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Is God speaking with Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Steven Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, the right side of the U.S. Supreme Court?

I posted into an online spirituality group:

Is the Devil real, does Evil actually exist?

I think it was in around 1991 that I met a curious fellow, who had an extensive library in his home. After I told him some of the wu wu stuff I was experiencing, he said he had a couple of books I should read and he loaned them to me.
The first book, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, by a former Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, contained 5 cases of demonic possession. The fifth case interested me the most, because the possessed was a man who had delved deeply, and sincerely, into various occult (secret) practices. Yet, somehow he had gotten demonically possessed, and his coming to see that and want to be relieved of it was what most of that case report was about.
However, what really grabbed my undivided attention began in the book's introduction and finished in the conclusion. 
A Catholic priest in China attempted an exorcism alone in a small room. Someone not knowing what was happening, knocked on the door, distracted the priest, and the demon used that opportunity to get into the priest, who was the demon's target all along, the possessed was the demon's bait. 
In such an exorcism, the priest understands he makes himself the target, the hostage, to give the possessed a chance to be freed of the demon, if the possessed really wants that  to happen.
In this case, the priest became gravely ill, understood his life was forfeit, but hoped to win the battle with the demon before he died. The priest's eyes clouded over with a slimly film. A friend came by sometimes to check on him. The priest prayed hard and read Scriptures. Finally, when the friend came by, he saw the priest's eyes were clear and he was at peace. He died soon.
In one iteration of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL, Malachi Martin said the Catholic church was possessed by Lucifer at a very high level, evidenced by the church having stopped teaching priests the sacred rites of exorcism. (Later, the church resumed teaching the rites to priests.)
That book became my bible for dealing with Evil. Not to perform exorcisms in that way, in which I was not trained by angels. But to understand I always was the target when I engaged something in which Evil was active, even if the people involved were not aware of that.
Now, I had a very good somewhat younger friend, Jewish by birth but non-practicing, who was deeply involved in the New Age, yoga, mediation, Tao, tai chi, organic foods, wheat grass juice, pure water. He was convinced the Devil and Evil did not exist. He got mad at me for saying he was mistaken.
One day, he walked past me in a room in which there were several other people. I was creeped out to  see in his profile an overlay of Lucifer. Dark, jagged edges, surreal. I said nothing then, nor later, as I had no clue what to say and I was certain my friend would  blow up at me.
Some time passed. I was moved to tell him about HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. He got  riled up. I told him to chill and suggested he get a copy of the  book and check it out. He said that wasn't going to happen.
Then, he reported a dream in which his favorite grandmother walked toward him smiling, holding out to him a copy of HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL. He said he figured he should get a copy and read it. I said I agreed.
He bought the book, and then he blew up at me for making him buy the book. I said I didn't  make him do anything, did he forget the dream about his grandmother? He cooled down.
A few days later he called me and said realized he had a problem, didn't he? I said, yes. I asked if the 5th chapter was his clue? He said, yes. He asked how long I had known? I told him. He asked why I didn't say something sooner? I said I didn't know how to bring it up.
He then said he felt something terrifying inside of him, and he saw a sinister black cape moving toward him. He begged me to stay on the phone with him, which I did until the episode passed.
That terror and the cape would return many times when I was on the phone with him.

Responses to the above ranged. Some agreed the Devil and Evil exist, most disagreed.

Two responses were dead on:

The devil’s greatest trick was convincing man he didn’t exist.

The Devil is the shadow of God. It’s much like your own shadow, would you define your shadow as real?

One of the naysayers:

As far as I know, No and No.

I know from many direct experiences that both exist, and angels exist, and God exists, and ETs exist, but all I can do is tell stories, there is no scientific lab where it can be proven or disproven.

The question was whether or not the devil and evil exist. According to "The Afterlife Interviews" and various NDE's and other sources, neither is real.

According to my experiences, both are very real. My New Age Jewish friend was convinced neither were real, and he got his mind changed by something over which he had no control.

The deceased state that people who behave in a way that we call "evil" are just ignorant.

Hitler was ignorant?

Yes, apparently. From the literature, the deceased stated that it was the people who actually enjoyed killing Jews and others that were the most ignorant and needed the most help.
From the perspective of the deceased, as I understand it, they can only act out of love. Thus, there is no punishment or judgement from them for how we have behaved. They can only act through love and thus they see people like that as needing help and so they offer it.

This Independent wonders if those deceased who want to help the left behinds are speaking with Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Steven Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, the right side of the U.S. Supreme Court?

Not until after they die in my opinion.
Why do the deceased wait until after people die, if they are trying to be helpful? The Devil does not wait.

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