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Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?


From American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's July 15 letter Read →

Today Americans began to see the concrete effects of the American Rescue Plan show up in their bank accounts, as the expanded child tax credit goes into effect for one year. Through this program, the Child Tax Credit increased to $3,000 per child aged 6 to 17 and $3,600 per child under 6. All working families will get the full credit if they make up to $150,000 for a couple or $112,500 for a family with a single parent. The government sent payments for almost 60 million children on Thursday, totaling $15 billion.

This is a really big deal. In America, one in seven children lives in poverty. This measure is expected to cut that poverty nearly in half. Studies suggest that addressing childhood poverty continues to pay off over time, as it helps adults achieve higher levels of mobility.

But this huge achievement of the Biden presidency—every single Republican voted against it—has taken a backseat in the news to two blockbuster stories about the former president.

The first is the continuing information coming from a forthcoming book by Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporters Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker called I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year. Their eye-popping accounts of the days surrounding the January 6 insurrection broke last night with accounts of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, comparing the former president to Hitler and fearing that he was going to refuse to leave office.

In response, the former president and his supporters are attacking Milley. Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson showed an image of Milley with a gay pride flag, an anti-fascist sign, and a reference to “thoroughly modern Milley,” a play on a popular film title from 1967.

The former president released a long and rambling statement, rehashing past grievances, that nonetheless had a statement that stood out. “I never threatened, or spoke about, to anyone, a coup of our Government,” he said. “[I]f I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley.” It was an odd denial.

Also interesting in the book excerpts were stories that suggest why Republican leaders were eager to avoid an investigation into the insurrection.

Accounts in the excerpts told of Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) confronting Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) during the insurrection. “That f--king guy Jim Jordan,” she allegedly told Milley. “That son of a bitch.... While these maniacs are going through the place, I’m standing in the aisle and he said, ‘We need to get the ladies away from the aisle. Let me help you.’ I smacked his hand away and told him, ‘Get away from me. You f--king did this.’” Cheney has accepted a position on the House select committee to investigate the insurrection, set up after the Republicans killed the bipartisan, independent commission.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), who almost ran into the rioters, also blamed his colleagues. While they were being sheltered in a secure room, he allegedly went up to Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Ron Johnson (R-WI), who had supported Trump’s challenge to the election, and told them: “This is what you have caused."

Sophia Demas

Along with General Milley and other generals, many of us were apprehensive of what the former president would do after losing the election. Well, he DID incite a coup. On January 6th in broad daylight. And this unthinkable, un-American fact doesn't matter to his followers. No amount of terrifying footage of the insurrection on the Capitol means anything to them. I am as apoplectic at these current events as I was after reading "The Emperor's New Clothes" at an early age. This bad movie gets even worse as we witness the followers wanting to reinstate this psychotic buffoon back to the presidency. I remember when many on the right continually referred to President Obama as the antichrist. I find it odd that I have not heard anyone refer to this evildoer as the antichrist even once.


I watch dt’s speech and the resulting insurrection live, with my completely sucked-into-the-vortex dt supporting husband of 45yrs. I was in tears. He said nothing. Only upside was that our USN retired son gave up his support of dt.

And I’ve called dt the Antichrist many times.

Sloan Bashinsky

As I read the New Testament, the Anti-Christ looks like the Christ but actually is the opposite.

Can't say Donald Trump ever looked like the Christ in the Gospels, Jesus. Pretty much the opposite, in fact. Trump is possessed by a major demonic entity, perhaps the same one that possessed Adolph Hitler, and then Hitler's inner circle, and then much of the German population. The demonic entity influencing Trump is contagious like, say, Covid-19.

That entity has infiltrated most of the Republicans in Congress and elsewhere, and the MAGAs. I am not using metaphor. It has happened, and it might get worse on the right.

After Obama was nominated by the Dems in 2008, I was told in my sleep by Archangel Michael that he had the potential to be the Anti-Christ. I came to agree with that after watching him, in 2009, accept the Nobel Peace Prize, while continuing the Bush-Cheney wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which Obama's running mate, Congressman Joe Biden, had voted for. I was not able to get one Dem to say Obama should not have accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, which the Devil was pleased for him to accept.

I think the Devil is hard at work on the left and the right and the middle, and everyone needs to keep that ever in mind, as time passes. Meanwhile, I dread seeing the Republicans retake Congress and the White House and packing the Supreme Court with even more conservative Christian justices.

Sophia Demas

From my understanding, the Antichrist is characterized not as physically looking like Jesus, but as a personable, charismatic figure who has snake-charmer capabilities to kidnap people's minds and get them to do his evil bidding (therefore anti-Christ). In one of his letters, St Paul call the antichrist “the man of lawlessness” and “the son of perdition.” in a letter of Paul. Jerry Falwell once said, “The Antichrist will be a world leader, he’ll have supernatural powers”. Sounds like dt to me....

Sloan Bashinsky

When I wrote, "As I read the New Testament, the Anti-Christ looks like the Christ but actually is the opposite," I did not mean physical likeness to Jesus. Does anyone today know what Jesus physically looked like 2000 years ago? I imagine he looked like other Palestine people of that time. I doubt he was blue-eyed and blond, or had white Nordic skin pigment.

I meant, to many people, the Anti-Christ appears to be the Christ by what he says and does. I do not see evidence yet that Donald Trump has supernatural powers to heal a lame man, turn water into wine, levitate, teleport himself from one physical placer to another. He is able to mesmerize and motivate large audiences to do his bidding, such as the white January 6 mob.

Hitler had the power to mesmerize, thanks to the demon that captured him. I read in 2016, or maybe 2015, that Ivana was quoted as saying hubby Donald kept a book of Hitler's speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed and sometimes at night he pulled it out and read it. I read later, when asked about what Ivana had said, Donald Trump said, if he had such a book, he did not read it.

Trump is very good at figuring out what people want to hear and saying it to them. When he held up a Bible in front of the Capitol, a whole lot of conservative church people were wowed, but did even one of them wonder how often he actually opened a Bible and read it and took to heart what he read in it, especially what Jesus is reported to have said?

Sophia Demas

Thank you Suzanne for letting me know that someone else has characterized him as the Antichrist! I was heartened to hear that your son has seen the light ("A Course In Miracles" defines a change of perception as a miracle'). I have a very fertile imagination, and I've tried to imagine what it would be like if my husband was a trumpster, and I just can't. I commend you--it's amazing what the power of love is capable of....

Sloan Bashinsky

I think if read by every Christian, and then applied by every Christian to him/herself, A Course in Miracles, would change Christianity dramatically. The Course is an all out assault on finger pointing (projection). I turns the traveler in on the traveler at every twist and turn. It is no fun. After I read ACIM in 1988, the angels that had decided to try to fix me somewhat, stood me in front of countless mirrors, and still are doing it. It was and is excruciating. That's how they they started training me in discernment of spirits, starting with myself.

In the Gospels, Jesus told people who believed in him, that if they abided in him and his words, they would come to know the truth and the truth would set them free.

The raw film footages of the January 6 white mob are the truth, but it did not seem to set the mob, MAGAS and most Republicans free, so, perhaps that suggests how those of them who are Christians stand with Jesus in the Gospels.

Sophia Demas

You might like to read my book, “The Divine Language of Coincidence—How Miracles Transformed My Life After I Began Paying Attention.” In it I chronicle how the Universe forced me to read ACIM.

Sloan Bashinsky
My recollection from ACIM is, if miracles aren't happening, then something is wrong? 
Ordered paperback copy of your book just now. Not much for reading books online - yet.

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