Sunday, December 19, 2021

Red China and Donald Trump's gruesome batshit crazy-making Greek alphabet legacies .. all avoidable ...

I'm seeing a lot of reports online that the Omicron coronavirus variant is far more contagious than the Delta variant, and as dangerous, according to a British study. 

Michigan hospitals are over capacity due to non-vaccinated covid-19 patients, and hospitals all over America, especially in red states, expect to be over capacity because of unvaccinated covid patients.

I played chess yesterday with a back rural pastor friend. He and his wife contracted and survived Alpha coronavirus in 2020. He was hospitalized. He and his wife later received 3 Pfizer jabs. He said all but one of his parishioners are fully vaccinated, and that one has her temperature taken before she enters the church.

I told him I cannot go back into a cave and hide again. I did that for over a year and it nearly drove me crazy. It drove a lot of people crazy. I don't think America can safely shut down again.

He said a lot of people might die. I said a lot of crazy people might also die and kill other people along the way.

I said this is a bioweapon, it was designed. It mutates, it will keep mutating. It's not going away.

He agreed when I said unvaccinated people with covid-19 should not be allowed into hospitals, but should be allowed to live their Christian science philosophy.

I said I was slammed many times on Facebook for saying that. I was accused of wanting people to die, and I replied it was the unvaccinated who wanted to die and to infect other people who might die. Why should they be allowed in hospitals, if  they have Covid-19 and can infect other patients, medical staff and doctors? Where is their Christian caring for the welfare of other people? 

The pastor agreed.

CNN has been wearing it out, too. 

Last night, I watch a CNN host interview a prominent Republican physician, who said several times that he has preached and preached getting fully vaccinated, yet many people simply do not trust government and science.

When asked about government vaccination mandates, including OSHA's recent vaccination mandate, to protect workers, which is OSHA's purpose, the doctor said he was not for that, he did not think it was legal. He said he thought the Supreme Court will decide that issue.

I wonder if first do not harm is a legal issue?

I wonder why the CNN host did not ask the doctor what he thought about not allowing unvaccinated Covid-19 patients into hospitals?

I had 3 Pfizer jabs this year. 

In June 2020, I started taking daily supplements I hoped would cause me to smell like a skunk to coronavirus.

25 mg zinc gluconate, 500 mg quercetin, 500 mg C, 2,000 iu D-3. I now take 4,000 iu D-3 a day.

Quercetin transports zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication. C enhances quercetin's ability to transport zinc into body cells. D-3 helps people defend against coronaviruses.

Have not had a sniffle so far, even though for a long time I was prone to respiratory track infections, including pneumonia. 

If I start having covid-19 symptoms, I will increase the daily supplement dosage for 7 days:

225 mg zinc, 2000 mg quercetin, 2000 mg C, 8000 iu D-3.

If I had access to hydroxychloroquine, I would use it instead of quercetin for 7 days. HCQ transports zinc into body cells.

That's how a New York doctor named Vladimir Zelenko kept his at risk family practice patients with what might be Covid-19 symptoms out of hospitals and alive. See his letter last below.

For decades, hydroxychloroquine was prescribed by American doctors for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, but when Dr. Zelenko announced it was part of his 5-day cure for early stage Covid-19 infection, the American left, mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO and Big Pharma howled and shrieked that hydroxychloroquine would kill a lot of people.

After the the hydroxychloroquine furor, Dr. Zelenko said quercetin with C could be used to transport zinc into body cells. He repeatedly said zinc needs a transporter to be effective against Covid-19.

If I develop symptoms and get sicker, I will head straight to my internist and ask for monoclonal antibodies, which were given to President Donald Trump when he had a rough Covid-19 infection. 

I'm also 79, was treated for prostate cancer earlier this year, and am at risk, which qualifies me for monoclonal antibodies. 

Under the Equal Protection Clause, I'm entitled to the same treatment Trump got after he threw Dr. Zelenlo and his God-given cure, which would have allowed America and the world to safely remain open, under a bus.

Whenever I wrote about Dr.  Zelenko on Facebook, the post was taken down and I got put in Facebook's jail for a while.

I hope a special place in hell is reserved for Mark Zuckerberg and the confederacy of media gurus, political dunces, medical geniuses and drug profiteers that burned Dr. Zelenko and his God-given cure at the stake.

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