Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Usually, I feel like a visitor from another universe with too much information

Usually, I feel like a visitor from another universe with too much information.

I posted on my new Facebook page yesterday:

Once upon a time, I went through a phase of drawing the female persuasions. I called them soul drawings, and when one of them drew herself, some stuff then happened in my life, which I figured was spawned by the lovemaking on my canvases. More years later, I thought I recognized the damsels as women who'd been significant in my life. Maybe they wuz trying to help me get more in touch with my inner feminine 👸.
This link should get you to the rest of the story and some of the damsels.
All work and no play sucks
All work and no play sucks
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Blood Relative
TMI. What’s happening now with you? :-) 
[TMI- too much information]

That might be TMI, too :-)
But some of the time I'm playing duplicate bridge and chess, watching Netflix, sleeping, eating, getting older.

Blood Relative
Sounds good to me. :-)
P. S. I’m trying not to skip a day also.

Lots of days I wish I could skip, and even weeks and months, and there were years. Once, a woman I loved dreamed she was looking down at me lying faceup on a massage table and my body opened and she crawled in me and yelped and jumped out, and a voice told her "God wanted you to know what it's like for Sloan all the time." TMI? 
Blood Relative
Well, it certainly is different from my reality. But to each his own. 

No two people have the same reality, because each person is unique. 
I recalled something about being careful what you ask for - I had sent Blood Relative a friend request after joining Facebook again.

I dreamed last night of a small strange piece of red fruit, which had a boring parasitic leech like worm in it. This morning, I unfriended Blood Relative.

My bank reimbursed me for the unauthorized Facebook Entertainment charges against my debit card and will purse a fraud action against Facebook Entertainment, which I doubt has anything to do with Facebook, but how did Facebook Entertainment get my debit card information? I don't see me paying Facebook to boost posts in the future.

Interesting discussion with someone in an online spirituality forum where TMI also occurs:

I was in a clairvoyant training program in the 80's and read exactly one person who was a walk-in. It was exactly as you described; first owner of the body finished their business early, saw no need to hang around, and lent the body to a friend to have some fun and finish some of its business.
I've also read women that had miscarriages or abortions; similar kind of finishing business for the fetus. It didn't need to be here very long to tie up some loose ends.

I don't suppose pro-lifers agree, but then, I have often posed the question: When does a soul attach to a fetus? I can imagine the answer is, It depends. :-)

That is the correct answer. I had the pleasure of working with a group of spiritual midwives. Got to read the energy during births, as well as talk with them at length. In their experience, it depends on the baby being, the agreement between the baby being and the mother, and life stomping on all of that with a premature birth.
Even with spirits incarnating, if you want to hear god laugh, just show her your plans.
Oh, and here's an interesting question: what dies during an abortion? The answer you get to this depends most often on the belief system of who you're asking, not their first hand experiences of seeing a spirit leave its body.

What you describe about births is way above my pay grade :-), but then, some of what I do is way above other people's pay grade :-).
I reported earlier in this thread having the experience of the spirit of my son, who died in infancy of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, return and enter me. It was a really tight fit and it put me into a thrall for 2 weeks. At which time I was told what it was that was coming into me, and that it would live out the rest of this life with me.
I think the pro-life folks are going to be really surprised when their rolls are called up yonder, and same for the pro-choice folks. In fact, I think just about everyone is really surprised when they cross over, which don't flatter human woke up ness.
I once loved a woman dearly, who had a magnet on her refrigerator door: "We plan, God laughs." She was hard-core go to church girl, either die and go to heaven, or die and go to hell. She got a greet deal of that programming disturbed while we were together, and it wasn't all coming form me, she was hearing stuff. I kept telling her that magnet was for her, God had it put there, and she kept making plans, and her plans kept getting dashed. I told her God's patience was not infinite, and finally she heard in her sleep that she was not the one (for me), and she was freaked out, and it was not a test or a joke, it was the end for us as a couple.

I heard that as a Russian saying: If you want to hear god laugh, just show her your plans.
More and more, I think all of this on this level is about free will. With everyone getting to choose, the probability of stepping on each other's toes is almost 100%.
I read your story about your son. Is he still with you? Has your body gotten more comfortable?

The squeezing in was never uncomfortable, it was tight but it felt wonderful beyond human conception. After I was told my son was coming into me to live out this life with me, the squeezing into me and the thrall ceased. I had no conscious awareness of two souls being in one body. There was no dialogue back and forth. I was told it was for the rest of this life. As far as I know, he still is here. I can't imagine he would leave before I die physically, after I was told what was happening.
If the conscious mind is 10 percent, or so, of a person's consciousness. How can there be free will? The subconscious has its own agendas. Childhood programming and soul trauma have their own agendas. Spirit forces have their own agendas. So, how much free will do we actually have? Yet, for sure, the engine for my soul alchemy is dealing with what life serves up in keeping with my angel training and guidance. So, some free will does seem to exist. I could tell the angels I'm striking out on my own, thanks for all that they helped. Alas, I'm conscripted, I don't get to make that call, at least not without perhaps some consequences I probably won't care for.

You chose to post here. You chose to accept you son in your space; you could have chosen differently. You chose to be here this lifetime.
All that said; it does often feel like we are just tiny steel balls in the pinball machine of life!

Someone in a similar predicament to mine (captured by angels) suggested this forum as a place to discuss stuff. He and I have experiences that I don't see anyone online discussing. I have known a few other people having similar path. At the level of soul, we all choose to be here. I imagine my soul agreed to share me with my son, but I was not aware of being in on that decision. I had no control over the infusion from spirit. I could not have stopped it after it began. I had no clue what it was until I was told two weeks into it what it was. There is a wide chasm between free will and being a tiny steel ball in a pin ball machine.

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