Sunday, December 5, 2021

Is Donald Trump trying to kill off his base? Are the Georgia Bulldogs hexed?

A childhood friend texted me this morning:

Just saw an interesting article (NPR) on how the counties that voted for Trump have 2.7 times higher Covid death rate than those that Biden carried. And of course lower back rates. As noted previously, he's killing off his base. Wonder if he will find a way for all those deceased folks to vote for him again anyway? Bet he does, or at least tries. Nice day for the Tide [Alabama beat Georgia 41-24 in SEC Championship game yesterday.]


Covid death rates per 1000 very low, but amazing MAGAs and most Republicans swallowed all of his demon sperm without even a hiccup or burp, but many of them flat rejected his warp speed attempt to save them from the red commie bioweapon. So terrified are they of big government and democrats, good luck Jesus saving them.

Maybe Georgia is hexed? Same score as last year's game vs Alabama in SEC Championship. I was so glad Alabama was the underdog. That was their best game? Georgia had a milk run after close opening game with Clemson. Alabama was battle-hardened this year. Hope Georgia draws Michigan in grande finale sweepstakes 😎

Meanwhile, on another gridiron of sorts ...

Batshitcrazy 3, Perfectly Sane 2

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