Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Behold the rise of America's Nazi Party

The lead into American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's December 27, 2021 letter:

After interviewing more than 300 people, issuing more than 50 subpoenas, and reviewing more than 35,000 pages of documents, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol is circling closer to former president Trump and his allies. They, in turn, appear to be trying to stop the committee from getting the information it wants.

Link to entire letter:

Lots of sympathetic and decrying and lamenting reader comments followed. I dropped this "probe" into the discussion.

Sloan Bashinsky
I once practiced law and wonder if the people who know what happened, including Trump, will ever testify under oath before Congress, or anywhere, what they know? I wonder if Trump's packed Supreme Court will side with Trump and his comrades refusal to testify?
I wonder how it would have gone down if Joe Biden had lost in 2020 and then had incited a rally that stormed and breached the Capitol to stop the steal? I imagine those folks being shot dead by the Capitol police. I imagine Joe Biden being arrested and jailed, and while there, killed.
I'm an Independent. I do not think Democrats, in the main, realize how futile talk is? The right side, in the main, could care less what the Democrats think. What CNN puts out. As far as most of the right are concerned, America would be better off without the left.
I'm trying to make a point without getting myself snatched by the FBI or Homeland Security, or censored by this forum's moderation board.
If the left thinks talking about what the right is doing is going to get results the left likes, the left is mistaken. The right knows very well that more than talk is required to get what they want, and they are proving it, by how they ignore the left's howls about January 6.
The right today reminds of how it went in Germany in the 1930s.
Ivana Trump was quoted in Vanity Fair, I think, some years back, of saying, when she and Donald were married, he kept a book of Hitler's speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed, and sometimes he pulled out the book at night and read it.
I read in some news report, that when Trump was asked about that, he said, if he had such a book, he never read it. Reminded me of Bill Clinton, when asked if he ever had used marijuana, he said he had puffed but not inhaled
I have said similar things to people, including family members, about the similarities to Germany prior to WWII have been occurring in the US, How can any Jewish people or blacks support the republicans? The racial assaults continue to rise year after year since Trump became president. Neo-Nazis came out in the open with their messages of hatred. Jewish cemeteries and synagogues have been desecrated, as well as churches of other minorities. Are these people blind or just plain greedy? Doesn't matter, because, as in Germany, while they may feel that they are on the winning side, sooner or later they will become the victims too. The writing is on the wall and if they don't take a protective position now, they will pay a price in the future, just as happened with the wealthy Germans prior to WWII. Stand up to this evil while you can and preserve our democracy.

As in "first they came for me"?
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky
I also don't see how women can back Trump.
How does someone stand up to what is developing on the right, which makes a difference?
I read Heather writing her heart and guts out, I see her readers applauding her, but that matters not to the right. They may have rigged the 2022 mid-terms. Trump rigged the Supreme Court. The Republican Party will not separate itself from Trump, because it wants to control America and without Trump and his legions, the Republicans don't think they can control the White House or Congress.
So how does the left. and the middle, respond to that?
darned if I know! We all vote & write - many do much more, but sometimes it seems our representatives in Congress just aren't doing their part - actually it seems that way more & more.
I'm going to try to see The Matrix Resurrections today, perhaps that will provide some inspirations.
I agree, because women are always put lower than men in their scheme of things. I guess our best bet is to continue getting the truth out and vote. Help others get to the polls. We do have the numbers, which is why the republicans feel they have to cheat. Real shame, too. If they would just come up with some policies for the working people, and quit owing allegiance to the big businesses, they could come up with some viable candidates.
Sloan Bashinsky
How did getting the truth out and voting work out in 1930s Germany? How could have what happened there been prevented?
I have a very good friend, who is a Republican. He voted for Donald Trump. He is a U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran. He told me that the Capitol rioters all should have been shot dead. Yet, he did not say their leader and instigator Donald Trump should have been shot dead.
So he could see the problem, which is denied by many of the republicans as not even occurring. But to not follow the tracks to the leader, who did his best to keep his fingers clean, shows the power of a personality cult. Your friend just likes Trump and his outrageous antics.

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