the work for us. Amazing how quickly China shut down the virus and didn't close down. Feel free to PM me how that all makes sense. 
I'm not afraid. And people under 65 with no underlying conditions shouldn't worry about dying. Its statistically rare. And the total death rate hasn't changed with Covid. Average death rate before and after is the same. 78 still is the average death age. But you are free to believe what you choose. My soul is clear.

Sloan Bashinsky
Just watched a FOX News segment, host all wound up, with good reason, I think, about China examining ancient viruses found in glacier and the now almost screaming evidence of China bioweapon lab in Wuhan, and why isn't Biden doing something? Hell, Trump knew about the bioweapon lab when he was president and what did he do about it? He threw away the hcq zinc cure, he launched Operation Warp Speed. All the rightly howling about their right not to be vaccinated might take a long hard look in the mirror at who abandoned the cure and went for the vaccines, their dear President Trump.

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