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Maybe what humanity needs now is a God-enforced course in looking in the mirror, starting with America :-)

I posted this below into an online spirituality group and got  some responses, two of which, and my replies, make up this post today.

Is humanity, in the main, unwilling to wake up, or unable? What if there is a Divine Intervention that freaks out everyone? 

I have a friend about half my age, who was conscripted by angels a few years ago and was brought along very fast, and still is being brought along very fast. He has reported many visits from angels, face to face, in visions and dreams, and what they tell him. He seems to have a photographic memory.
We are not church people. We belong to no religion or spiritual sect. We ongoing are advised and corrected by angels. Sometimes the corrections are severe. We are conscripted. We feel we are always in church.
Anyway, for some time my friend has reported what angels tell him about humanity. Not pretty, not encouraging. It caused me to wonder if angels gave up on humanity? And if so, why angels are still hanging around and/or letting humanity remain on the planet Earth? My friend and I talked about that again two days ago, and I said perhaps the angels will address that with you.
The next morning, my friend sent me this email:
Michael: If Heaven had truly given up upon man, neither of you would still have the connections to the Heavens that you do. It is more that we communicate our frustration with mankind. Man must hold man accountable, that man has not self policed itself against destructive ways means  man learned nothing from a nuclear weapon or COVID? All that is a tremendous let down. It feels of defeat and that those Fallen will find a way to win the planet. We have not given up on humanity.
In early 2004, 13 years before I knew of my younger friend's existence, I was given an important spiritual assignment, which I mangled and continued to mangle, until and despite repeated attempts by angels to turn me around, all of which I mangled, there was no way to fix it. I wondered if I was going mad? I wondered if I had doomed my soul? 
In my sleep one night, Michael asked me: "What do you think of the species?" I woke up, thought a moments, said something like, "I wish you had not asked me that question, but since you asked ... I think the species is spiritually cloning itself and is devolving. Look at all that you and other angels have done for me, and the mess I am. If what was done for me is done for humanity, perhaps 50,000 people will survive it. Perhaps kinder to take humanity off this planet and put it somewhere it has a chance of moving forward, instead of backward."
Now not once before then had it occurred to me that the species was cloning itself spiritually. That came to me out of the blue.
Not long after that, the angels started pulling me out of the huge mess I had made, it took them a while.
Last night on the telephone, I reminded my friend of all of that, after he he said he had heard from Michael that nothing was learned from the Vietnam war, nor from its successor wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I said the dominant nation on the planet, America is a proxy for all of humanity. In the past, other nations were dominant and the proxy, and perhaps before long Red China will be the proxy. But for now, it's America.
I said to look at American Christians. In the main, the Jesus in the Gospels is not the Jesus they worship. They have created an easy salvation Jesus. They do not see that salvation through Jesus is relative to how they think and behave like Jesus in the Gospels. 
I said that I had had many dealings with various facets of America, and I had concluded, in the main, Americans are sound asleep spiritually. They seem more unable to wake up, than unwilling. This is true elsewhere, but America is the proxy. If that is the case, unable instead of unwilling, what chance does the human species on Earth have to wake up? 
Unless ...
Unless, there is a Divine Intervention that gets everyone's undivided lasting attention, causes everyone to say, "Oh, Shit!" So that, say, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and every member of Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court are freaked out, and there is no one to help them with that, because everyone else is freaked out, including the clergy.

We've still got a lot to learn. I think the mass is starting to wake up though. I was an atheist literally 8 months ago who didn't believe in any kind of wu wu. Now im a extremely spiritual person and believe in all kinds of wu wu stuff. Im not alone in this either. These postings here have been exploding with people waking up just as I have. Some things I've noticed though that makes me sad is that you see a lot of people who wake up get super depressed. It's of my opinion that this is because all of theology talks about keeping a pure mind, body, and soul and I think if your not careful and wake up without these things it can really fuck up your life. It was happening to me just like them but I decided to make extreme changes and now im happier than ever. So as long as the individual realizes that our hedonistic culture isn't worth the indulgence we'll be fine. All we can do while people figure this out is be filled with compassion for our brothers and sisters and wait while we balance ourselves. Just my opinion but I think everything will be fine friend. 💓

Thanks. I think there always were people who woke up, and that will continue, and I'm glad for you that something convinced you there really is wu wu. For sometime I have felt, sometimes said to Atheists, if there were no God, then that topic would never come up :-). I was raised in Christianity and always believed God existed, but the religion did not work well for me, or I did not work well for it. After some decades, I delved into the New Age and other approaches, some well known, others not. Then, I was apprehended after I realized I was desperate and out of bright ideas and I prayed to God to help me, I did not wish to die, failed, and almost as an afterthought, I offered my life to human service. Be careful what you ask for, I learned. But I'm still glad I asked, despite very rough passages. There was beauty and wonderment, too, but it was really rugged, and still can be really rugged. There are a lot of spiritual attractions on this world and in the spirit realms. I learned it's important to be careful, all that glitters is not gold, but there definitely is gold, but it has to be worked for and that is an ongoing thing. As Jesus in the Gospels said, the way to life is difficult and few enter the gate; many are called, but few are chosen. He told his disciples he taught the masses in parables, but in private he taught them what wise men and kings would give all they owned to possess. What did he teach them in secret? Your guess is as good as mine. :-)

This is beautiful! I love this for you 💞

Something about this makes me feel prickly, I’ll say from the outset. I’m wondering genuinely, could you ask your advisors how we are meant to fight back? Given our limitations and strengths, given the severity of consequences, what as individuals can we do differently?
Almost everyone I know wants to change the status quo but we feel utterly powerless to do so. It’s exasperating and depressing. We don’t like it either. But we also understand that this is all we get to have of this life. Reincarnation or not, this is the only time we’ll be here as this person. With this family. With these children, animals. This slice of time. It’s incredibly precious. The risk of losing that in the blink of an eye is so high, we step back and look for our moments. But the moments never seem to come. We can’t see a way to make the moment. There probably isn’t a moment but a very long period of little changes, but we can even see a way to get started.
So we are patient for the world and we do what we can on the smaller scale. Because that seems to be all we have at this time. And maybe that’s a solution: it’s not going to take one big event to unite people but millions of little events that slowly and surely help each individual to feel brave enough to say ‘no, that’s enough’.
I’d love to hear what your guides suggest though.
Oh and for clarity, I don’t belong to the ‘proxy’ county, I belong to one of those countries who apparently don’t matter? Which is even more disheartening. And it feels incredibly short sighted. I don’t want to be weighed by the actions of humanity as a whole, particularly THAT country. If anything I think that country is a fine example of what not to do, time and time again, as a community - that’s literally the way people in other countries see it. Tbh it’s how most individual Americans I’ve become friends with see it. But again, they feel powerless to make true change so everything happens with baby steps and on smaller scale.
We’re all doing the best we can with the information we have today.

Not to worry, you are not judged by what America does and doesn't do, but you are measured by what you do and don't do, and that is so for every person regardless of where they live.
As for being patient for the world and millions of little events, the angels some people say do not speak with people directly, and do not intervene directly, have been extraordinarily patient with Earthlings and will continue to be, until such time as they are instructed otherwise - or Earthlings destroy the planet loaned to them and all but perhaps a few of them, who can get into spaceships, cease to exist as Earthlings.
I see much beauty in people every day, I laugh and cut up with people every day - socially, and with my children and their families and their friends when I can visit with them in other states. Those are precious moments. Yet, I have been changed so very much by angels, who were totally ruthless and totally loving, that I am no longer who I once was. I no longer see, hear, sense, think like I once did. I am in human service, it is my calling, my job, and I don't get paid money for doing it, and I do not charge money for doing it.
 So, when there is something before me, I try to deal with it in keeping with angel training and input.
The angels do no tell me what lies ahead for humanity, but they do speak often to my younger friend about humanity, and it is not pretty. That is what led to me wondering, if that is how those angels view humanity, is there a way, is it allowed, for them to try something entirely different? Something that will get every person's undivided attention, each person knows it is a message from God that cannot be explained away, that can not be boozed or drugged or churched or politicked away?
I do not know, but since I was asked by Michael in 2004, what did I think of the species?, I dared to revisit that moment with a question that back then did not occur to me.
I would add, three nights before 9/11, Michael asked me in my sleep, "Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?" I woke up, made the prayer. Was the prayer answered? I don't know. But a few days later, as I left a U.S. Post Office, I realized angels were around me, and I heard that America needs to get out the Middle East altogether and let Israel and Islam work it out or fight it out, and in that way learn which, if either of them, are God's chosen people.
One year to the night after I was asked to make the prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity, I was asked the same thing by Michael in my sleep, but that time I made the prayer still in the dream, and said, "And let it begin in me/!!!" And, eek!!! And, that is how it always must go, each person must first look inward, and I had been required to do that many times, and it would be required many more times, even now. 
So, perhaps if that happened to every person, being told by what they knew was God, to stop pointing their fingers and take their own fearless searching personal inventory, that would galvanize a warp shift in humanity. Especially, if angels lean on everyone, like they lean on my younger friend and me, and leaned on a few other people I have known, to look in the mirror and keep looking in it until further notice :-). Starting in America :-).

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