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Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene a couple who had a child?

A mystic friend emailed me a "Pilgrim Progress" epistle yesterday and I simply could not resist:

NewsBreak – the #1 local news app used by 45+ million people: 1400-Year-Old manuscript claimed Jesus Christ was married.

1400-Year-Old manuscript claimed Jesus Christ was married.

Richard Scott

Thousands of years ago, the Holy Bible had already told every aspect of the life of Jesus Christ.

But still, over the years, the most debated topic has been whether Jesus Christ was married or not.

Hollywood also made a movie on the hypothesis of Jesus having been married and having children named "The Da Vinci Code."

This topic again came into the limelight when a 2014 book by writers Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, "The Lost Gospel," claimed that Jesus Christ was not only married but also had two kids.

Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson spend six years on this book. And they say this book is based on the 1451 years old manuscript, which they found in the British Library.

An ancient manuscript was in Aramaic dialect when they first found it, and then they translated the text into English.

However, a professor of religious studies at Duke University, Mark Goodacre, doubts this book's credibility.

Mark Goodacre said, "I don't think that there is any credibility in these claims at all; there is simply no evidence in this text or anywhere else that Jesus was married, much less that they had a couple of children."

The same claim was made nine years ago when an ancient Egyptian papyrus, known as the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife," was disclosed. In which Jesus Christ used the "my wife" phrase. However, this Egyptian papyrus was written centuries after Jesus Christ's death.

Ever since people have learned about this book, debates have started on the internet about whether this book is genuine or a hoax.

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A prescient reader comment

Well I believe Jesus is our Savior the only begotten son of God made flesh that He’s Holy in all He did. Could He have been married? Sure very possible why not. To experience life as human and as a Rabbi why not? To love so deeply and still fulfill His reason for being born. It’s not sex when you love someone. It’s beyond that. It’s being one flesh extremely intimate sharing heart and pleasure the way God made us to be together. So why not, it takes nothing away from His Gospels or what He taught or who He was and is.


"Thousands of years ago, the Holy Bible had already told every aspect of the life of Jesus Christ." 
John 21:25 (NCV) There are many other things Jesus did. If every one of them were written down, I suppose the whole world would not be big enough for all the books that would be written.  
As for Mary Magdalene... 
In front of the men disciples, she washed Jesus's feet with her hair and tears and anointed his feet with sacred ointment. If she did that in public, what did she wash and anoint him with when they were in private? 
At the tomb, Jesus told Magdalene to go to the men disciples and tell them she had seen him and he had sent  her to tell them they would see him soon. Jesus never did anything by happenstance. He wanted the men disciples to know just how special Magdalene was to him, and for them to ponder she was at the tomb and they were not. 
Jesus was a Jew and a rabbi. As such, it was his sacred duty to God to marry and have children and propagate God's chose people - according to their Scriptures. 
Have you read the book, HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, about Jesus and Mary Magdalen and their child, which was recognized by the Cathar sect of Christendom in southern France? Nation states allied with the Rome church sent in their armies and sacked the Cathar churches and burned their libraries.

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