Sunday, December 26, 2021

Don't look up and get your bubbles burst

Watched "Don't Look Up" last night on Netflix. 

Star-studded cast, aside, this wacko satire of how America and Americans respond to a heretofore unknown comet headed straight at Earth with near 100 percent certainty of hitting Earth head-on and killing everything on it, flashed me back to when I saw a space ship hovering above my home one clear April day and my then wife and her son and a male friend of ours refused to look up. Even after I described acrobatics the space ship was performing, including stretching a cloud across the sky like a very wide vapor trail, they refused to look up.

In the Netflix movie, the astronomer PhD candidate and her professor, who discovered the comment, are interviewed on "The Rip", which has a huge TV audience, but is actually into not ripping anything, but is into touchy feel good and the hosts fawning all over each other and themselves. The professor worries if he took enough Xanax and is trying to be Mr. Nice and we are working on trying to save Earth. Finally, his student goes ape shit and yells, "We all are going to fucking die!!!" Social media rips the student, makes her out to be batshit crazy, and makes her professor out Mr. Wonderful. 

The  U.S. President and her chief-of-staff son are having trouble getting her sex voyeur non-lawyer boyfriend appointed to the US Supreme Court. They meet with the professor and his student and blow them off, after the student goes ape shit again. The student is snatched by government agents and told to keep her mouth shut, or else. She agrees. 

Esteemed American scientists confirm the professor and his student. Needing a diversion to save losing the mid-term election over her boyfriend, the president jumps on board with the hugely popular professor and puts him in charge of saving Earth. 

By and by a nuclear missile strike is launched from Cape Canaveral against the comet, and then the strike mysteriously is called back and the nukes parachute to earth. 

Behind the scenes, a smooth-talking cross between Bill Gates and Elon Musk technology mogul, his corporation named BASH, my nickname, has told the president that BASH technology has discovered the comet contains trillion$$$$$$$ of rare precious elements, and top-secret untested BASH nanotechnology can be launched to land on the comet and break it into smaller pieces that will fall into oceans and be retrieved by BASH and the US Navy.

The president and BASH launch a massive "Don't look up", we need those minerals and jobs, campaign.

1/3 of American are fully behind the president. 1/3 of Americans are convinced there is no comet, it's a hoax. The other 1/3 don't know what to make of it. 

The president and BASH cut Russia, China and India out of the mineral deal. Those three countries launch a joint nuclear strike against the comet. The missile blows up on the launch pad.

The professor's student tells some people about the minerals on the comet and what BASH and the president are up to.

The professor finally starts telling people to look up and see the now much closer comet with their own two eyes boring in on Earth, which they do. 

At a huge rally to support the president and BASH, people in the crowd look up and see the comet boring in on Earth, and the crowd turns against the president and BASH. 

Well, guess what?

The BASH mission fails to deflect the comet, which hits Earth and destroys it - as the BASH owner and the president, as part of select 2,000 refugees, the president's son somehow got left out and the professor declines to join them, leave earth in a heretofore secret BASH starship wending its way through destroyed Earth space debris to find a Goldilocks planet somewhere in the universe. The film seems to end there.

After some trailers, the pilgrim Earth refugees are coming out of cyrogenic sleep 22,740 years later. Their landing pods reach the surface of a human-habitable planet. 53 percent of them survived the journey. They are naked, milling around, admiring their new digs, when the president is eaten by an alien creature, and other such creatures start eating people.

In a post-credits scene, the president's son, having survived the impact of the comet in the presidential bunker, wonders if his mother will return. He documents the aftermath on his phone and posts on social media about being "the last man on Earth".

I wonder, if Christ returns, as per Revelation, how America and Americans will respond?

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