Thursday, December 2, 2021

After Facebook canceled my account, I writhed and died and rose again

Two days ago, I published Thank you Donald Trump for making covid America batshit crazy-squared at this blog. I posted a link to that blog post to my personal Facebook account and two  pages I had created on Facebook. 

Sometime after dinner that night, Facebook notified me that it had cancelled my Facebook account. My personal account and two pages I had created. Also canceled was a news feed on which I used my i-Phone to watch world-class chess games and MMA fights, as well as other things. 

I used the method provided by Facebook to appeal, but it did not work and repeated tries did not get me to the appeal department. 

I dreamed later than night of having what seemed like a thousand or more small leech-like worms with human heads stuck all over my body. I was trying to pick them off one at a time when the dream ended. 

I had something over 1,300 Facebook friends. I had perhaps two dozen Facebook friends with whom I interacted from time to time. The dream caused me to wonder if having lots of Facebook friends was good for me?

A friend of mine and I both had dreamed of changes being in the wind for me, and it seemed to have to do with what I write online. 

Last night, I created a new Facebook account, as follows:

Sloan Bashinsky (Bash)

I posted this comment:

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  • Sloan Bashinsky
    I talk with dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, people and whatever else might or might not be listening, including myself.

I created this new Facebook page:

Anomalous-unusual happenings

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 Education website

I posted:

Greetings Earthlings and others, read and share your own not ordinary stories, such as:
of men, wolves and eagles …
Once upon a time there lived a man named Joseph, who grew tired of living with people and left his village and went into the woods to live.
By and by, a wolf pack discovered Joseph and over time got to know him and that he was not like other men, and eventually they took him into their pack. The leader of the pack was a red wolf named David, and soon David and Joseph became fast friends, and they hunted and played and slept together like . . . wolves.
Then one day, the men in the village where Joseph had lived learned from hunters that Joseph was living with wolves. The men decided it was not right for a man to go off and live in the woods and run with with wolves, so they got their guns and set off to find Joseph and bring him back to the village, to live like a man.
The men came upon the wolf pack sleeping in the sun next to a bluff. The wind was blowing off the bluff, away from the wolf pack toward the men, which prevented the pack from scenting the men as they approached. By the time the wolf pack realized the men were there, the men had the pack surrounded, pinned against the bluff.
David wanted to order the pack to attack, but Joseph said, “No, I am a man, they will listen to reason, let me go and speak with them.” Although David did not like this idea, he agreed to it because Joseph was a man. But the men would not listen to reason and they shot and killed the entire pack and took Joseph heartbroken back to the village.
Joseph languished in the village for many weeks, blaming himself for the death of his pack.
Then, Joseph has a dream, in which he sees David’s face. David is angry, but says nothing, just stares. Finally, Joseph blurts out that he did the best he knew how to do, and he’s so sorry for the way it turned out! David says, “Better that we attacked and died like wolves, than be slaughtered like sheep!”
Then, Joseph is back with the pack, against the bluff, surrounded by the men. David says he wants the pack to attack. Joseph says, “And I will lead the charge!” Then, they hear a voice, the whole pack hears it, say, “There is another way, ask for another way.” Never before have Joseph, David or the pack had such a thing happen, but Joseph asks for another way.
Suddenly, a great bolt of lightning strikes the ground between the pack and the men, stirring up a huge cloud of dust. As the the dust begins to settle, it begins to take the shape of something huge. The wolves and Joseph then see a pair of golden eyes peering from the bushes behind the men. Then a second pair of golden eyes. Then a third pair. Then ten pair. Then a hundred pair. Then a legion of . . . wolves’ eyes. The men are moved by some force to turn around and see what the now delirious pack already see.
Then, the men turn back around and find themselves face to face with a great towering eagle, whose piercing golden eyes penetrate their hearts. Then, they hear, “These are my battle angels. You may leave this place and go back to your village, taking your guns with you, on condition that you tell everyone what has happened here today.”
To this condition the men readily agree, and they return to their village and tell everyone what happened, and they go to nearby villages and tell it.

I paid Facebook to boost that post in the United States and the boost was accepted and is running.

Stay tuned ...

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