Friday, December 10, 2021

Consider what America Taliban leader's troops are willing to do to anyone who stands in their way

Last night, I watched a Netfix film about a Muslim man in India who took his wife and son to Afghanistan, where he was to do humanitarian work. 

A Taliban woman, convinced she is a holy jihadist martyr headed straight to Allah's bosom, is turned into a human bomb and walks into a crowed where the man's wife and son are and blows herself and the man's wife and son and many other people to bits. The man becomes the living dead and returns to India. 

Later, the man returns to Afghanistan to visit his wife and son's graves and to grieve further. By now, the Taliban are stealing young boys and girls from refugee camps and brainwashing them to believe they are required to become human bombs and glorify Allah, although the head of the brainwashers is not himself inclined to make himself into a human bomb to please Allah. 

The India man meets up again with an India woman he knew before, who is running an international mission where Afghan boy and girl refugees are taken care of and educated. Although slow to come around to it, the man gets involved in teaching the refugee boys how to play cricket, which even the Taliban love to play and watch on TV.

The Taliban are furious the man is subverting the boys away from being martyrs, and even the boys are divided among themselves - they are from different sects which do not get along - and some of the boys are divided where is their highest allegiance, to the Taliban or to just being boys? 

A different Muslim man tells the Taliban leader that jihad has nothing to do with suicide bombers, and especially nothing to do with children suicide bombers - jihad is protecting the weak and the innocent. The Taliban leader has the man shot by a firing squad of 10-year-old-boys using Russian AK-47s, and then they all cheer. 

The man from India is tortured by the Taliban leader, but finally convinces, he thinks, the Taliban leader to allow the refugee boys to play a cricket match against the boys of a well-established cricket school in Kabul - those boys are considered "professionals". 

The refugee boys get beat horribly in the first round, but make an astounding comeback in the second round and win the match by a hair. 

Unknown to the cricket schools and the spectators and local Afghanistan army officials in attendance, who have been warned by their intelligence people that this game very well is a suicide bomber trap, the Taliban have infiltrated the crowed and start shooting people indiscriminately. Some of the Taliban are human bombs blowing themselves up and killing lots more people. 

The boy the Taliban leader most likes, who won the cricket match for the refugee children, has become a human bomb. But instead of running into a crowd and blowing himself and them to bits, he runs to the Taliban leader and hugs him and says he is not afraid to go to Allah, he wants to go to Allah, but he does not want to go alone. Let them go together. 

As the Taliban leader tries to push the boy way, the boy blows them both to bits and the Taliban leader goes to a special reserved place in hell and the boy goes into the bosom of Allah.

Now consider America's Taliban leader, who winds up his troops but does not put himself into harm's way. Consider what those troops are willing to do to anyone who stands in their way.

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